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Create your Time Bank site

Create your Time Bank site
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How to Start a Community Currency “Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies...The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." - Thomas Jefferson “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” - Banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild The centralized creation of money and credit has a profoundly negative effect on local economies, sovereignty, and social cohesion. Bankers value profit at all costs, while locally-controlled institutions tend to hold other values - like community, justice and sustainability - more highly. Communities can regain control of the flow of money and credit by issuing their own currency as a complement to conventional money, as electronic barter networks, debit cards, mobile phone payments, Timebanks, LETS, or old-fashioned cash. By altering the flow of resources, community currencies take power away from multinationals and put it in the hands of more accountable local entities.

[Matchbanker] - Matchar dig med de bästa lånen gratis √ MI Alliance of TimeBanks - How It Works At its most basic level, TimeBanking is simply about spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into the TimeBank as a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time dollar to spend on having someone doing something for you. Each TimeBank has a website where you list what you would like to do for other members. With TimeBanking, you will be working with a small group of committed individuals who are joined together for a common good. TIMEREPUBLIK Value for Money | Local Currency Know-How

Créditos online | Dinero en tu cuenta hoy - ¡Solicita hasta 40.000€ ya! ¿Necesitas dinero hoy mismo, y quieres conseguirlo de forma sencilla, sin grandes complicaciones y sin ir al banco? Hace unos años, para conseguir financiación debías desplazarte a una sucursal bancaria, presentar gran cantidad de documentación y esperar a una respuesta que parecía que nunca llegaba. Sin embargo, en la actualidad este no es el caso. El desarrollo tecnológico te permite solicitar créditos rápidos online 24 horas, presentando la documentación mínima y sin cambiar de banco. En este artículo, vas a poder ver la siguiente información: Créditos rápidos online, ¿Qué son? ¿Qué son los créditos rápidos online? Los créditos online son productos financieros que se solicitan totalmente a mediante internet, sin tenerte que moverse de casa. Estos productos están ideados especialmente para cubrir necesidades puntuales de dinero urgente, por ejemplo, a la hora de pagar el importe de una factura inesperada, la reparación de tu vehículo o financiar la compra de una nueva lavadora. Rapidez

Mutualism (economic theory) Mutualism is an economic theory and anarchist school of thought that advocates a society where each person might possess a means of production, either individually or collectively, with trade representing equivalent amounts of labor in the free market.[1] Integral to the scheme was the establishment of a mutual-credit bank that would lend to producers at a minimal interest rate, just high enough to cover administration.[2] Mutualism is based on a labor theory of value that holds that when labor or its product is sold, in exchange, it ought to receive goods or services embodying "the amount of labor necessary to produce an article of exactly similar and equal utility".[3] Mutualism originated from the writings of philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Mutualists have distinguished mutualism from state socialism, and do not advocate state control over the means of production. Mutualism, as a term, has seen a variety of related uses. For historian of the First International G.

Can Local Currencies be the Foundation for the Sharing Economy? A relatively new financial tool is emerging that could greatly strengthen the sharing movement. The tool is local currencies, which are popping up in cities across the globe. The Boston Bean is one of the newest U.S. examples. The local currency in Bristol, U.K., can even be used to pay local business taxes. Excitement is spreading, in part due to desperate economic conditions and the potential of local currencies to boost local economies. At the moment, most currencies are essentially “buy local” programs which encourage residents to purchase goods and services within their communities. A local currency could become a full-fledged local monetary system that creates new currency free of debt and uses it to drive smart, sustainable growth, as well as fund education, public works, and social services. A Prototype A prototype is the Token Exchange System, described in my book Creating Sustainable Societies and now being developed by the Principled Societies Project.

Préstamos rápidos | Dinero en mano al instante - ¡Solicítalo en 2 min! ¿Te ha surgido un imprevisto? ¿Necesitas dinero ya mismo? De ser así, tu mejor opción son, sin duda, los préstamos rápidos online. Con los préstamos online rápidos y seguros podrás disponer de una cantidad de dinero determinada con unos intereses razonables. En este artículo, te facilitamos la siguiente información: ¿Qué son los préstamos rápidos online? ¿Qué son los préstamos rápidos online? Los préstamos rápidos online son un tipo de producto financiero cuya principal característica es la disponibilidad rápida del dinero. Estos préstamos pueden ser ofrecidos tanto por entidades bancarias como por prestamistas privados, aunque sus condiciones y características difieren entre unos y otros. En primer lugar, existen los préstamos rápidos otorgados por entidades bancarias, que se solicitan online, en la página web del propio banco. El dinero tardaría en llegar de 24 a 72 horas, pudiendo ser devuelto en un periodo de varios meses hasta algunos años, dependiendo de la cantidad solicitada. En resumen…

Do local currencies work? November 27, 2012 Six years on from its launch, a local currency in the United States continues to inspire others. But what can it tell us about their potential to nurture vibrant, distinctive local economies? Austin Macauley reports Two months on from the launch of the UK’s first city-wide local currency, the Bristol Pound, the scheme continues to create a buzz. There’s a confident feel to the Bristol Pound website. The Bristol Pound is the first to have electronic accounts managed by a regulated financial institution – Bristol Credit Union – and the most ambitious of the local currencies seen so far in the UK. A few clues as to what the future might hold can be found in The Berkshires, western Massachusetts. Examine the Berkshares website and you find an altogether more sober and scholarly tone, perhaps reflecting its development by the E F Schumacher Society, now the New Economics Institute. Six years on, the evolution of BerkShares offers a reality check to other local currencies.