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Welcome to the Visually Marketplace
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ThingLink's Interactive Images Come to Facebook Marketers just got a powerful new way to reach fans on Facebook: interactive images powered by ThingLink. The popular interactive-image platform officially hit Facebook on Tuesday morning. That means posts there now let fans interact with content embedded "inside" an image — other photos, video or text blocks, for example — without leaving Facebook Timeline. ThingLink allows users — ranging from big national brands to someone like you or I — to enhance images with links to other selected pieces of content. In theory, the entire package offers a great opportunity for brands, which aim to get as much information as possible in front of fans, but often have very little time to make an impression. ThingLink isn't the first interactive-image service to hit Facebook — Stipple did so in January — but its presence does point to a growing trend. Back in November, ThingLink made its debut on Twitter. Do interactive images such as ThingLink's have a future online?

הגיע הזמן לעזוב את ה-Power Point ולעבור ל- Prezi « עיצוב גרפי וטכנולוגיה נפגשים הגיע הזמן שגם אנחנו נתחיל ליצור מצגות מהממות ומעניינות ונתקדם שלב אחד קדימה, אז איך באמת אפשר ליצור מצגת שתשאיר את הצופים פעורי פה ומתלהבים? תתפלאו אבל זה באמת לא כך- כך קשה, בעזרת Prezi גם אתם תוכלו להיפרד מה-Power Point לטובת משהו קצת יותר טוב ומגניב, מבלי שתצטרכו יותר מדי ידע קודם. אז לפני שאצלול לעומק של הכלי הקדמה קצרה עליו: Prezi הוא כלי המאפשר לכם ליצור מצגות אינטראקטיביות ללא שימוש בשקופית או אפקטים זולים, הרעיון של Prezi זה שהוא נותן לכם משטח עבודה ענק (קנבס) שעליו אתם מתחילים למקם את הפריטים ובאמצעות תנועה יוצרים את המעבר בין הפריטים, התנועה מאפשרת לכם לצלול לתוך הפריטים ולהסתיר בתוכם פריטים נוספים ולבצע עליהם צלילה נוספת, ומעבר חלק בין פריט לפריט ויצירת חיבור ו story boerd למצגת שלכם. עבודה באמצעות Prezi מאפשרת לעורר את הדמיון ולהפיק הרבה יותר מסתם מעבר של אפקטים זולים בין השקופיות כפי שהתרגלנו עד היום. צפייה במצגת הבאה שנוצרה ע"י Prezi תוכל לתת לכם הבנה טובה יותר: כדי להתחיל לעבוד עם Prezi יש צורך להירשם באמצעות האתר אודות הכותב: פוסטים נוספים - אתר אישי

Herramientas educativas anunciadas en el Google I/O 2013 Google I/O 2013 inició con la presentación de los "updates" y nuevas APIs (Google Play Services) donde la geolocalización, la comunicación multiplataforma y el almacenamiento e intercambio de datos en la nube, le brindarán a los usuarios una experiencia más personal e intuitiva con los mapas, los juegos y la música. Google I/O 2013 inició con la presentación de los “updates” y nuevas APIs (Google Play Services) donde la geolocalización, la comunicación multiplataforma y el almacenamiento e intercambio de datos en la nube, le brindarán a los usuarios una experiencia más personal e intuitiva con los mapas, los juegos y la música. Chromebook para aprender en la escuela Desde el inicio del año la forma en que trabajan Gmail, Google Drive y Google Plus es más estrecha, además de compartir el espacio de almacenamiento (15GB) herramientas como Google Keep (listas y notas) o Google Forms (cuestionarios), enriquecieron las posibilidades de producir y compartir otros tipos de contenido.

35+ Best Wireframing Tools and Templates With wireframing tools and templates you can work efficiently and flexible with website designs in the early phases where features and requirements are still being developed. As you know, a good start is often half done. In web design, it is tempting to start out pixel perfect design as early as possible and ship the PSD for being sliced and converted into HTML. However, best practice is to keep the level of detail in the design to an absolute minimum until you are clear on all the features and page elements. Once a design is drawn in Photoshop, it takes a lot of effort to make large turnarounds. The best and most common way to work flexible with the web design in the early phases is to draw simple wireframe sketches. If you are a bit more old school and feel the creative energy flow best when using a pen, I recommend that you check out some printable wire frame templates. Online Wireframing Applications Moqups – MORE INFO Wireframe – MORE INFO Mockflow – MORE INFO Pidoco – MORE INFO

20 Bold Business Models To Put Companies On The Path To Good If you're in charge of a company that wants to become more sustainable, there are many ways to go, from tweaking existing processes, to making more fundamental changes. At the bold end are business model changes, where managers rethink every link in the chain. To give companies some food for thought, SustainAbility, a London consultancy, has compiled a list of 20 models serving sustainability ends. Below are 11, with a living example for each. Closed Loop "Closed loop production" is where products are recycled through the manufacturing system. Physical-To-Virtual This helps companies eliminate brick and mortar. On Demand When you produce only when asked, not in large batches. Rematerialization Similar to closed loop, but producing an entirely new product. Buy One, Get One You've heard of the model pioneered by Toms Shoes, where a profit share goes to social causes. Progressive purchase When customers rent or lease a product instead of owning it outright. Pay For Success Base Of The Pyramid

Embedded Metadata Initiative << Home We have uploaded a test image with embedded metadata and have checked if any of the embedded values are displayed and if so, which ones. As a next step we have tried to save the picture from a Social Media web site or system on our computer and then we checked what metadata fields are still embedded. Find the test results in the grid below - in short: a green light indicates good results, a yellow one not so good ones and the red light that the handling of metadata should be improved, grey means: has not been tested. You can read the full details of the tests on this page. You want to know what the icons above stand for? Who Tested?

Favorite Resources Pages Favorite Resources This lists the most visited posts to appear on Free Technology for Teachers. This list is current as of July 1, 2011. 1. 47 Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom 2. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators 3. 77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try This Summer 4. 10 Ways to Create Comics Online 5. Historical Facebook - Facebook for Dead People 6. 11 Social Studies Resources to Try in 2011 7. 11 Science Resources to Try in 2011 8.

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. Merchandise $ License to use artwork in merchandises (T-Shirt, Mug, poster, etc). Single Use $ License for single-purpose non-merchandising use. Unlimited $ Unlimited personal or commercial use. Custom $TBD Custom license, with terms subject to prior arrangement. Please contact for more information By accepting this license, you agree to the Tagxedo's Terms of Service, and you agree that you have acquired the right to use the source image to create the Tagxedo artwork, and that you indemnify and hold harmless Tagxedo and its employees and officers from any harm are liability that may incur. Please contact if you have any question.

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