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Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome

Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome

Accessing the group Edmodo Using Evernote for GTD I use notebooks in a completely different way for GTD. I have notebook stacks for the organizing categories describe best in Making it All Work: inbox, incubating, outcomes, reference, and support. Not everything about GTD is actions. Filing and organization is part of it. So in ToDo, I can restrict my search to Context:@Computer, AoF:Work" and be completely focused on work I can do at the computer. The distinction between support and reference is VERY important to this way of working. I have to say, I'm completely with GrumpyMonkey on reducing the number of notebooks.

3 start-up qui gagnent des millions grâce à l'imagination collective L'une a été lancée en Australie puis s'est implantée à San Francisco. L'autre est née en France et vient d'ouvrir un bureau à Sao Paulo. La dernière fait ses premiers pas depuis un incubateur du treizième arrondissement... ? Date de naissance: 2008 à Melbourne. Fondateurs: Mark Harbottle, Australien et, Matt Mickiewicz, Canadien (tous deux alors âgés de moins de trente ans). Taille: 80 employés à san Francisco, Melbourne, Berlin et Paris Le principe: Des entreprises, principalement, des PME, cherchent un logo, un visuel, une maquette pour leur site internet. Le modèle économique: Cette idée génère pour 99designs plusieurs sources de revenus. Investisseurs: Une première levée de fonds en avril 2011 réunit Accel Partners et les investisseurs en capital-risque Michael Dearing (eBay, Harrison Metal), Dave Goldberg (Survey Monkey), Stewart Butterfield (Flickr) et Anthony Casalena (Squarespace). Concurrents: Wilogo ? Date de naissance: 2006 à Paris Taille: Environ 40 employés dans le monde. ?

How to Save Time by Reducing Email: 6 Strategies for Staying Afloat As teachers, we need to protect our professional time vigilantly. But email, that ravenous beast, can eagerly devour our prep periods and infringe on our time outside of school. When let loose, it can distance us from the important tasks of the profession like planning, grading, and developing ourselves professionally. If we are disciplined, though, email doesn't have to be a beast of burden -- we can use it as a weapon of efficiency, making us more frequent communicators with parents and administrators, more effective record keepers, and more focused in our growth. Here are six strategies for reducing the flood of messages we receive and becoming more pragmatic with our replies, freeing time for more important endeavors. 1. According to the email service provider Mail Chimp, only 18.6 percent of education newsletter emails are opened, and worse, 2.6 percent of links in those emails are clicked. 2. Smartphones make us obsessive email checkers. Here's how to beat it. 3. 4. Dear Parent, 5.

:: THE MONTHLY MENTOR :: The value of blogging Evernote for GTD? « Thameera's MicroBlog Life is boring. It’s the little things in life that helps you keep the interest. To keep the embers burning. To make the mundane stuff exciting. Now to the real stuff. Among the other bazillion things it can be used for, people have been using Evernote as a GTD tool. The first attempt was a disaster; in fact, the project was given up three or four days later. There are quite a few tutorials, rants and forum posts in the interwebs on how people set up GTD in Evernote successfully. One thing to keep in mind is that you’d have to make maximum use Tags and Saved Searches in Evernote for this. For reminders (ticklers, in GTD slang), I’m using FollowUpThen. Wanted to write some more but I’m being summoned for dinner. Like this: Like Loading...

Viralité : Schémas de propagation des contenus sur les différents réseaux sociaux Y’a-t-il des mécanismes et des schémas clefs pour la diffusion et la propagation de contenus sur les réseaux sociaux ? Une forme de recette magique qui garantit la viralité d’une opération ? La réponse n’est pas si évidente ! Gnip, une société d’analyse et de traitement de données en provenance des réseaux sociaux a tenté d’apporter plus de lumière à ce sujet, en procédant à quelques analyses, dont je vous partage les principaux résultats. Il s’avère que les résultats de diffusion diffèrent considérablement selon la nature de l’évènement : attendu/prévisible comme les élections, les shows TV, les matchs de football, etc ou inattendu/imprévisible comme les catastrophes naturelles, les décès, etc. Pour les évènements inattendus, c’est un autre phénomène qui est alors observé : une croissance brusque, rapide et importante lors de l’annonce de l’évènement avec des volumes générés par milliers voire des dizaines de milliers, et ce sur une très courte durée de quelques minutes.

Dragonflies in First: The Ultimate Digital Weekly Planner FAQs If you haven't made a planning decision yet for your school year, I hope these answers to my customer's questions will help you decide if The Ultimate Weekly Planner is for you. I have been so unbelievably thrilled with the interest in my planners. It is truly amazing to be able to share something that has been such a huge part of my teaching career with so many fabulous educators. Why this planner? Unlike written plan books, you can cleanly and easily change, move highlight and delete anything from your plan book. Another huge bonus comes into play with sub-planning. Digital planning is necessary in today's world... and so EASY! Can I use the planner on my {PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone} Yes! If you plan to use the planner on your PC/MAC/and iPad... get the Excel version Mac users can use either the Excel or Numbers version, depending on what is installed on your computer. Be sure you grab the correct version for your systems. The Excel version has a clean white cover image.

How to Begin Rebuilding Your Life and Make It Ridiculously Amazing “Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.” ~ Joseph Addison What if one day you woke up and decided that you were tired of feeling tired and that you had enough of everything? Enough of stress and anxiety, enough of anger and resentment, enough of struggle, lack, pain and poverty, enough of tears, heartbreaks, self destructive thoughts, behaviors and relationships and enough of all that is negative and toxic? What if you decided that you wanted to change yourself and your life but didn’t know where exactly to start, what then? There are many things you can do to begin rebuilding your life and make it ridiculously amazing and today I will share with you 12 things that are meant to help you do just that. 1. I (name), Make a commitment to myself, Starting now, I make a commitment to let go of what’s behind me and start appreciating what’s in front of me; 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia Setting Up The Secret Weapon Mac Version: Download the latest version of Evernote (EN). Install it. Windows Version: Download the latest version of Evernote (EN) and Run the program. For both PC and Mac Next, install Evernote onto your mobile phone. Create a new user name and password. Setting up Evernote Install the application. Once you’ve installed Evernote on all your devices, and set up your free Evernote online account, our next suggestion is to set up Evernote like we have. Setting up Notebooks Evernote allows you to separate your items (what Evernote calls “notes” and what TSW calls “to-dos” or “Action Items”) into named containers called Notebooks. Cabinet: A file cabinet that holds items for reference that aren’t to-do. Action Pending: The Action Pending notebook is where all items that have pending action reside. Completed: The Completed notebook is where we put all that is done. Create your initial Tags The next step is to set up your contexts (tags). Type out the following tags, followed by a Return key: Tip: !