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Social Media for Social Change | | Mozilla Drumbeat | School of Webcraft It's even more Peer Powered We know learning is more fun with friends. We've kept the best part of the School of Webcraft and made it the core of everything we do to #TeachTheWeb. Mozilla & P2PU Mozilla's mission is to keep the web open, and to work together to enable anyone to take part in building it's future. We support each other. Webmaker's #TeachTheWeb program is part of Mozilla's commitment to help educators and others teach vital web literacy skills.

San Diego Metro Magazine Providing 24 years of Quality Journalism About the Hypothetical Development Organization The Hypothetical Development Organization, founded in 2010, is dedicated to the recognition and extension of a new form of urban storytelling. Members of this organization begin the narrative process by examining city neighborhoods and commercial districts for compelling structures that appear to have fallen into disuse —“hidden gems” of the built environment. In varying states of repair, these buildings suggest only stories about the past, not the future. H.D.O. creates convincing renderings of these imagined future uses. Also, we’ll show the works in a gallery, for the benefit of interested parties with busy schedules. The Hypothetical Development Organization will unveil its debut collection in December 2010, in New Orleans, LA. Members of the Hypothetical Development Organization come from a variety of fields, such as photography, architecture, journalism, publishing, and design.

The Truth Contest | Universal Truth Of Life Our Vision | Unifying Truth Project We envision a world united by the truth of life everyone can see and check for themselves. This world will no longer be divided and run by belief, blind faith, greed and ignorance. We envision a world where all people work and live in harmony with one another and with nature to efficiently and effectively address and resolve the threats to the survival of the human race. We must see to it that every single person has the basic necessities of living available, but this is impossible until we become aware of the truth. This unified "heaven on earth" starts with finding, defining and spreading a unifying, universal truth that will unite the human race by dissolving the mental walls that divide and blind mankind. We will systematically expose the root problem of division in all aspects of society.

Delivers Pilot-Scale Validation | Genomatica For Immediate Release Genomatica Delivers Pilot-Scale Validation in Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing Technology platform drives readiness for commercial scale-up in only 2 ½ years SAN DIEGO, June 29, 2010 – Genomatica announced today that it has achieved two key commercialization milestones ahead of schedule. Pilot Validation for BDO Drives Readiness for Commercial Scale-up and Production Genomatica’s first planned commercial product is a ‘green’ BDO, made from renewable feedstocks rather than crude oil or natural gas. Genomatica has completed multiple 3,000 liter batches of BDO using a variety of readily available commercial-grade sugars as feedstock. The scale-up to 3,000 liters, a 100-fold increase from lab scale, was completed in two months. Figure 1: The fermentation tanks where economical production of Genomatica’s bio-based BDO was first proven. Unique Development Platform Slashes Time to Market Significance to the Industry About Genomatica For more information:

Department of State Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) This site is designed to assist you in making a request for records controlled by the U.S. Department of State. If you would like to request records from another agency, you may wish to view a list of Other Federal Agencies’ FOIA Web Sites . Information Access Guide – if you would like to request Department of State Records, please follow the instructions in our comprehensive guide. This guide also includes information on fees, expeditious handling, and appeals. Requesting Department of State Records – basic instructions for filing a FOIA request. Electronic FOIA Request – make a FOIA request online. FOIA/Privacy Act Reference Material – laws, regulations, policies, and administrative guidelines relating to information access programs. Electronic Reading Room – records available to the public including final opinions and administrative rulings, administrative staff manuals, and policy guidelines. For Department of State Collections, go to Declassified/Released Document Collections .

San Diego County Works To Improve Food Program For Poor Audio Aired 3/15/11 San Diego County Supervisors will listen to recommendations from the community on how to improve the food stamp program, now known as Cal Fresh. San Diego County Supervisors will listen to recommendations from the community on how to improve the food stamp program, now known as Cal Fresh. The county says it has increased enrollment in Cal Fresh by 70 percent, and that 90 percent of people who apply for food aid get it within 30 days. John Lucero Criswell of the Hunger Coalition said there have been improvements. “It had the adverse effect of forcing people to not apply for Cal Fresh benefits until they were really destitute and had to get rid of their car and spend all their savings,” he said. Now, Criswell said, people are not disqualified for having savings. Bill Oswald of the Caring Council said he’s been fighting the county for ten years to make the program more efficient.

How Open Is Government In San Diego? Audio Aired 3/16/11 It's Sunshine Week, but it has nothing to do with the weather. We'll find out how San Diego rates on open government and about efforts currently underway in here to support open government and access to information. Event The Society of Professional Journalists, San Diego Chapter will honor Donna Frye, on Wednesday March 16, with a Sunshine Award for her efforts in supporting transparency in government. Democracy is something we fight for and sing about in the United States. This is Sunshine Week in California, which honors efforts to open up the doors of government and get information out. Guests Donna Frye is a former San Diego City Councilwoman and board member for Californians Aware, an organization devoted to open government that provides information, guidance and initiatives in public forum law. Read Transcript This is a rush transcript created by a contractor for KPBS to improve accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. FRYE: Good morning, how are you?

Genomatica Turns Sugar And Trash Into Wearable Items Audio Aired 3/10/11 A local biotech firm is working with a major trash company to turn landfill waste into green chemicals used to make everyday items. As part of his doctoral research at UCSD, Christophe Schilling and a team of researchers developed computer modeling and simulation technology capable of engineering organisms to produce chemicals. The goal is to turn sugar and garbage into green chemicals for use in a wide variety of products, including clothes. Enlarge this image Photo by Padma Nagappan Above: Genomatica CEO Christophe Schilling explains how the 50 liter agitator works. Enlarge this image Above: Sugar from agricultural waste being converted into Butanediol at Genomatica's lab. That technology is now the platform for his Sorrento Valley biotech firm Genomatica. Schilling and the company’s scientists explored several options to commercialize the technology which can be used in many medical and industrial biotech applications. Butanediol (BDO) is one such chemical.

ELP Home Lean, green, clean: Investing in San Diego as a hub of clean tech SUPER: On November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln traveled to the now quiet battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to dedicate a cemetery filled with the Union dead who had perished there the previous July, in the greatest battle ever fought on American soil.The President’s speech lasted just two minutes.He started off reminding his audience that it had been only 87 years since the founding of the Republic and then went on to embolden the Union cause with some of the most stirring words ever spoken.He hoped that the terrible battle might signal a “new birth of freedom” for his nation. The Greenwood SchoolPutney, Vermont (v/o) Teacher 1OK guys, let’s please sit up straight in our chairs, let’s get ready to start morning meeting. Student 1: This is one of the most famous speeches of all time, and this was, what, two hundred, three hundred years ago? Teacher 2: It always amazes me the kind of courage that the boys have. Therapist: You can do this. Student 5: I just don’t want to do it.