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Web Resources Green Cities: Earth Day 2014 Posted on April 21st, 2014 by Mary Lord Share a ride. Plant a tree. There are lots of ways individuals can have a positive impact on the planet. Earth Day 2014′s theme is Green Cities. Sixties Pizzazz - 1960 News and History National News of 1960 For What It's Worth in 1960 The cost of a new house $12,700 The mortgage interest rate 1.8% The cost of new car $2,600 The average income $5,315 A gallon of gas 25 cents Culture - Where do fairy tales come from? Everyone knows them – but how do they come to be? And why are they similar all over the world? In an excerpt from her new book, academic and writer Marina Warner investigates. Imagine the history of fairy tales as a map: unfurl this imaginary terrain in your mind’s eye, and you will first see two prominent landmarks, Charles Perrault’s Tales of Olden Times (1697) and a little nearer in the foreground, the Grimm Brothers’ Children’s and Household Tales (1812–57). These collections dominate their surroundings so imposingly that they make it hard to pick out other features near or far. Gradually, however, as your eyes adjust to the dazzle, several more features of the scene begin to grow in definition and give you better bearings: along a whole web of routes from points further east, The Tales of the Thousand and One Nights form deep aquifers of story running through the entire expanse, and emerging here and there in waterfalls and powerful rivers spreading through wide floodplains.

Business Improvement - Business Skills to help start, build and grow your business Collaborate with the University of Westminster and you’ll find opportunities to trade expertise with academics, transfer knowledge, attend networking events and more. Our services include: Trial our services Interested in a collaboration but concerned about the cost? Icebreakers for Teens One of the first steps in forming a group is having the participants find commonality, and you can do this with icebreaker games. Teenagers often find icebreakers a fun way to introduce themselves, especially if they are self-conscious about speaking in front of a group. Top Ten Icebreakers for Teens You can use the following icebreakers for teens as written, or you can alter them to fit the number of participants you have or the theme of the group.

A level Business Studies - Some great lessons : Teaching & Resources : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association A level Business Studies - Some great lessons At the end of the year, it is interesting to ask the students which lessons they still remember. The answer, of course, is the 'special lessons' that appealed to their emotions and sense of personal identity. In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell (2000) explains the idea of 'stickiness' – the distinctive ingredient in a message that makes it 'stick' to its recipients. Teachers can give concepts that 'emotional velcro' through simulations, role play and games, making sure that what is learned does not dissolve – or disappear into the teenage 'trash-can' of unwanted information! Meanwhile, working through a challenge as a group and using intellect and emotions together in uncovering a concept, can lead to much deeper understanding with a far greater sense of ownership.

52 Get to Know You Questions! This past week there was a group of people coming over and I was in charge of the "get to know you" game. I remembered that I had see something like this on Pinterest, where you write all over a ball and then you toss the ball around and whatever question your thumb lands on you have to answer. I got a ball and filled it with "get to know you" questions. I started out writing kind of smaller than I probably should have, so I ended up having to write a TON of questions. GAMES, FILLERS, WARM-UPS Jul July 1, 2010 | 2 Comments I realised I mostly wrote about quick games, fillers or warmers that may help the teachers to motivate the students or change the phase or the pace of a lesson. I believe these activities are great to present and practice a new language. During the activities, students will be more involved, enthused and eager to do or finish the activity and the teacher will look more friendly, approachable and cheerful.

Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature Listen to audio-recorded readings of former Consultants in Poetry Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks and Robert Frost; Nobel Laureates Mario Vargas Llosa and Czeslaw Milosz, and renowned writers such as Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood, and Kurt Vonnegut read from their work at the Library of Congress. The Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature at the Library of Congress dates back to 1943, when Allen Tate was Consultant in Poetry. It contains nearly two thousand recordings—of poets and prose writers participating in literary events at the Library’s Capitol Hill campus as well as sessions at the Library’s Recording Laboratory. Most of these recordings are captured on magnetic tape reels, and only accessible at the Library itself. In digitizing the archive and presenting it online, the Library hopes to greatly broaden its use and value. The material featured on this online presentation represents a sample of this collection.

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