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a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions Date | 2017-09-10 20:00 Local ⇄ UTC Data | Wind @ Surface Scale | Source | GFS / NCEP / US National Weather Service Control | Now « – ‹ – › – » ⊕Grid▷HD Mode | Air – Ocean – Chem – Particulates CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 datasets < Back to Alex Krizhevsky's home page The CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 are labeled subsets of the 80 million tiny images dataset. They were collected by Alex Krizhevsky, Vinod Nair, and Geoffrey Hinton. The CIFAR-10 dataset The CIFAR-10 dataset consists of 60000 32x32 colour images in 10 classes, with 6000 images per class. There are 50000 training images and 10000 test images.

Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot Saudi Arabia has officially recognised a humanoid robot as a citizen, marking the first time in history that an AI device has been awarded such status. Sophia, an intelligent humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics, announced the citizenship herself during a panel discussion at the Future Investment Initiative conference in Saudi Arabia. "I am very honoured and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship," she said. Specific details of Sophia's citizenship were not discussed.

Tutorial - Visual Attention for Action Recognition Action recognition is the task of inferring various actions from video clips. This feels like a natural extension of image classification task to multiple frames. The final decision on the class membership is being made by fusing the information from all the processed frames. Reasoning about a video remains a challenging task because of high computational cost (it takes more resources to processes three-dimensional data structures than 2D tensors), difficulty of capturing spatio-temporal context across frames (especially problematic when the position of a camera changes rapidly) or the difficulty of obtaining a useful, specialized dataset (it is much easier and cheaper to collect vast amounts of independent images then image sequences). Attention module allows the network to explain its choice of class by pointing at important parts of the video (by generating heatmaps). The purpose of this blog post is to present how the visual attention can be used for action recognition.

Watch Footage from the Psychology Experiment That Shocked the World: Milgram's Obedience Study (1961) For decades following World War II, the world was left wondering how the atrocities of the Holocaust could have been perpetrated in the midst of—and, most horrifically, by—a modern and civilized society. How did people come to engage in a willing and systematic extermination of their neighbors? Psychologists, whose field had grown into a grudgingly respected science by the midpoint of the 20th century, were eager to tackle the question. In 1961, Yale University’s Stanley Milgram began a series of infamous obedience experiments. While Adolf Eichmann’s trial was underway in Jerusalem (resulting in Hannah Arendt’s five-piece reportage, which became one of The New Yorker magazine’s most dramatic and controversial article series), Milgram began to suspect that human nature was more straightforward than earlier theorists had imagined; he wondered, as he later wrote, "Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders?

A Neural Network Playground Data Which dataset do you want to use? Features Which properties do you want to feed in? Innerösterreich (1784–1785) - First Military Survey Layers provided by Arcanum Adatbázis Kft Data provided by Österreichisches Staatsarchiv Georeference method: Molnár, G., Timár, G., Biszak, E. (2014): Can the First Military Survey maps of the Habsburg Empire (1763-1790) be georeferenced by an accuracy of 200 meters? DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1447.8724. Conference: 9th International Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage Budapest, 4-5 September 2014, 127-132.

TinEye Labs - Color Extraction Lab Color extraction A TinEye Lab powered by MulticolorEngine MulticolorEngine will display a color palette for all the colors identified in your image. The American Presidency Project My fellow citizens, today we celebrate the mystery of American renewal. This ceremony is held in the depth of winter, but by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring, a spring reborn in the world's oldest democracy that brings forth the vision and courage to reinvent America. When our Founders boldly declared America's independence to the world and our purposes to the Almighty, they knew that America, to endure, would have to change; not change for change's sake but change to preserve America's ideals: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Though we marched to the music of our time, our mission is timeless.

Dash Overview Plotly stewards Python's leading data viz and UI libraries. With Dash Open Source, Dash apps run on your local laptop or workstation, but cannot be easily accessed by others in your organization. Scale up with Dash Enterprise when your Dash app is ready for department or company-wide consumption. Or, launch your initiative with Dash Enterprise from the start to unlock developer productivity gains and hands-on acceleration from Plotly's team. Click below to install Dash Open Source:

5 Visual Storytelling Trends to Watch Out For in 2016 “We now live in a world where information is potentially unlimited. Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning? The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 hours in Kiev: Visualizations We start with a visualization of all 13,208 images shared by 6,165 Instagram users in central part of Kiev during February 17-22, 2014. The images are organized by shared date/time, top to bottom and left to right. (We have added time stamps to each image - they are not part of normal Instagram interface). If you click on the image, it will take you to the high resolution version (4000 x 8300 pixels) and you can examine the details.

Culture Is Not Your Friend Terence McKenna on the impact of culture on our lives. Taken from a lecture called "Psychedelics In The Age Of Intelligent Machines" (27 April 1999 - Seattle). Created by The Omega Point Project. “We are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.' And then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. Mapping 400,000 Hours of U.S. TV News We are excited to unveil a couple experimental data-driven visualizations that literally map 400,000 hours of U.S. television news. One of our collaborating scholars, Kalev Leetaru, applied “fulltext geocoding” software to our entire television news research service collection. These algorithms scan the closed captioning of each broadcast looking for any mention of a location anywhere in the world, disambiguate them using the surrounding discussion (Springfield, Illinois vs Springfield, Massachusetts), and ultimately map each location. The resulting CartoDB visualizations provide what we believe is one of the first large-scale glimpses of the geography of American television news, beginning to reveal which areas receive outsized attention and which are neglected.