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Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies

Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies
click here for more posts from “the herstory issue” // “the way we were” I really threw myself into Herstory Month, in June, eating every accessible herstory archive on the internet and spending hours in the library, accumulating massive stacks of borrowed books which I stored at the foot of my bed. My girlfriend was not a big fan of the stacks of books at the foot of the bed. I was looking for words but eventually, also, for pictures. Honestly before tumblr it was difficult to find very much lesbian imagery at all online — it was always the same ten or twelve stock photos — let alone pictures of lesbians taken prior to 2000. I wanted to see an evolution of our community, how we’d grown and changed over the years — and not just in a montage of famous out actresses and models, but pictures of actual people, pictures of women who were active in the community — regular human beings, writers and social activists. So I started collecting them. 150 Years of Lady-Loving-Ladies In The U.S. 1850s

Hilda pin up The Feminist eZine - 1001 Feminist Links and Other Interesting Topics Orbita Diversa | Asociación que busca promover positivamente la diversidad a través del respeto, la pluralidad y el acercamiento a otras identidades. Somos feministas, de todas las razas y portamos la bandera arcoíris. Somos Orbita Diversa.

Secret Lesbians — 19th Century Queer Couples 1. 1891 – Photo by... Feministas Ácidas: Proyecto de lucha activa contra la ilusión de igualdad y el terrorismo heteropatriarcal. Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBT History The History and Impact of Anti-LGBT Slurs In this lesson students listen to the oral history of an advocate for LGBT family rights, and use her personal story as a vehicle for considering how anti-LGBT attitudes are formed. Students explore the derivation of the words “gay,” “faggot” and “dyke” in order to better understand the long history of judgment and hate behind these words. They also reflect on the testimony of LGBT teens about the impact of terms like “that’s so gay.” Students will reflect on the oral history of an individual involved in the LGBT rights movement. Students will learn about the history of anti-LGBT slurs. download here (.pdf format – requires Acrobat Reader) Time: 55-70 mins. or two class periods Grade Level: Grades 6 & up Strategies and Skills: connecting past to present, cooperative group work, critical thinking, debate, forming opinions, historical understanding, large and small group discussion, media literacy, reading skills Advance Preparation:

The Last Triangle · Hair and Blood So I’ve been thinking about periods – and no, not the punctuation kind. That’s because I spent some time on the weekend thumbing my way through an interesting little book on menstruation. Called ‘Capitalizing on the Curse: The Business of Menstruation’, the book explores the impact that capitalist forces have had on our monthly periods. I know, I know – I can hear you now: “this is a blog about pubic hair — why the period talk?” Here’s why: because reading Kissling’s book about periods actually made me think a lot about women and their relationships to their own body hair. Kissling’s interesting premise is that though it’s a regular phenomenon for half the world’s population, periods are typically seen as icky and gross — a troublesome interruption in the month that must be dealt with (ideally) in secret (god forbid your males friends should catch a glimpse of a tampon in your purse!). It helps explain why women feel such shame and disgust at the idea of their own periods.

Érase una vez una princesa enamorada de una valiente chica extranjera Una niña que encuentra un lápiz mágico que vuelve realidad lo que dibuja y una princesa cuyo padre quiere casarla con alguien que no es su amor verdadero protagonizan los primeros cuentos de la recién estrenada editorial Nube Ocho. ¿Qué tienen de especial? Que la niña tiene dos papás, y que la princesa no está enamorada de un apuesto joven, sino de una valiente chica extranjera. “Son los libros que nuestra generación no pudo leer”, dice Luis Amavisca, creador de esta pequeña firma, que acaba de lanzar ‘El lapicero mágico’ y ‘La princesa Li’ junto con Egales, una editorial con 20 años de experiencia en temas relacionados con la homosexualidad. Son los libros que nuestra generación no pudo leer" Amavisca, artista plástico devenido en editor y escritor, insiste en que sus cuentos no están orientados solo al colectivo LGBT (lesbianas, gais, bisexuales y transexuales), “sino también, y con más razón, a los heterosexuales”. Las tiradas son pequeñas, y tienen en Internet su gran aliado.

Gorda! Traducción temblorosa por Laura Contrera (con una pequeña ayuda de lxs amigxs y afines del Gorda! Zine)* Anne Milton es más que bienvenida a llamarme gorda –lo prefiero antes que obesa, de hecho. No soy toda ni cada mujer gorda, pero como co-autora de un libro sobre aceptación de la gordura deliberadamente reclamo esa palabra. “Si me miro al espejo y pienso que soy obesx, estoy menos preocupadx que si pienso que estoy gordx”, le dijo Milton a la BBC. La gordura es todavía una constante del lenguaje de la vergüenza –del bravucón en el recreo, del ex vengativo, del padre que desaprueba. Milton piensa que esa es la palabra que los doctores deberían usar con sus pacientes. Créanme, amaría vivir en una cultura donde gordx significara simplemente “tener más tejido adiposo que el promedio”, en la cual no se implicara nada acerca del carácter de unx. * NT: Kate Harding maneja en esta nota el sentido corriente de la palabra vergüenza.

THE UNSLUT PROJECT "Slut: A Documentary Film" can only happen with YOUR help! Please give whatever you can and help spread the word! Filed under unslut slut shaming sex women feminism crowdfunding seedandspark I will be delivering messages of support and love to the three survivors of sexual assault and bullying at Norman High in Oklahoma. Filed under okgirls unslut rape women girls teens survivors Your tax-deductible donation goes toward outreach to girls who are currently suffering, and toward workshops and lectures to change cultural attitudes about female sexuality. Filed under unslut unslut project women feminism sex sexism slut slut shaming A new approach to bullying: “Discover Confidence.” Filed under bullying unslut project slut shaming sex women girls feminism TED tedxtalks June 15, 2000 Well, today was the last day of school. At the graduation ceremony, each teacher gave out awards to their students who did the best. Anyways, I’m very sad that school’s over, but I’m also excited for the summer.