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May have accidentally discovered a new state of matter. Humans have been studying electric charge for thousands of years, and the results have shaped modern civilization.

may have accidentally discovered a new state of matter

Blog by Dev Gualtieri. Torqued Light August 19, 2019 Like many other things that we are given in nature, mankind has used light to its advantage for many years before understanding anything about it.

Blog by Dev Gualtieri

Its importance is underscored by the divinity bestowed upon the Sun by ancient people. As written in the Bible (Genesis, Book 1, verse 3), one of the first things that God created was light, and He "saw that the light was good. 8.01x - Lect 24 - Rolling Motion, Gyroscopes, VERY NON-INTUITIVE.

Edwin grey motor

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature. From walking on the street, to launching a rocket into space, to sticking a magnet on your refrigerator, physical forces are acting all around us.

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

But all the forces that we experience every day (and many that we don't realize we experience every day) can be whittled down to just four fundamental forces: Gravity. The weak force. Electromagnetism. The strong force. These are called the four fundamental forces of nature, and they govern everything that happens in the universe. Gravity Gravity is the attraction between two objects that have mass or energy, whether this is seen in dropping a rock from a bridge, a planet orbiting a star or the moon causing ocean tides. Isaac Newton was the first to propose the idea of gravity, supposedly inspired by an apple falling from a tree. Though gravity holds planets, stars, solar systems and even galaxies together, it turns out to be the weakest of the fundamental forces, especially at the molecular and atomic scales.

The weak force.


Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975. Scientific Clues That We Are Living In the Matrix: A Talk by Klee Irwin. Santilli-scientific-discoveries-6. 6.1.


INTRODUCTION 6.1A. Foreword 6.1B. Santilli's recollections on the birth of hadronic mechanics 6.1C. New structure model of unstable hadrons and leptons 6.1D. Inapplicability of quantum mechanics to the structure of hadrons 6.1E. Wallace Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity. Bizarre 'dark fluid' with negative mass could dominate the universe – what my research suggests. It’s embarrassing, but astrophysicists are the first to admit it.

Bizarre 'dark fluid' with negative mass could dominate the universe – what my research suggests

Our best theoretical model can only explain 5% of the universe. The remaining 95% is famously made up almost entirely of invisible, unknown material dubbed dark energy and dark matter. So even though there are a billion trillion stars in the observable universe, they are actually extremely rare. Nano. Nikola Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity. Yin Yang mapped onto Torus. The Virtual Aether – "Empty Space" Gets an Upgrade. By Brendan D.

The Virtual Aether – "Empty Space" Gets an Upgrade

Murphy, contributor for Though previously a popular scientific concept (in the form of the lumeniferous aether), the notion of an aether (ether) had essentially become taboo in science after the infamous Michelson-Morley (M-M) experiment supposedly disproved its existence in 1887, even though at best (or worst) all it did was seemingly to disprove (or rather, fail to demonstrate) the existence of an inert material or mechanical aether, hanging in the air like a gas. The adoption of Einstein’s relativistic theories where space-time was dependent on (relative to) an observer’s speed supposedly ruled out an aetheric medium which rationally offered a single universal metric for space and for time. Scientist and author Gregg Braden, in The Divine Matrix, has referred to the M-M experiment as “history’s greatest ‘failed’ experiment.” Former nuclear weapons technician in the US Air Force Henry C. This New Equation Could Unite The Two Biggest Theories in Physics.

In Brief In a recent paper, a Stanford theoretical physicist develops a new equation, one which indicates that the key to finally connecting general relativity and quantum mechanics is found in bizarre spacetime tunnels called wormholes.

This New Equation Could Unite The Two Biggest Theories in Physics

One of the most stubborn problems in physics today is the fact that our two best theories to explain the Universe – general relativity and quantum mechanics – function perfectly well on their own, but as soon as you try to combine them, the maths just doesn’t work out. But a Stanford theoretical physicist has just come up with a new equation that suggests the key to finally connecting the two could be found in bizarre spacetime tunnels called wormholes. The equation is deceptively simple: ER = EPR. It’s not made up of numerical values, but instead represents the names of some key players in theoretical physics. Strange Numbers Found in Particle Collisions. At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, physicists shoot protons around a 17-mile track and smash them together at nearly the speed of light.

Strange Numbers Found in Particle Collisions

It’s one of the most finely tuned scientific experiments in the world, but when trying to make sense of the quantum debris, physicists begin with a strikingly simple tool called a Feynman diagram that’s not that different from how a child would depict the situation. Feynman diagrams were devised by Richard Feynman in the 1940s. 6 Nuclear Plasma Battery Technology Inventors Now Dead Or Missing. Since I subscribe to an RSS feed on Clean Green Nuclear Energy, I get a lot of stuff in my email everyday, but this one I found this morning is very disturbing.

6 Nuclear Plasma Battery Technology Inventors Now Dead Or Missing

The link relays news from Moscow that the fifth inventor of the plasma battery (a battery that is scalable and lives longer than people without recharging) was pulled from a river without his teeth or fingerprints. This now makes five nuclear battery inventors who have been murdered since 2002 including Aries DeGeus, MIT Professor Eugene Mallove, Dr. Paul M. Brown, and Dr. [The Foundations for a New Kind of Science] Stephen Wolfram:A New Kind of Science. Blacklight PowerCOLD FUSION NOW! The following is a further posting in a series of articles by David French, a patent attorney with 35 years experience, which will review patents of interest touching on the field of Cold Fusion.

Blacklight PowerCOLD FUSION NOW!

Pending PCT patent application by Randall Mills and Black Power Inc. – Part 1 December 12, 2011 –In response to my last posting I was sent a reference to the following PCT patent application: Electrochemical Hydrogen-Catalyst Power System with the suggestion that I might comment on it. Advanced Alternative Energy Solutions by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.


PowerPedia:Eric Dollard. From PESWiki You are here PES Network > PESWiki > PowerPedia > Eric Dollard Introduction. Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics. Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following the work. The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos.

Experiment 7 - Rotation and Gyroscopic Precession. Shown in the picture below: Pasco gyro assembly with rotation sensor on base Support rod and clamp for gyro Not shown in the picture above: Rotator with movable weights on stand with rotation sensor Vernier calipers Pan balance to weigh add-on weight Meter stick Weight hanger and weights Digistrobe String to spin wheel Computer and Science Workshop Interface This experiment consists of two parts. NORDTVEDT'S REMARKS ON GRAVITOMAGNETISM. The literature of any field of study spans the range from awful to outstanding. And once in a long while a paper is published that is a true jewel, one that is written with crystal clarity that goes to the heart of a truly fundamental issue with little or no accompanying clutter to distract your attention from what's really important. Much has been written on the origin of inertia and Mach's principle in the past century, some of it outstandingly good. TRANSIENT MASS FLUCTUATIONS. If you've read the linked documents "The Origin of Inertia" and "Radiation Reaction", you're ready to take on transient mass fluctuations.

From "Radiation Reaction" you know that electromagnetic radiative processes are accompanied by reaction forces on the radiating charges that involve violations of causality and instantaneous violations of energy and momentum conservation. To the extent that gravity is like electromagnetism then, similar processes might reasonably be expected. Since gravity, by comparison with electromagnetism, is such a weak force, however, you might be inclined to think that even if transient radiative reaction type effects occurred, they would be hopelessly smaller than our ability to detect them. Overview. The existence of transient mass fluctuations in objects subjected to large accelerations and rapid changes in acceleration depends upon "Mach's principle" and some peculiarities of "radiation reaction" forces.

RADIATION REACTION. Subject index of Alternate View columns by John G. Cramer. TheUniverse.

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Ville's Research. The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham. Wilber smith. Cold Fusion. Journal of Nuclear Physics. Tesla. Orgone. Ralph Ring's Website » Otis T. Carr. ROMANEK EQUATIONS. Qm. Is the Universe a Holographic Reality? Researchers warn against high emissions from oil palm expansion in Brazil. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries - Zero point. Antigravity. Zpe. Vortex.