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Your One-Stop Tool for Surviving the Holidays: Gift Giving (Part One) The winter holidays are just around the corner. There are gifts to buy (often for picky people!), budgets to manage, parties to plan, and cards to send. We’re showing you how to survive the holidays, with a lot of help from Evernote. Download our Holiday Guide* *You can save it straight to your Evernote account, for easy reference. How to use Evernote for holiday gift giving If you’re like my mother-in-law, you implore everyone in the family to send you their gift ideas before the holidays. Forward gift lists from your email to your Evernote account by emailing them to your Evernote email address (found in your Preferences).Use Evernote to snap a photo or scan in paper lists. Evernote for finding the perfect gift, any time of year Figuring out what to get for people that seem to never have a list can be kind of stressful. No one says you can’t do a little shopping for yourself. Create gift lists and find holiday gift deals by using Evernote with ShopAdvisor

Your One-Stop Tool for Surviving the Holidays: Holiday Budgeting (Part Two) Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 13 Dec 2011 Comment When you know you’re about to spend a lot of money, it’s important to budget. As you’re thinking about your budget, consider gifts, travel expenses, food, drink, and decorations. Here are some ways that Evernote can help you manage your finances during the holiday season and focus on the important stuff (family and friends). Creating a master budget in Evernote Make a plan for your holiday spending and keep track of it in Evernote: Figure out your spending categories. Organize your holiday party. Keep track of your spending Did you know that you can keep track of your spending using Evernote? Scan or snap photos of your receipts. Plan your route using Evernote + Skitch and save costs on gas. This post is part of a series on using Evernote for the holidays. For more ideas, check out our Holiday Guide. Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter. Go Premium

when you're dead or incapacitated... This thread caused me to remember that several years ago, I had an icon on my Windows desktop that said "Click here, if I'm dead". It opened up a Word document that pointed to a password protected Word document. The password was not in the original document, but was a "clue" that my husband would be able to figure out. The password protected Word document included info about how to get into my password manager & various other info I thought should be shared if I were dead or in a coma. I pay the bills in the household & keep track of any important documentation for home repairs, big ticket purchases, etc. Oh, and existence/location of safe deposit boxes...

Your One-Stop Tool for Surviving the Holidays: Planning a Party (Part Three) Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 19 Dec 2011 Comment Planning a party — big or small — is a lot of work. You have to consider your location, the atmosphere, food and beverage menu, budget, invitations, decorations, playlist, and more. Don’t forget to download our Holiday Guide» The logistics Before you start figuring out your menu and vendors, consider your budget. Scout locations. Party time! Once you’ve gotten everything planned, it’s time to enjoy the party. Prepare your meal, appetizers, and cocktails. These are just a few of the ways you can use Evernote to help you plan your party (holiday-themed, or otherwise). We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on using Evernote for planning your holidays. Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter. Go Premium

Feature Request - 'Due Date' attribute I see that the "Due Date" field is coming "soon". Which makes me hope that this new date field also can be used as a general way to reflect the date of note content. Including notes with "old" content. I use Evernote primarily as an archive for all my old scanned documents. So I see due date is coming and I'm thinking that it is really the same as I am asking for: a way to reflect the content of the note. And if so, wouldn't it be a good idea to call the new date field "Subject Date" instead of "Due Date"? Just a thought. Sab Norway

3 Tips for Finding Positivity in an Endlessly Negative Workplace Today’s society is riddled with negativity. Maybe it’s like this for every generation, but for those of us who are fairly new to the ropes of the “real world” and full time employment, the workplace feels like negativity camp (maybe I’m just being negative). Not only is the job search miserable and disheartening, our pay is low, our benefits are scarce, and our morale is obliterated by headlines of a further declining economy and the ever-decreasing national health. That being said, those of us who are employed are lucky and heading down the path towards financial responsibility and societal purpose. These are extremely positive things and things to be praised. Now, along with long hours at work, dealing with difficult projects, and collaborating with new people, one of the most difficult aspects of the working world is staying positive when everyone around you is endlessly negative. Become Fully Aware of Your Surroundings Be Proactive Always Accentuate the Positive

Cook a Steak on Its Fat Side First (and 99 More of the Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time) most of the world doesn't refrigerate eggs. Unless the shell is compromised, then eColi isn't a significant concern... so long as you plan to cook the egg eventually anyway. The way eggs are harvested these days I would not trust it. If you are baking them, like in a cake, then the bacteria will be obliterated. I've heard the majority of contaminated egg cases happen in restaurants where they beat large batches together, dozens at a time. Salmonella is the more common contaminant of eggs, not E. For the end-user of whole raw eggs, the risk of getting Salmonella from eating raw eggs is very small, with some estimates putting the risk at 1 in 20,000, or 0.005%. In the case that you require raw eggs, whites, or yolks (hollandaise, mayo, Rocky shake, etc), you can buy pasteurized eggs.

Brave New Foundation Needs Some Brave New Basic Phone Training Hanging Up 090 – Remedial Call Termination Procedures Meet Jesse Lava, campaign director – campaign director – at Brave New Foundation: progressive, comedy savant, and first-time user of phones. If you’ve never heard of the man or the group, well, no surprise there. But they do exist, and they are hilarious. Oh Jesse, you so crazy! Tonight, Brave New Foundation is debuting a “documentary” titled Koch Brothers Exposed, which if the trailer is any indication, will consist in the main of accusations that the Kochs have lots of money, and that you should probably be upset about that. The best part of the faux call above, for me at least, was the voice at the end suggesting they do a “second take” because “there was so much sirens?

Blog The new version is here! After working so hard to fix some of our initial problems. We are happy to announce that we are officially through with the Beta Phase. I would personally like to thank all of our testers for their feedback and patience during our initial stages. You are a very valuable part of the development of We are very excited to announce some changes in the first official version: We’ve made some changes to the look and design (don’t worry, the functions you’ve come to depend on are still there) is now available in German (Herzlich Willkommen!) And of course we killed a few bugs in the process! We are very excited to be entering into the licensing phase of the project and will be offering the new and version for free, for 14 days! If you have any questions or support problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at: Or leave me a comment below. I was inspired to write a quick blog about the common user.