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Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

What Do Social Media Metrics Mean? | oneforty This is a guest post by @LizaSperling, a social business professional in San Francisco, CA. If your eyes glaze over when considering the slew of social media metrics (SMM) companies are tracking, you are not alone. You could dedicate all of your time to chasing metrics, but you don’t have to. Just start here. Measure what can be measured: Some metrics cannot be calculated. We’ll help breakdown what some of these metrics actually mean and offer you a few examples of tools that do a particularly great job at measuring that metric. 1. Tool: Alterian SM2 2. Tool: Lithium SMM / Scout Labs 3. Tool: Radian6 4. Sysomos’ MAP tool offers the Buzzgraph, a way to track frequently used words around your brand. Tool: Sysomos (Buzzgraph) 5. Tool: Tweetreach 6. A sentiment algorithm with at least 70% accuracy will save you the time required to read, interpret and hand score every mention. Tools: Attensity360, Lithium SMM/Scout Labs (Quotes) 7. Tools: Klout and Twitalyzer

The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor While companies are starting to adopt Social Media for online marketing campaigns, and even letting employees participate, the question of ROI (Return on Investment) arises, along with doubts about what metrics to measure. How do you know how effective your social media campaigns are if you’re not measuring any metrics, let alone an overall ROI? Below, we discuss ten important Social Metrics for companies. According to 2009 Mzinga & Babson Executive Education study, over 80% of professionals do not measure ROI for their company’s social media programs. Granted, Social Metrics and their measurement techniques are relatively new, and this might account for the lag in tracking. However, there are some organizations measuring social metrics, which enables them to eventually measure ROI. Visitors and sources of trafficNetwork size (followers, fans, members)Quantity of commentary about brand or product These are easily understandable common social metrics. Social media leads.

Quel Est Le ROI Des Médias Sociaux ? – Infographie Le ROI des médias sociaux est l’un des sujets qui préoccupe le plus les entreprises utilisant ces canaux pour promouvoir leurs activités. D’une part, le ROI permet de mesurer l’efficacité du programme social media mis en place et de revoir la stratégie choisie si nécessaire. D’autre part, il aide à fixer les budgets marketing indispensables pour soutenir les efforts déjà entrepris. Le ROI des médias sociaux peut être déroutant car son calcul ne s’effectue pas selon des métriques traditionnelles. MGD Advertising propose dans l’infographie ci-dessous des informations relatives au ROI des médias sociaux. Vous y découvrirez les données suivantes : Cliquez sur l’infographie pour la découvrir dans son intégralité :) Source : Connectez-vous avec Isabelle sur : Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo et Linkedin dès maintenant ! Si vous trouvez cet article intéressant, merci de participer à sa diffusion en utilisant les boutons de partage situés ci-dessous :)

Social Media ROI What social media costs to do (or not do) and the value of a Facebook Fan inShare0 The most vexing question in social media is cost, especially since the primary currency is time, resources and knowledge: Pay someone to do? Hire someone? Or do it yourself? For a brand or business, it mostly comes down to the return. For the person, business or agency doing the work, it’s proving value and profit. I am asked these questions frequently. WHAT IT COSTS TO DO: The average cost to staff and execute a social media effort is $210,600/year. The cost for the two staffers, a Community Manager at $93,600 for 30 hours/week at $60/hour, and a Social Media Strategist at $52,000 at 10 hours/week at $100/hours, also does not include overhead or health insurance if your hire someone as opposed to outsource. Many companies hire Community Managers first because, from a salary standpoint, it costs less per hour. Another point to consider is, for companies spending this amount today, they spent zero 3 to 5 years ago. How does this relate to ROI of your social media costs?

Case Study #3: InfusionSoft Uses Social Media to Reduce Customer Service Costs If you have been following this blog, you might remember that I posted this a while back. But with the new year here, I thought it might be good to repeat some of the case studies while adding new ones... just incase you missed them or incase you wanted a refresher as you start down the path of providing a solution to your company social media needs! I had the privilege to speak to the call center director, JoAnne at when I first started my research on the affects of social media on customer service. I had asked some of the luminaries in social CRM, like Paul Greenberg, who I should talk to. He suggested I should speak to Helpstream. JoAnne was typical of many customer service professionals today. InfusionSoft is a web-based provider of marketing automation software for companies with fewer than 25 employees. JoAnne told me, "Two years ago, we had approximately 1 customer service agent for every 55 customers and a 77% customer satisfaction rating. Learn.

The ROI of Social Media: 10 Case Studies - TNW Social Media The question of whether or not social media drives ROI still plagues many marketers and brands. The issue is not always as straightforward as it seems, as there are multiple ways to measure the benefits of social media and it isn’t as simple as looking for a direct sales return at one end, with the social media imput at the other. Smart tracking and measuring is needed to fully capture the benefit of a social media campaign and while looking for direct ROI is one way to do it, there are other values to be measure from social media marketing. I’ve put together a list of case studies that prove the ROI of social media, both through direct monetary return, customer loyalty, repeat traffic and more. Social media outperforms banner ads An excellent way of ascertaining the value of social media is to look at how it performs compared to more established channels or advertising methods, such as banner ads. Social media saved Cisco $100,000 Old Spice put their money where their mouth is

10 ways to measure social media for business See our accompanying article on How to measure your nonprofit’s social media success. Is your business a social business? Companies that are making good use of social media should take the next step and measure the progress of their social media programs and campaigns. How do you know if you’re succeeding if you don’t have the numbers? Today we’ll look at 10 ways that metrics can offer visibility into your business’s performance. Customer engagement 1Engagement can take place offline and online, on your site, on your social networks and in real-world face-to-face events. Metrics to track could include: Number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, et al.Number of retweets on TwitterNumber of comments per blog postNumber of external widgets embeddedInvaluable assets as redistributors of content Customer reviews and ratings Note: Such customer interaction can be invaluable in fostering a culture of community and in guiding product development. Sales & profits Brand sentiment

How to Measure the Return on Social Media Contests Have you thought about running a social media contest? Wondering how to best measure your return on investment (ROI)? This article will help with three case studies. But first, about that ROI… It took some time after the advent of online advertising before marketers started asking, “What are these ‘eyeballs’ worth that I’m paying for?” With social media, the tough questions around metrics started being asked much sooner. As marketing budgets stay tight, it’s no surprise that the need to show results is high. So when it comes to contests on the social web, how do we go about evaluating ROI? Investing in Your Social Media Contest Before you can demonstrate a return, you must first make an investment! As mentioned in my previous post on social media contests, it’s important to have a well thought out marketing plan for any promotional campaign. Once the objectives are set, you can determine the type of promotion and how you’ll communicate. What’s the Return on Social Contests? Objectives Results