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To Swoon For. GardenMama: .:Impressions In Clay ~ Giftmaking Tutorial:. .: Some of the clay ornaments that were created today! :. Inspired by a piece of pottery I had recently seen at my mother's home, I knew right away that I wanted to create a similar clean look of white pottery while using a different medium and my own designs. . :By placing greenery on the clay and rolling over it with a rolling pin, an impression was created! :. With Sculpey Clay (Ultra Light) as my medium, I began an evening full with creating! I chose to use a decorative piece of greenery in lieu of a natural green. .: Cutting shapes from the clay with small cookie cutters! With the greenery placed on top of the clay, I rolled over it with the rolling pin two to three times. .: Many of the finished clay pieces!

Once the ornament shapes were created, I used a toothpick to make circles in each new clay shape. .: Clay ornaments hardening after spending some time in the oven :. After cooking the ornaments in the oven, the clay is now hardened. . "Des feuilles très, très chouettes" "Des feuilles très, très chouettes" de Mortéza Esmaîli Sohi. DIY Kids Terrarium Craft | The Gold Jellybean. Terrariums have become really popular recently, with classes being offered and lots of stores selling them. I wanted to try a kid version. It was a lot of fun to make, Syd loves it, and we use it to tell stories at night! Heres how we did it: Start with a large clear jar, you can use an empty food container or buy one. You will also need an assortment of fake flowers and greens, floral foam, dry beans for the dirt and rocks, little critters to live in your fantasy land, and glow in the dark paint.

Add a few blocks of floral foam to the bottom of the jar. Now add the beans, and plants. Using the glow in the dark paint, paint your creatures and add random drops onto the beans and plants in your terrarium. Now add your creatures, and enjoy! We like to grab a flashlight, hop into bed and use the terrarium to make up bedtime stories!

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Terrariums. Neon Painted Sticks - 8 Piece Collection, Home Decor Props - Mantle Piece, Pattern, Driftwood Art, Stripes, Circles, Dots, Triangles, Boho. Plantable Paper. Newspaper Seed Starter Growing Pot | Live Like You Are Rich. I’m so happy to introduce you to my friend Ali. She, her sisters, and mom blog at The Mama’s Girls. Its an awesome blog that you should check out! Ali made this IMPRESSIVE newspaper seed starter pot and has included some great information on how to get your plants to grow well. Thanks Ali… Hello! I am Ali, the youngest daughter on the blog The Mama’s Girls. I am very excited to be featured on one of my favorite blogs, Live Like You Are Rich today.

Today I want to talk about gardening! While starting your seeds, instead of buying seed starter cups, pellets, or other expensive gardening pots, you can try this simple tutorial for making Origami Newspaper Seed Starter Cups. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. I filmed the making of one of these because I realize how hard it is to follow origami directions. Before filling the cups with soil to plant your seeds, add a fertilizing “tea bag” at the bottom. Thanks Anita for hosting The Mama’s Girls on your blog today! Thanks Ali! Buzzing Bee Noisemaker | Kids Crafts & Activities for Children | Kiwi Crate.

Day #115 - Sand Castles that will Last. Today this project and my blog are going to be featured at The Life of Jennifer Dawn. Please stop by her wonderful site to show her some blog love. She always has great stuff at her site, and I think you’ll have fun poking around at what she has to offer. This is a sand castle that will dry and last, making it a permanent, air-hardened sculpture. When working with this material, It feels like wet sand, but it sticks together well. It is like working with a rough play doh, moon doh or anther sculpting material. It has a really fun texture and is a great material to work with – my kids loved the feeling between their fingers. It dries completely within a week. Materials Needed:* 1 cup sand (you can use beach sand, but I bought this at the craft store)* 1/2 cup cornstarch* 1 tsp alum (sold in the spice section of the grocery store)* 3/4 cup water* shells and rocks (optional – I bought mine at the Dollar Store)I doubled the recipe, and I would highly recommend you do too.

I’ve been featured: Leaves | LocalCircles. Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 10 - Let's Make Bugs. Want free craft supplies for your 'Easy Crafts for Kids' Projects? No better place to look than in good old Mother Nature herself! Take a stroll in nature with us, you'll be amazed at what you will find and what you can create with it! Let's take a peek at what we are about to create... We try to collect things that have fallen from trees and are on the ground!

We do not disturb our free craft suppliers! We do not break branches, trees, scrubs or pick wild flowers! Colorful, shapely and different sizes of leaves. Lay out your collection and see your creativity come alive! Roll out a clay head and body, stick them together and ...Add cherry-stalk or twig legsGive it a grass or nutshell backTiny seed eyesLeaves for wingsTwigs as antennae ...and what do you have?

Cherry stalks do make great bug legs! Use different types of leaves, twigs and seeds to create different types of wonderful little bugs! So you DON'T like BUGS and crreeeepy CRAWLIES! Return to Fun Stuff To Do from Easy Crafts for Kids. Recycled Spooky Spider. Before you throw out those big empty plastic bottles, take the opportunity to show the kids how to recycle it into a Spooky Spider for Halloween decorations. Supplies 1 water bottle or similar containerTape (regular masking tape)8 bendy strawsPermanent markers (to color your spider) Instructions Bend your straws!

I began by taking all 8 bendable straws and bending them to about the same shape. I then wrapped tape around each bend to keep it permanently bent. Cover with tape! Next, I completely covered up my bottle and legs with regular masking tape. Make your eyebrows! Finish your eyebrows! Make your fangs! I ended up making my spider fangs by twisting and wrapping a bunch of tape. Attach your fangs! Listed under: Bugs and Insect Crafts for Kids, Halloween Recycled Crafts, Recycled Containers and Lids Tagged as:

Ways to Play with Nature (Inside & Out) All Month Long. Ever noticed how much kids love a good theme? A central topic is such a great way to get little ones engaging in all sorts of things – reading, writing, art and (best of all) new types of open-ended play. Plus planning a few weeks of play around the same topic gives the kids time to come up with deeper questions and learn more.Announcing MPMK’s latest venture: Play Theme Cheat Sheets! As we said, playing around a theme is a great idea – the only drawback being that it requires a bit of planning. But no worries, we’ve got you covered.

At the beginning of each month Alli will be here sharing a new theme and everything you need to tackle it. I am so thrilled to be kicking off our new MPMK series on play themes. We’ve been doing play themes at our house for months now, and the benefits have truly been endless. So naturally (get it?) Now we’re no strangers to making art with nature. We spread all of our findings out onto the table and got to work–simply letting our imaginations run wild. Robin Red Breast (seed pod) Mobile | Hey Bernice! I was at mum’s the other day, and on the book shelf were these little, coloured birds placed in an ornamental tree – on closer inspection I realised that these little birds were made from seed pods!

Bernice then took over, and began demanding answers – who made those birds? Where did the seed pods come from? How did you know how to make them? What tree/vine are the seed pods from? …I was really impressed! I don’t mean to sound surprised by mum’s artistic talents… but she always says she doesn’t know where mine come from (and insists it is from her mother!) , and continues to say that she isn’t creative at all – I don’t agree with her, mum shows her creativity in different ways to me, but I don’t bother to argue the point. I did get the answers to most of my questions: – Mum showed my niece how to make them when she was visiting once day; – She knew how to make these little birds from her Aunt Evelyn who lived in Ceres (just outside Geelong), she would make them and sit them on sticks.