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A gallery of startup pitch decks.

A gallery of startup pitch decks.

Landscape 2013: Who are the Players in the IP Marketplace? In October of 2007, Ron Laurie and I first presented our paper, entitled “A Survey of Established and Emerging IP Business Models,” at the 8th Annual Sedona Conference on Patent Litigation. In that often-cited paper, we presented a new taxonomy comprised of seventeen IP business models in the marketplace. Although, admittedly, the taxonomy we presented was not perfect, we did feel that it adequately described what we observed as the rise of intermediary business models in the IP marketplace. So where are we now as we enter 2013? The latest statistics show that the cumulative value of U.S. intellectual property is approximately $5.8 trillion (or 48.4% of GDP), and each year over half a million patent applications are filed, over a quarter million patents are issued, over 4000 patent infringement suits are filed and IP verdicts total over $4.6 billion with a median patent damage award of approximately $4 million. What are these models and who are the respective players implementing them?

How I Interview Customers | Customer Development Labs Interviewing Customers is a Special Kind of Torture Talk to a stranger. Fun.That stranger is immensely busy…and hates being sold things. Getting better.That stranger will likely destroy your vision for a company. Ready to get started?! When I started interviewing customers, the only thing I cared less about than talking about other people’s problems, was asking about them. “Would you use a product that does _____________?” and “How much would you pay for it?” Turns out, those aren’t the most important questions…they’re the most misleading. Let’s Fix That Despite my early misgivings, learning to interview customers has become one of my most indispensable skills. For me, interviewing customers makes customer development…fulfilling. Instead of being stressed about what the customer is going to think about my idea, instead of fumbling over my words and worrying about the perfect way to pitch my product, a customer interview isn’t about me, my product, or my words. How Not to Interview 2. 4. 5. Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups Editor’s note: Aileen Lee is founder of Cowboy Ventures, a seed-stage fund that backs entrepreneurs reinventing work and personal life through software. Previously, she joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 1999 and was also founding CEO of digital media company RMG Networks, backed by KPCB. Follow her on Twitter @aileenlee. Many entrepreneurs, and the venture investors who back them, seek to build billion-dollar companies. Why do investors seem to care about “billion dollar exits”? So, we wondered, as we’re a year into our new fund (which doesn’t need to back billion-dollar companies to succeed, but hey, we like to learn): how likely is it for a startup to achieve a billion-dollar valuation? To answer these questions, the Cowboy Ventures team built a dataset of U.S. Learnings to date about the “Unicorn Club”: We found 39 companies belong to what we call the “Unicorn Club” (by our definition, U.S. Some deeper explanation and additional findings: So, what does this all mean?

The Economics of Equity Crowdfunding My last post explored the role of curation in crowdfunding marketplaces ( The Due Diligence Dilemma ). Specifically, I focused on highly curated equity marketplaces—examples being CircleUp, FundersClub, and Seedinvest, which advertise that less than 5% of applications are accepted and listed onto the platform. I wanted to deepen my understanding of the economics behind these platforms so I started jotting down a few calculations. I built this model to satisfy my own curiosity. A few things to note: For representative purposes only; it’s not an operating model. This model reflects reflect my personal way of thinking and logic, but it represents only one of a thousand ways it could be designed. Say Hi to Early.Co! The best way to explore this model is through an example so let’s go ahead and start a hypothetical equity crowdfunding platform. Let’s jump into the model. Business Model Assumptions I’ve included three primary revenue streams. Deal Flow Assumptions Return Assumptions Cash In Whew.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Presenting to VC Firms Over the years I have been amazed time after time, regardless of advice, how so many entrepreneurs present to a venture capital firm and repeatedly make the same mistakes. A company has one chance to make an impression, 10 minutes to capture the audience's attention and persuade a VC that their company is truly innovative and worth their time (not to mention their capital). On average, a partner at a VC firm will review over 300 deals a year and invest in only one or two. I usually give first-time entrepreneurs the following 8 key mistakes to avoid when presenting to a VC firm: 1. Starting a presentation off by discussing the IPO or billion-dollar exit A lot of people do this because this is the ultimate end goal, but experienced VCs understand that building a company takes time and if you are unrealistic about the amount of work that it takes to build a company, you lose credibility. 2.Going over 30 minutes Venture capitalists are busy so don't waste time rambling. 5. 7. 8.

The Ph.D Bust: America's Awful Market for Young Scientists—in 7 Charts - Jordan Weissmann Politicians and businessmen are fond of talking about America's scientist shortage -- the dearth of engineering and lab talent that will inevitably leave us sputtering in the global economy. But perhaps it's time they start talking about our scientist surplus instead. I am by no means the first person to make this point. But I was compelled to try and illustrate it after reading a report from Inside Higher Ed on this weekend's gloomy gathering of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The graphs below, drawn from National Science Foundation data and some of my own calculations, depict Ph.D. employment at graduation. First, the big picture. The pattern reaching back to 2001 is clear -- fewer jobs, more unemployment, and more post-doc work -- especially in the sciences. Now let's break out the science and engineering fields. In disciplines like physics and chemistry, the percentage of employed have also fallen just below the unemployed. And finally, the humanities Ph.D.'

Pitcherific | Improve pitching ideas with our free pitch-training tool About InnovationLabs – Overview Click on this image to view a photo gallery of some recent projects. InnovationLabs is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovation consulting firms. We bring the many dimensions of innovation together into practical understanding and meaningful action. We offer a complete range of innovation services, and we have an unparalled record of success in our projects. Our Partners have more than 70 years of combined experience in every facet of innovation. We work on every continent (including Europe, India, China, Africa, North and South America) with all kinds of companies and organizations, on a tremendous range of projects. The diversity of our clients and projects offers a clear and increasing advantage to each client, as we combine learnings gained in many industries to help build new breakthrough solutions in each one. The name of our company was deliberately chosen. Then we implement what we learn with our clients, and great things happen! We’re in the ideas business.

Best Books For Entrepreneurs מאיה « ליאור צורף | האתר הרשמי | ליצירת קשר נכתב בתאריך 12/10/2010 בשעה 21:53 מאת ליאור בימים האחרונים דיווחתי דיווחים לא מעטים מתוך ביקורו של אשטון קוצ’ר בישראל. לא מעט אנשים שאלו אותי מי הוא בכלל… ולא הבינו למה אני מתלהב ממנו. הוא שחקן בינוני, לא בליגה של כוכבי העל, צעיר. אז זהו… לדעתי הוא הספיק לעשות משהו מאוד חשוב. הוא היה הראשון שהראה איך אדם בודד יכול להפוך למדיה גדולה לא פחות מאשר אמצעי המדיה הגדולים ביותר. הוא הגיע ל-6 מיליון עוקבים בזכות ניצול נכון של המדיה החדשה. אז אם אתם שואלים אותי, הסרטים שהוא מופיע בהם לא ממש מעניינים אותי והזוגיות שלו עם דמי מור זה אייטם רכילותי יותר מכל דבר אחר. חוצמיזה, נחמד ליוסי ולי להיות בין המעטים שאחריהם הוא עוקב בטוויטר (מאז התחרות שעשינו מול ynet הוא עוקב אחרי shidurey@) והיה נחמד מאוד לפגוש אותו אתמול ולשמוע שהוא מתעניין בשידורי הניסיון. מעבר לזה, כל הכבוד לחברים בבזק על אירוע בזק אקספו השני. ותודה לגיא לרר על הפרגון בצינור לילה: נכתב בתאריך 11/9/2010 בשעה 7:51 מאת ליאור לכבוד סוף הקיץ, ישבנו בנמל ת"א ודיברנו על Facebook places תוך כדי שיוסי פורש את תיאוריית הקונספירציה שלו…. אני: מאיה? מאיה:מה?

50 Global Entrepreneurs Recommend 50 Books That Forever Impacted Their Lives From 2011 to 2013, I read 197 books, and I became more cultured, intelligent, informed and dare I say better looking. Books have the power to change lives. ( I feel like somebody needs to queue the Reading Rainbow theme song. “Take a look, it’s in a book, Reading Rainbow!”) I’m pro entrepreneur in all I do. Let’s consider me the self-proclaimed "People’s Entrepreneur." It’s the reason I created a Facebook group for a bunch of entrepreneurs to connect, share their wisdom, stories and ask questions. Related: 9 Brilliant Business Books You Can Read in an Afternoon One of the recent questions was, “Name one book that has had the greatest impact on your life.” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Related: The 7 Books Bill Gates Wants You to Read This Summer 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. I’d love to hear your recommendations. I want you to join our private Facebook group.

Keongtae Kim Bio Keongtae Kim is a PhD Candidate in the Decision, Operations and Information Technologies Department at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. His research interests include: 1) strategic impacts of IT-enabled platforms, especially crowdfunding/crowdsourcing, on entrepreneurial and innovation activities; 2) strategic management and the impact of IT resources such as IT investment and IT human capital. His research has appeared in International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST), Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, among others. Research Interests IT-enabled Open Innovation (Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing); Transformational Role of IT in Entrepreneurship; Business Value of IT Papers under Review