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Féminisation de la langue: quelques réflexions théoriques et pratiques

Féminisation de la langue: quelques réflexions théoriques et pratiques

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Do You Speak American . What Speech Do We Like Best? . Prejudice . Women Women Talk Too Much No, they don’t. Rather, they don’t in every situation. Social context and relative power determine who talks more, men or women. Horror Movies Directed by Women Genre filmmaking has a reputation as a man’s field. That goes for audiences as well as filmmakers. To the novice, it’s easy to see why. For a long time women’s bodies have been used to titillate male adolescent horror fans — shrieking, squirming, disposable ciphers.

Hierarchy of Oppressions By Audre Lorde I was born Black and a woman. I am trying to become the strongest person I can become to live the life I have been given and to help effect change toward a livable future for this earth and for my children. As a Black, lesbian, feminist, socialist, poet, mother of two including one boy and member of an interracial couple, I usually find myself part of some group in which the majority defines me as deviant, difficult, inferior or just plain "wrong". From my membership in all of these groups I have learned that oppression and the intolerance of difference come in all shapes and sizes and colors and sexualities; and that among those of us who share the goals of liberation and a workable future for our children, there can be no hierarchies of oppression.

Writing Around Gender Photo This week, Julie Scelfo’s article on how the University of Vermont has recognized students outside the traditional male/female norm presented special concerns. The story had to be written without using the pronouns “she” or “he” to identify Rocko Gieselman, its main character. Ms. Scelfo, a Times contributing writer, describes the process. What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn? [INFOGRAPHIC] - Voxy Blog Learning a new language can be difficult, but some languages can be trickier than others. For native English speakers, the difficulty level of a new language depends on a variety of factors. So which are the most difficult to learn?

Brain-Based Labels Bunk? An fMRI study shows speculations that people are “left-brained” versus “right-brained” are not backed by evidence. J.A. NIELSEN ET AL., PLOS ONECreative types have been commonly thought to rely on the right side of their brains, while analytical folk have been considered more “left-brained” thinkers. But people don’t actually show such tendencies toward either left- or right-brained activity, according to a study published last week (August 14) in PLOS ONE. “It’s absolutely true that some brain functions occur in one or the other side of the brain.

Are You Afraid Of Saying The 'F' Word? Maybe You Should Learn About What It Really Means First. Babes, I am no stranger to dirty words. I mean I teach sex ed. Sometimes I say penis or vagina, hee, hee. But no word is so dirty as feminism. Say anything about it, and suddenly, I'm a feminazi and being compared to Hitler. Laci Green, teaches sex ed, wants equality. “What’s Arabic for Intersectionality?” Weaning myself from mainstream feminisms born in a Western context required a concerted effort on my part. I had begun to realise that these feminisms - with their biased histories and understandings of the self, subjectivity and self-actualisation, narrow understanding of economic equality and ways to achieve it and racist rhetoric were beginning to alter my consciousness. But I do have my moments when I feel rather exasperated by critiques of mainstream feminisms; a critique that once again is born in a Western context.

Why Inclusionary Language Matters Read a Czech translation of this post, prepared by Vera! I was saddened but unsurprised recently to encounter a discussion on a feminist website in which commenters were bemoaning the appearance of content about race, gender, disability, class, and other social justice issues on feminist sites. “Why can’t feminism,” commenters asked, “just be about women?” Feminism is useless, in my mind, if it fails to recognize an overlapping and intersecting collection of injustices. Even if all that you care about is “women,” I sincerely hope that you mean “all women.” Old Norse Online: Lesson 1 Viking Expansion Although the Scandinavians enter the records of Western Europe sometime around 790 AD, which therefore marks the beginning of the so-called 'Viking Age', these northern peoples had in fact begun a process of expansion some two or three generations before. The first waves of expansion originated in Sweden and Gotland in roughly 700, leading to colonies in modern-day Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

51 Pretty Shocking Facts That Make Things Harder For Every Woman You Have Ever Met Laci Green: The rumors are true. What they've been saying about me. I have to come clean. I, Lacey Green, am a feminist. What? You're a lesbian now?