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The Marine Mammal Center

grenouilles,crapauds,pontes,nourrir des têtards,évolution,photos,dessins,élever,batraciens. dessin photos images croquis oeufs de grenouilles oeufs de crapauds 7 Extinct Animals: Rare Photographs Last Thylacine yawning: Note the unusual extent to which it was able to open its jaws From panthers and pandas to rhinos and tigers, dwindling animal numbers speak of the need to step up conservation efforts – if it’s not already too late. As a kind of wake-up call, we decided to take a look at seven extinct species captured on camera. With modern photography having only been invented in the 1820s, these snapshots are visible testament to just how recently the creatures shown were wiped out – and a jarring reminder of the precarious situation for many species still left on the planet. Karl Fabricius Scribol Staff

Global Warming is Real AVITATS : sauvons les races rustiques menacées Sauvons les races rustiques menacées La transparence de la situation des maladies animales dans le monde Les Abeilles Orion Magazine - nature / culture / place