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Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

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Build a Microsite that Generates 100s of (Free!) Qualified Leads Every Month - The Data Point Our marketing toolkit at RJMetrics includes a handful of microsites—one-page sites that exist outside of our company’s primary marketing website. We love them for lots of reasons: they’re quick to make, they’re inexpensive, and they offer a simple, straightforward platform for engaging new audiences. Our microsites are highly focused. Each one takes on a single question that our prospects want to know about and answers it in a creative but digestible way. The benefit to us is clear: if we do a great job showing, for example, why keeping a low churn rate is critical to a company’s success, we’re in a much better place to start making the case for the utility of an analytics platform like RJMetrics.

How to Build a Startup Course (EP245) When does the course begin? This class is self paced. You can begin whenever you like and then follow your own pace. 7 Essential Intelligence Events for Your Google Analytics Account You’re a busy marketer; it’s likely that you’re keeping tabs on more than one Google Analytics account, and that’s just a small part of your job. Manually tracking important fluctuations in your data, like a big boost in traffic or a huge drop in conversions, would mean your eyes are glued to your account 24/7. We know you’ve got better things to do! But staying on top of these variations is critical––they can mean anything from a broken conversion form to a huge press mention.

No Accounting For Startups Startups that are searching for a business model need to keep score differently than large companies that are executing a known business model. Yet most entrepreneurs and their VC’s make startups use financial models and spreadsheets that actually hinder their success. Here’s why. Web UI Design Best Practices: FREE eBook Web user interfaces are much more than buttons, menus and forms for users to fill out. They are the connection between the user and the experience; the first impression and a lasting impression that either makes a website feel like an old friend or a forgettable passerby. Web UI Design Best Practices by UXPin explains techniques spanning visual design, interface design and UX design. The 109-page guide includes: Advice from UI & UX experts such as Luke Wroblewski, Jakob Nielsen, Jared Spool, and many others;In-depth discussion and practical tips for UI elements such as color, visual hierarchies, spacing, navigation, typography, input controls and more;Analysis of UI design examples from 33 companies including LivingSocial, Spotify, Skype, Apple and Skullcandy;

There are six types of startups... Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank writing in Xconomy, does a great job in describing six types of startups and how a clear understanding of the needs of each is necessary by national and local governments seeking to encourage more innovation. 1 - The Lifestyle Startup. On the California coast where I live, we see lifestyle entrepreneurs like surfers and divers who own small surf or dive shop or teach surfing and diving lessons to pay the bills so they can surf and dive some more. 2 - Small businesses, usually family owned and run.

Analytics for Your Startup: Building the Right Metrics At Techcrunch Disrupt last week, ComScore announced the "Start-up, Step-up" program to make their web analytics more accessible to new and small businesses. While ComScore formerly charged a substantial setup fee for the implementation of their tracking pixel, now anyone can install it on their website for free. Furthermore, sites with less than one million unique visitors per month will be able to access the ComScore dashboard for free. And those with traffic between 1 and 2 million visitors per month will get a discounted pricing.

The Complete List of Famous Growth Hacks That Every Startup Needs To Know - SEO Blog by Ahrefs Ever wonder how startups with no marketing budgets pop up overnight? Old people would tell you it’s through sales and marketing. Shane Snow would call it smartcutting, and Sean Ellis would say they growth hacked. All of the above are correct, but growth hacking has become the popular term; therefore, we’ll stick with growth hacking.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Test Notes This is the second post in the series of Tips and and Tricks for passing the Google Analytics Inidividual Qualification (GAIQ). The following notes were extracted from the Google’s Conversion University test preparation presentation (where possible), and are not my property. They have been reproduced below to help those during the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). The following books are also a great help to successfully passing the test: Web Analytics 2.0 – by Avinash Kaushik Web Analytics: An Hour a Day - by Avinash Kaushik