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Building great companies...

Building great companies...
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iNovia Capital, A venture capital firm backing early-stage entrepreneurs building innovative technology companies. The Resource for Entrepreneurs. S28 It’s going to be hard for you to ‘get us’ without meeting, but here are a few things to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with us. We are a team of opposing forces held together with AND. We lead and we follow.In areas we know well, we lead. Product-market-fit is our speciality and we help represent the market part of this equation. But most of the time we follow. We’re humble and confident.We’re humble because we know we’re lucky. But we're also confident we're the best in specific areas. We focus and expand.To be great, you need a vision. One of the best things we can add as your business partner is to expand your field of thought.

An early stage venture capital fund focused on mo - Connect Ventures Eniac Ventures Floodgate Fund: Opening the Gates to Success Industry Ventures, LLC Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups Marshall Auerback and Rob Parenteau: The Myth of Greek Profligacy & the Faith Based Economics of the ‘Troika’ By Marshall Auerback, a portfolio strategist and hedge fund manager, and Rob Parenteau, CFA, sole proprietor of MacroStrategy Edge and a research associate of The Levy Economics Institute Historically, Greeks have been very good at constructing myths. The rest of the world? Not so great, if the current burst of commentary on the country is anything to go by. So it’s not a problem of Greek profligates, or an overly generous welfare state, both of which suggest that the standard IMF style remedies being proposed here are bound to fail, as they are doing right now. In reality, the Greeks have one of the lowest per capita incomes in Europe (€21,100), much lower than the Eurozone 12 (€27,600) or the German level (€29,400). One would think that if the Greek welfare system was as generous and inefficient as it is usually described, then administrative costs would be higher than that of more disciplined governments such as the German and French. Of course, these facts don’t matter.

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