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Welcome - New Currency Frontiers

Welcome - New Currency Frontiers

Internet Financial EXchange (IFEX) Passengers on Beijing subway pay with plastic bottles Contact us Passengers on Beijing subway pay with plastic bottles Posted on August 11, 2013 by elma ‹ What to Buy Organic Have a mosquito problem??? Introduction | QOIN Money is a social construct, a human invention. We can redesign it to fulfil our needs. What is conventional money? Money is not a given. What are community currencies? Since money is man made, it can be reinvented to meet specific objectives within any kind of community, region or economic sector. stimulate local economic development, by localising production and consumption,build an active civil society,stimulate voluntary work,reduce costs to healthcare system,encourage sustainable consumption and improve waste separation. An ecosystem of community currencies Community currencies can be designed and executed in a many different ways. Social Currencies – time based currencies that value everyone’s contribution equally. Deepen your understanding of Community Currencies by getting in touch.

The Occupy Money Cooperative The End of Money | Witte de With Christodoulos Panayiotou, 2008, (2008) Shredded money 600 (diameter) x 240 (height) cm Courtesy of the artist & Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul Installation photo Witte de With 2011: Bob Goedewaagen Opening: Saturday 21 May 2011 (6 – 9 pm) Performance by Goldin+Senneby at 7 pm Film Screening: Sunday 26 June 2011 (12 – 6 pm) The End of Money is a group exhibition about time and value. Bringing together works by a host of international artists, this exhibition and its parallel publication reflect upon the fears, hopes, and expectations associated with the end of money and its ominous consequence: the dissolution of an absolute standard of value. What limits does the economy impose on our collective imagination, and how is the collective imagination responsible for the current economy? Time, Benjamin Franklin famously said, is money. Curated by Juan A. Publication The accompanying digital publication, edited by Juan A. About the participants Maamoun, Maha Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.

Zerocoin open source electronic cash — opencoin Community Currencies in Action Google once considered issuing currency February 28, 2012, 1:52 PM — Google once considered issuing its own currency, to be called Google Bucks, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said on stage in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress Tuesday. At the end of his keynote speech, Schmidt hit on a wide array of topics in response to audience questions. "We've had various proposals to have our own currency we were going to call Google Bucks," Schmidt said. The idea was to implement a "peer-to-peer money" system. He also hinted that Google might be preparing for a battle in China once its acquisition of Motorola is complete. Google is still waiting for some government approvals of its proposed acquisition of Motorola.

Modernising Money: Why Our Monetary System is Broken, and How We Fix It Book Description Review "Money is a social invention, indeed among the most important of all social inventions. - Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times "Modernising Money is not just the clearest exposition of the monetary economy available today, it offers realistic pragmatic responses to the most urgent challenge of our time: how to devise a financial system fit for purpose - Tim Jackson, author of 'Prosperity Without Growth: economics for a finite planet "Modernising Money unveils how the present money system really works, why it doesn't work well, and how it ought to work to the benefit of all." - Prof. "Modernising Money"sets out the authors' solution to the banking quandary with great clarity. - Prof Vicky Chick, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University College London - Tony Greenham, head of business and finance at Nef (the New Economics Foundation) and co-author of 'Where does money come from?' Description Summary Customer Reviews