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SoftTechVC: Building great companies...
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Floodgate Fund: Opening the Gates to Success The Resource for Entrepreneurs. Bessemer Venture Partners Optéos : Plateforme d'Entrepreneuriat Collectif Marshall Auerback and Rob Parenteau: The Myth of Greek Profligacy & the Faith Based Economics of the ‘Troika’ By Marshall Auerback, a portfolio strategist and hedge fund manager, and Rob Parenteau, CFA, sole proprietor of MacroStrategy Edge and a research associate of The Levy Economics Institute Historically, Greeks have been very good at constructing myths. The rest of the world? Not so great, if the current burst of commentary on the country is anything to go by. Reading the press, one gets the impression of a bunch of lazy Mediterranean scroungers, enjoying one of the highest standards of living in Europe while making the frugal Germans pick up the tab. So it’s not a problem of Greek profligates, or an overly generous welfare state, both of which suggest that the standard IMF style remedies being proposed here are bound to fail, as they are doing right now. In reality, the Greeks have one of the lowest per capita incomes in Europe (€21,100), much lower than the Eurozone 12 (€27,600) or the German level (€29,400). Of course, these facts don’t matter. So why pursue it?

Greece Investors #Startup : Vous avez entre 18 et 30 ans? Participez au prix Wizbii pour démarrer votre projet Wizbii, le réseau social professionnel dédié aux étudiants et aux jeunes diplômés lance son “Prix wizbii” destiné à récompenser trois jeunes startups nées sur le réseau. Il s’associe ainsi au premier fonds de dotation étudiants Jeunes Pousses, qui a pour objectif de soutenir les étudiants créateurs d’entreprises. Le “Prix Wizbii” s’adresse à tous les étudiants ou les jeunes diplômés âgés de 18 à 30 ans qui ont un projet de startup déjà créé ou pas encore. En étant désormais accrédité “Jeunes pousses”, ce prix possède d’autant plus d’ampleur pour les futurs entrepreneurs qui auront la chance de le remporter. Le premier prix est un don de 3000 euros, le deuxième de 1500 euros et le troisième de 1000 euros, des sommes non négligeables pour bien démarrer son projet. “Wizbii provoque des rencontres entre étudiants afin de faire éclore des talents et faire émerger des vocations. En remportant le Prix Wizbii, vous deviendrez l’un des projets phares de la communauté.

The Great Startup Game: How to Close Angel Investors How to Kill the Angel Investor "Deal-Killers" Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with a self-proclaimed "interested" angel investor who you just cannot close, no matter how hard you try or how many months go by? If you have, read on. After writing last month about angel investment "Deal-Killers," I received a slew of emails and calls from frustrated and angry entrepreneurs unable to close deals with angel investors. Many of them had invested more than a few months talking to investors who had repeatedly expressed a commitment to invest. Yet every attempt at closing the deal had ended in frustration. As pointed out in the previous post, the resistance often stems from the angel investor's uncertainty over how they will get their money back plus any profit that may have accrued. Who is right? With this problem in mind, I developed a tool for raising money that addresses the concerns that all angel investors have about investing.

Union Square Ventures Cutting Up the Founder’s Pie The Founders’ Pie Calculator By Frank Demmler Several weeks ago, we took a look at the founders’ pie. I noted that frequently the founding team divides 100% by the number of founders. I also cautioned that this is the WRONG WAY! I then went on to identify the factors that should be considered when making these decisions. Since then, I have had several people tell me that while what I wrote certainly made sense, it wasn’t very helpful. As a public service, I have “invented” a Founders’ Pie Calculator. Its primary benefits are that it provides a way to quantify the elements of the decision making process, and that it appears to be logical and fair. Let’s revisit the factors that should be considered. Idea The company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the original idea, and that is certainly worth something, BUT there’s a lot of truth in the saying, “A successful business is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” Business Plan Preparation Domain Expertise Commitment and Risk Responsibilities

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