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Making a Case for Investment: The 5Ps Conceptual Tool The Five Ps approach to making presentations and proposal writing. Example—organizing the main points of a pitch, writing an invitation to a potential investor. The 5Ps is a conceptual tool. New Start™ - Internal Cleansing System New Start™ has been discontinued. However, if you would like some information on how to detox, please take a look at these articles: The Food that Helps You to Detox Pesticides Optimizing your gut flora is one of the most powerful nutritional interventions you can implement to stay healthy.

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch 08.09.09 | by Erik Anderson Whether it’s product branding, package design or projects for ourselves, we’re pleased when we find a solution that’s very effective and creative, while keeping resources to a minimum. This idea is very inexpensive idea and it’s a great way to recycle a wine bottle. See how this simple idea inspired this brand and wine bottle design. It’s been a record year for mosquitoes here in Indianapolis, Indiana and I’d been wanting to add some Tiki-esque torches to the patio to combat the little buggers, and add a little ambiance. After searching the world over to find a torch that was affordable and atypical I came to the conclusion that unless I wanted wicker or bamboo, I needed to be a bit more resourceful.

Where do you set about to intervene and begin to change the organizations ability to innovate? There are seemingly so many intervention points it can get bewildering. The innovation environment can be made-up of how well you collaborate and network, the level of group and individual interactions, the presence and commitment of leadership towards innovation, as well as the organizational set-up and structures. 10 Super Nice Fresh Free Fonts Here at WDL we love to staying on the lookout for new freebies so we can show you the best out there. So today we gathered 10 new free fonts to keep your resources updated and filled with options. Having good fonts available is always a good idea, it’s a good way to keep your designs fresh and unique. Click the images to be redirected to the download site. Metropolis

I seem to be reading a lot about the concept of value creation recently. It seems to have the same ‘heady vaulted position’ as innovation in that we all talk far more about the ‘promise’ of it. So what is behind value creation? I have planned to explore in three simultaneous blogs, a trilogy of blogs, the three horizon model more extensively. It is a most valuable one to build into your thinking about strategy and innovation. This is the final blog of the trilogy on the Three Horizon Framework and offers my thinking on an emerging framing to help in navigating through this. The need is to define your different horizons. A few months ago Pamela wrote that Effective enterprise collaboration strategy needs everyone on the bus. I’m confused by some of the advice in the article – there’s an underlying ethos throughout that rings off to me. Here’s the reactions I’m having as I’m reading it through. Paragraph 2 “Analysts who focus on collaboration and social networking say that project managers in charge of deploying an enterprise collaboration system should take a number of steps before launching any technology. The key is to make sure employees fully embrace the new collaboration strategy and the technology platform behind it.

[Re]Build: A Call for Contributors and Participants [Re]Build: A Call for Contributors and Participants Kevin Flanagan 24th April 2015 By edmundberger – Source Shock and austerity.