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One Direction - Story of My Life

One Direction - Story of My Life
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Traveling with film - By Tobias Weisserth How to beat the dreaded X-ray This is the first article by a contributor for Japancamerahunter and it is exactly what I was looking for. This article is By Tobias Weisserth, who will hopefully contribute more in the future. Traveling with film – Tobias Weisserth As the photography world has gone mostly digital, there remain some veterans who continue to expose on film. Although their numbers are becoming smaller year by year, some younger generation photographers – like me – are rediscovering the old art of exposing on film as the necessary equipment has never been cheaper on Ebay and the likes. Film, especially after it has been exposed already, is a very sensitive medium. To what extend do X-rays harm your film? Well, X-rays can fog the film, rendering it virtually unusable. How can I protect my film while traveling? Answering this question is fairly easy. When flying, don’t put your film with your checked baggage. Dealing with the airport security staff can be frustrating at times.

Double Exposures: A DIY Project That Brings Friends Together With Photos! We love hanging out with our friends, and we’ve had a great summer full of lunches in the park, guests from around the globe, and days off at the beach. With summer winding down, we have a lot less beach days in our future, and no out-of-town guests scheduled to sleep on our couch. …That’s a problem for us. Naturally, we tried to fix the problem with photos. Were we successful? Our solution is a fun project that you can make with anyone you choose, whether they share a dorm room with you or live halfway across the world. How To Collaborate With Friends Using Double Exposures p.s. so, why double exposures? A double exposure happens when two pictures get exposed on the same frame of film. We already love making double exposures solo, and this method makes it a special project to share with friends. Do I need a lot of stuff or a fancy camera? Nope! A buddy to collaborate withTwo 35mm cameras (or one to share)A roll of 35mm film (200-400 ISO is best) If you don’t have a 35mm camera, no big deal!

Lomo LC-A+ 35mm Camera - Microsite - Lomography The Lomo Kompakt Automat (or the LOMO LC-A, as it’s more commonly known) is a 35mm Russian compact camera that unwittingly kickstarted an entire worldwide photographic movement. Its unique Minitar 1 lens delivers radiant colors, knockout contrast, shadowy vignettes and unmistakable photographs that have made it a beloved snap-shooting legend across the globe. In 2005, the LOMO LC-A’s future was thrown into jeopardy when production at the LOMO factory in St. The LC-A+ captures the hearts of Lomographers the world over with the same look and feel as the original LC-A, but with a whole host of new experimental features also thrown in. You can purchase your LC-A+ camera in the Lomography Online Shop and Lomography Gallery Stores across the world.

We Hereby Declare the Death of Film Photography - Houston Arts It's dead. For real this time. This week, the British Journal of Photography reported that Fujifilm -- who makes the wonderfully saturated and potent negative and slide films for 35 millimeter, medium-format and large-format cameras -- is raising the retail cost on all of its photographic film by double digits. This means that $7 to $8 for a roll of Pro 160S will now increase to at least $14 (and probably more). Twice the price is not so nice -- the same applies to Kodak, who also recently announced a fee hike -- and means that film photography will become a niche art form. Instead of its own separate and beautiful thing, C-41 negatives and E-6 positives will become part of the alternative process canon that includes ambrotypes and cyanotypes. Years ago, college campuses ditched their color darkrooms. Some will continue to power through the stupid-high cost of developing and printing to exhibit at local galleries. Soon, we'll only see art spaces such as Alfred Stieglitz's 291 art gallery.

Olympus Trip 35 Repair Manual If you are looking for a repair guide or a manual, then the articles here show how to disassemble the camera. I took some photographs when I was taking my camera apart and the images here might be of use to someone who is considering opening theirs. The Olympus Trip 35 sometimes requires cleaning and overhauling, and they are tricky to open if you do not know how. If your camera was jammed or the light meter was not working then you will need to open it to fix it. The following pages with illustrations might help with disassembly. Camera Repair PreparationRemoving the Olympus Trip 35 Film Rewinding Crank PostRemoving the Olympus Trip 35 Top PlateOlympus Trip 35 Red Flag and Viewfinder Olympus Trip 35 Bottom PlateRemoving the Olympus Trip 35 Front Plates Removing the Olympus Trip 35 Inner Lens RingOlympus Trip 35 Selenium CellOlympus Trip 35 Circuit DiagramOlympus Trip 35 Lens Barrel Assembly Olympus Trip 35 Aperture AssemblyOlympus Trip 35 Aperture MechanismD. Videos of Operation

Analogue The definitive analogue photography podcast list AKA soothe the soul and inspire the heart: UPDATE #5 Update #5: Welcome to On the Streets and Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras. It feels like there’s been an explosion of new films and analogue photography podcasts hit the air this year. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, so a few weeks ago I decided to collect all of the active podcasts together in a podcast list and share them here. The idea being – like my Film Lab Map and Film Stock series’ – to keep it up to date as things change. 2018 alone has seen seven new film/analogue photography podcasts start, a sure sign of how healthy, vibrant and diverse the analogue photography community and industry are as a whole today. Far from being a crowded market, each of the podcasts shown here brings its own personality and twists to the content. Below you’ll find 27 alphabetically ordered podcasts split into two groups: Analogue photography podcasts and Ambiguously analogue photography podcasts (thanks to James Giordano for his blessing on that second one). Enjoy! Analogue photography podcasts Over to you

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