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18 Cool Inventions From the Past

The time between the wars – the Great War and WW2 was one of great loss and uncertainty, but also one of invention, creativity and new ideas. The horrors of WWI shattered enlightenment belief that progress would continue and reason would prevail. New ideas and patterns of life developed in the 1920′s and in the way that people looked at the world [1]. The fast pace of technology change in the 20′s brought us the lie detector, traffic signal, bubble gum and Penicillin. An all-electronic moving-image television system somewhat similar to that used today was invented and demonstrated in 1929 [2]. The 30′s were not less invention-intensive bringing us the jet engine, helicopter, tea bags, sticky tape, ballpoint pen and the first photocopier [3]. However, somewhere between these great world-changing inventions there were some fun and sometimes even hilarious inventions the world has forgotten. Bike Tyre Used As Swimming Aid (Germany, 1925) One Wheel Motorcycle (1931) Radio Pram (USA, 1921)

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The 10 Key Legal Documents for Your Business Documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of the business and business owners over the course of a company’s lifetime. Here is a list of the 10 most common legal documents to help you determine what your business needs. 1. Company bylaws for corporations. Most states require corporations to keep a written record of bylaws, although you don’t need to file the document with a state office. Bylaws define how the company will govern itself. Utopia Forever A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.—Oscar Wilde The cities in which we live today are unfortunately not the cities that we need for a humane and sustainable tomorrow. Societies and politicians are desperately looking for solutions and ideas for the urban areas of the future. That is why the development and discussion of utopias are–next to sustainability–the most current topics in contemporary architecture.

Johnny Carson Once Caused a Month Long Toilet Paper Shortage Embed This Quick Fact: <a href=" title="Johnny Carson Once Caused a Month Long Toilet Paper Shortage"><img src=" alt="" title="Johnny Carson Once Caused a Month Long Toilet Paper Shortage" border="0" /></a><br />Source: <a href=" title="Random Quick Facts">Random Quick Facts</a> Click Here to Read More Toilet Paper Facts 5 Things You Must Do to Successfully Launch a Business The effort required to launch a new venture can seem daunting. Of course, specifics vary based on the type of business you're establishing; manufacturers face unique challenges, as do retailers and consulting firms. But once you have your concept and your finances in line, there are some basics that are universal. We talked with business owners, consultants and professors to boil down the bare necessities of getting a startup off the ground into a handful of manageable steps.

Computer Gamers Decipher Structure of AIDS Enzyme - In the News Computer Gamers Decipher Structure of AIDS Enzyme Posted on Sep 20, 2011 To the astonishment of scientists, online gamers deciphered the 3-D structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus in just three weeks, a feat that had evaded researchers for 10 years. The gamers used a “fun for purpose” video game called “Foldit,” developed in 2008 by the University of Washington, to unwind chains of amino acids and create an accurate 3-D digital model of the monomeric protease enzyme, a “cutting agent in the complex molecular tailoring of retroviruses,” including HIV. 5 Ways to Leverage Your Social-Media Following to Close Sales Like all savvy business owners, you’ve invested significant resources into building up a social network you are proud of. You’ve got a wide fan base, enough “likes” and “followers” to make you feel validated, and have begun to generate engagement among your consumers. You’re on every major platform and a few of the newer, more experimental ones. You’ve seen and done it all - now you simply have to sit back and relax, right? While the benefits of having an extensive online social presence are numerous, many businesses – particularly small businesses – are not utilizing their networks to their fullest potential.

Advanced Utopian Martian Communities, 1911 JF Ptak Science Books LLC Post 904 This futuro-Utopian homage to ET-civilizations and space travel was written just too early to have been sucked up by period-appropriate script raptors. Reading it is a little out of the question and left to the domain of sci-fi archaeologists; the book is stuffy and dry and very stiff (brittle !) without being terribly interesting and doesn’t stop for the right word when four will do. (See below for an example of the writing.) The ideas though lurking beneath the surface though are pretty good for its time, though they are hardly the great undertow that rips you away and out of the clutches of the stuff that make this a pretty object rather than a book.

<i>Contagion</i> doesn't skimp on science Ferris Jabr, reporter (Image: Claudette Barius ©Warner Bros Entertainment Inc) It's hard to name many Hollywood blockbusters that are as invested in the realities of science as Contagion. There certainly are plenty of enormously successful science-fiction films that abuse science in the name of drama, like Outbreak and The Day After Tomorrow, but very few Hollywood productions realistically portray the process of science, both its successes and frustrations. That's what makes Contagion unique. Although it is by no means flawlessly accurate - it's not a NOVA documentary - Contagion has been well fact-checked compared to most science-y blockbusters.

7 Basic Social-Media Tips to Set Your Marketing Right When it comes to marketing your brand online, if you’re not on social media -- and doing it right -- you’re missing a huge opportunity. That said, busy entrepreneurs and other professionals often have a difficult time navigating the quickly growing world of social media. Fortunately, we’re here to your rescue. Here are some helpful tips to get you off on the right foot. 1. Know thy social platform. Ivan Leonidov and the Russian utopias Ivan Leonidov lived from 1902 to 1959. He was a constructivist architect, but also a painter, urban planner and a dreamer. From all of his works he only was able to build this staircase on a hillside in Kislovodsk: From the review of the book Ivan Leonidov , we can quote: “It is sad that the vast majority of sketchbook plans and competition entries reproduced in this album were never built.

Google algorithm change shifts billions in ad spending - Mar. 8 By David Goldman, staff writerMarch 8, 2011: 12:07 PM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Google's recent change to its search algorithm has dramatically shaken up the businesses of websites that moved up or down its search rankings. Sites whose rankings rose to the top found that their traffic and revenue soared -- but the adjustment had an equally devastating effect on those that were dropped. The Online Publishers Association, a group of content producers comprising many of the Internet's largest properties (including, estimates that the algorithm change shifted $1 billion in annual revenue. Some of the losers felt the hit immediately.

6 Cash Flow Essentials for Your Startup Managing cash collections probably wasn’t what drew you to entrepreneurship in the first place, but it’s a crucial part of running a business. At the end of the day, no business can sustain itself without cash -- this is especially true for a bootstrapped startup. Eighty-two percent of businesses are forced to close their doors due to inadequate cash management. While that statistic might be alarming, you can save your startup from this fate by restructuring your cash collections to work for you rather than against you. In an ideal world, you receive payments for the actual value of the services you provide during a specific time period.

Netherlands Architecture Institute - Item The NAI collection consists of a couple of million drawings, sketches, floor plans, photographs, letters and other documents, and more and more pieces are being digitised. Every two weeks, a special item from the collection will be on display. Download, collect and share them all! [Click to expand image] How Things Used to Be You are visiting How Things Used To Be Hi friends, I don't know who wrote this article and some of it may not be accurate but it is still interesting musing... Rhio Next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: