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SoftTechVC: Building great companies...

SoftTechVC: Building great companies...

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Marshall Auerback and Rob Parenteau: The Myth of Greek Profligacy & the Faith Based Economics of the ‘Troika’ By Marshall Auerback, a portfolio strategist and hedge fund manager, and Rob Parenteau, CFA, sole proprietor of MacroStrategy Edge and a research associate of The Levy Economics Institute Historically, Greeks have been very good at constructing myths. The rest of the world? Not so great, if the current burst of commentary on the country is anything to go by. Reading the press, one gets the impression of a bunch of lazy Mediterranean scroungers, enjoying one of the highest standards of living in Europe while making the frugal Germans pick up the tab.

No funciona, solo financian startups europeas Who we are Hummingbird Ventures buildsthe tech companies of tomorrow by empowering exceptional entrepreneurswith swift access to essential advice,radical candor, funding &organizational design expertise.Based in Ghent, London & Istanbul,the Hummingbird team participated in0->100m+ revenue startups in 9 countries. VIEW MORE PORTFOLIO TWEETS Quick Facts Now that you knowour story, tell us yours

Accel Partners J im is passionate about investing, social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy, contemporary and modern art, photography, film, wine, and music. He actively supports numerous educational and environmental non-profit initiatives. In February, 2013, Jim was elected a fellow of the Harvard Corporation, Harvard University's senior governing board. Jim is a Partner at Accel and is the Founder/CEO of Breyer Capital, an investment and venture philanthropy firm.

The Great Startup Game: How to Close Angel Investors How to Kill the Angel Investor "Deal-Killers" Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with a self-proclaimed "interested" angel investor who you just cannot close, no matter how hard you try or how many months go by? If you have, read on. After writing last month about angel investment "Deal-Killers," I received a slew of emails and calls from frustrated and angry entrepreneurs unable to close deals with angel investors. Many of them had invested more than a few months talking to investors who had repeatedly expressed a commitment to invest. Yet every attempt at closing the deal had ended in frustration.

Endeavor Catalyst - Endeavor Endeavor Catalyst is a force multiplier for Endeavor. It provides a new source of capital for entrepreneurs, strengthens ties with investors, and accelerates Endeavor's growth plans. Nick Beim, General Partner, Venrock; Endeavor Global Board Member Endeavor Catalyst is an innovative co-investment vehicle designed to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with their equity financing rounds and contribute to the long-term sustainability of Endeavor. Menlo Ventures Investing in seed to growth stages in consumer and enterprise markets Knowing where, how much, and when to invest is the secret sauce to getting top tier returns. Everyone at Menlo has deep domain expertise in their target investment areas. Entrepreneurs want to be associated with successful VCs.

Cutting Up the Founder’s Pie The Founders’ Pie Calculator By Frank Demmler Several weeks ago, we took a look at the founders’ pie. I noted that frequently the founding team divides 100% by the number of founders. I also cautioned that this is the WRONG WAY! XSeed Capital About Us The diverse XSeed team has broad reach, comprising Partners, Executives-in-Residence, XSeed Fellows and more. We have strong connections to technology leaders and access to the latest research from top-notch universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and CMU. While our foundation is IT-centric, we have vast domain knowledge and operating experience which helps us understand the diverse impacts that technical innovation generates in a wide variety of vertical markets. We recognize that our entrepreneurs are unique – one size does not fit all – and our portfolio companies have different needs during various stages of growth. We deliver custom, founder-friendly support and work alongside our entrepreneurs to assess risks, challenges and market feedback. We help recruit and access customers, find channel partners, and tap technical, design, marketing and other resources needed to achieve best-in-class growth.

Harrison Metal Michael Dearing is the Founder of Harrison Metal. Prior to Harrison Metal, Michael spent many years at eBay (NASDAQ – EBAY) , where he worked as Senior Vice President & General Merchandise Manager for In that role, he led category management, product marketing, seller development, eBay Stores and direct-to-consumer marketing for eBay North America. Michael was also responsible for the launch and growth of many new merchandise categories and new businesses, such as Buy-it-Now, listings upgrades, eBay Stores and ProStores.

Daniel R. Odio - Hardcore LifeHacker Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley Fundraising Cribsheet: George Zachary of Charles River Ventures Speaks To Entrepreneurs As part of my Fundraising Cribsheet series of blogs to help entrepreneurs raise money more quickly and efficiently, I interviewed today George Zachary, a Venture Capitalist with Charles River Ventures. CRV is very well known out here in Silicon Valley, as is George, who's been in the business for 15+ years. Venture Deal Terms Studies Hint Worst Is Over - Venture Capital Dispatch ByScott Austin Two Silicon Valley law firms, Cooley Godward Kronish and Fenwick & West, are out this week with reports analyzing the terms of venture financings in the fourth quarter. While the firms canvassed different pools of venture deals, the results suggest similar conclusions: 2009 flat-out stunk for venture-backed companies, but the fourth quarter brought some optimism.