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Automated tests of programming skills. Assessment of software developers. Recruitment software. Codility

Automated tests of programming skills. Assessment of software developers. Recruitment software. Codility
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Join the Mind Tools Club! Join Mind Tools Mind Tools Helps You Delight Your Managers and Inspire Your Co-Workers. For just $1, You Can Start Your Journey to Success. $1 for the first month, then $19/month or $27/month – cancel at any time. Joining the Mind Tools Club starts you on a path towards more money, more respect, and a better career. It's easy to become a member of the Mind Tools Club. Your Tools for a Better Career The Mind Tools Full Toolkit – Access all 900 tools in our management toolkit (members get many more tools than non-members). Watch this short video to find out more about these resources. Why Develop Yourself? Membership Costs We offer two membership plans for individuals (if you want membership for a team, please click here): (Click here if you need a currency converter.) The first month’s membership for each plan is only $1. The Club Guarantee Get These Bonuses When You Join As a welcome to the Club, you'll receive four free bonuses, worth $143.98, when you join. And remember what else you get:

Free Website Customer Satisfaction Survey | 4Q Survey The best online survey for a website The 4Q Framework is the best way to evaluate the online experience, measure customer satisfaction and quickly implement website improvements based on real visitor feedback.4Q Survey has become one of the frameworks included in iPerceptions’ Active Research platform. All of 4Q’s functionality and features remain the same and it’s still FREE! iPerceptions 4Q Framework 4Q Framework, through the Active Research platform, collects website feedback by asking visitors on arrival to your site to participate in a short survey once their visit is complete. Who is here? The most comprehensive survey solution The 4Q Framework leveraging the iPerceptions Active Research platform, is the most straightforward and integrated solution for conducting digital market research. Recommended by Avinash Kaushik Take your research to the next level Go beyond a free survey solution and push the boundaries of research with iPerceptions Active Research platform.

Computer Security Division - Computer Security Resource Center Our work in cryptography is making an impact within and outside the Federal government. Strong cryptography improves the security of systems and the information they process. IT users also enjoy the enhanced availability in the marketplace of secure applications through cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and e-authentication. Work in this area addresses such topics as secret and public key cryptographic techniques, advanced authentication systems, cryptographic protocols and interfaces, public key certificate management, biometrics, smart tokens, cryptographic key escrowing, and security architectures. CSD collaborates with a number of national and international agencies and standards bodies to develop secure, interoperable security standards.

FAQ about spec work | NO!SPEC What is spec work? Basically, spec work is any kind of creative work rendered and submitted, either partial or completed, by designers to prospective clients before taking steps to secure both their work and equitable fees. Under these conditions, designers will often be asked to submit work under the guise of either a contest or an entry exam on actual, existing jobs as a “test” of their skill. Why is spec work unethical? The designers in essence work free of charge and with an often falsely advertised, overinflated promise for future employment; or are given other insufficient forms of compensation. The reality is that they often yield little extra work, profit or referrals. Is my contest spec work? To answer the question, ask yourself: Will I equitably pay a winning designer for the work rendered as if they were hired under contract to do the same thing? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions then your contest likely promotes speculative work. What’s wrong with a contest?

Problem Solving Test - Problem Solving Skills from MindTools © iStockphotoEntienou Use a systematic approach. Good problem solving skills are fundamentally important if you're going to be successful in your career. But problems are something that we don't particularly like. They're time-consuming. They muscle their way into already packed schedules. They force us to think about an uncertain future. And they never seem to go away! That's why, when faced with problems, most of us try to eliminate them as quickly as possible. To be an effective problem-solver, you need to be systematic and logical in your approach. Once you've completed the quiz, we'll direct you to tools and resources that can help you make the most of your problem-solving skills. How Good Are You at Solving Problems? Instructions For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Your last quiz results are shown. You last completed this quiz on , at . Questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 still need to be answered! Total = 0 (Questions 7, 12)

Team Collaboration, Real-time Customer Communication and Relationship Management .: Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social :. ¿Cómo denunciar ante la Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social? Toda persona que tenga conocimiento de hechos que pudieran constituir infracción en materias competencia de la ITSS (laboral, seguridad y salud laboral, seguridad social, empleo, etc.) puede reclamar los servicios de la Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social . A estos efectos se consideran infracciones en el orden social las acciones y omisiones de los sujetos responsables (personas físicas o jurídicas y comunidades de bienes) tipificadas y sancionadas en la normativa del orden social. Las infracciones se califican como leves, graves y muy graves y se sancionan a propuesta de la Inspección de Trabajo, previa instrucción del oportuno expediente y conforme al procedimiento administrativo especial establecido en el Real Decreto 928/1998 , por el que se aprueba el Reglamento General sobre procedimientos para la imposición de sanciones por infracciones de orden social. Ver información -Presentación Denuncias ITSS-

Coding Goûter This is part of a short series of articles on Coding Goûter. Read them on Coding Goûter – “Goûter” being the french for a children afternoon snack – is a monthly event where children and their parents put their hands on various programming tools, algorithmic games and puzzles, development environments, languages. And as it’s an afternoon snack, we eat cakes and candies throughout the afternoon! The first Coding Goûter in Paris took place early December 2011 at the invitation of Jonathan Perret. Since then, three Coding Goûters took place, with increasing success and attention from parents and even media. Why Coding Goûter? We want to give our children the possibility and the aspiration to be creative with and empowered by new technologies. Many of us learned to code as kids, or teenagers, or later, but in all cases we enjoyed it. Coding seems an essential skill, just after reading, writing and arithmetic. Programming is not taught in French schools. Mixing ages expand sharing