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Welcome - New Currency Frontiers

Welcome - New Currency Frontiers

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World: Jane McGonigal: 9780143120612: co-creatingcultures Recently we delivered the final prize Hack The Ride to Miquel Llobet and David Farrús, members of the WMB team who were the first prize winners of Hack The Ride with a proposal based on Google Glass that integrated data from the bike while you drive and you can request more or less information from the controls of the bike. It was the first of three prizes to be awarded at the end of 24 hours of Hack The Ride, a hackathon we organised for/with BMW Motorrad and the global BMW Innovation Group (Innovation Works). The idea was to create new applications for mobile phones and similar devices to improve motorcycle driving in town. It can be understood as the application concept “Connected Vehicle” to mnotorcycles. The “Connected Vehicle” was also one of the important themes of the Mobile World Congress this year. We took the Mobile World Center at Plaza Catalunya during the 22nd and 23rd of February. The other two winners were: Paul Günther of the Gumball team won the third prize.

Internet Financial EXchange (IFEX) The Culture Game, The Culture Game Book, Tribal Learning, Dan Mezick Agility is the ability to rapidly identify– and respond to– change. The Culture Game is the book for managers who are seeking more agility and much more engagement for their team, their department and the wider enterprise. The book is a road map that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization. The Culture Game is your tutorial and reference guide for taking learning and productivity in your organization to the next level. Posted 9/4/2013: Updates to the Kindle are underway and the updated Kindle version of the book will be available by December 1 2013. Praise for THE CULTURE GAME: Let’s be clear on the benefits…your meetings will transform from slow marches in the snow without food or water into hyper-productive sessions in which — are you sitting down? Get on the list and STAY NOTIFIED by email about news & downloads for THE CULTURE GAME book. Check these reviews of the book on AMAZON.COM: 5 STARS, From reader Kevin Best

Tech News | Innovation News | Money News Passengers on Beijing subway pay with plastic bottles Contact us Passengers on Beijing subway pay with plastic bottles Posted on August 11, 2013 by elma ‹ What to Buy Organic Have a mosquito problem??? EmLeaders Recap Effective Assets Introduction | QOIN Money is a social construct, a human invention. We can redesign it to fulfil our needs. What is conventional money? Money is not a given. What are community currencies? Since money is man made, it can be reinvented to meet specific objectives within any kind of community, region or economic sector. stimulate local economic development, by localising production and consumption,build an active civil society,stimulate voluntary work,reduce costs to healthcare system,encourage sustainable consumption and improve waste separation. An ecosystem of community currencies Community currencies can be designed and executed in a many different ways. Social Currencies – time based currencies that value everyone’s contribution equally. Deepen your understanding of Community Currencies by getting in touch.

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