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Storybird for Schools

Storybird for Schools
Professional artwork jumpstarts student creativity, quickly drawing them into the writing process and scaffolding their progress. Simple tools keeps them on track; social feedback keeps them going. Onboard students with or without email, issue challenges, review and share work, and build a beautiful class library. All in a private setting that collects NO data from you or your students. Storybird is free for educators. In fact, we pay you. “Storybird can be used by all ages, for all different subjects... Shannon Miller K-12 District Teacher Librarian at Van Meter Community School. “Users can choose artwork from a specific artist and then add text to create a storybook... Larry Ferlazzo Teacher, author, blogger. “I think I love Storybird just as much as my students enjoy using it. Erin Klein Blogger: “I can’t think of a better way to encourage literary exploration, artsy fun and new media skills to inspire a whole new flock of creative storytellers” Amy Jussel

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Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne Around the World in 80 Days is the story of the journey of Phileas Fogg and his manservant, Passepartout, and the wager struck at the Reform Club in London. Could Fogg actually circumnavigate to the globe in just 80 days? About the Contributor... Piers Casimir-Mrowczynski Computer Science Teacher England Search results for timelines Meograph is a site I've covered before in the past and is an innovative 4D digital storytelling site. What does this mean? It allows users or students to create digital stories by combing the best multimedia elements such as: images, text, sites, audio, video, timelines, maps, and more. Best of all, a finished story can then be embedded into a site or blog. This latest update now provides an "educational portal" for educators.

Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities Adapted Lessons | Create Your Own | Resource Library Home Adapted Literature - Now Fully Searchable! Below is a list of Adapted Literature available through the Sherlock Center Resource Library. Teachers The Zimmer Twins is a fun way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Watch your students expand their vocabulary, practice proper writing habits, and become junior movie producers all at the same time! Take a few minutes to explore the Zimmer Twins and so you are familiar with the site before using it with your students. Getting Started A Fabulous Web Tool for Creating Story Books in Class April 6, 2017 StoryJumper is a good web tool students can use to create and publish storybooks. It’s an ideal way to enhance students writing skills and immerse them in engaging writing projects. StoryJumper is easy and simple to use and provides tons of interesting features to unleash students creativity and push their imagination to unlimited learning experiences. Stories can contain text, photos, audio and many more. As a teacher, you can create an online classroom in StoryJumper where you can collect and save students stories. The site offers a workbook which is ‘a tool for teaching students the creative writing process.

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling About the Course Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling introduces educators to digital storytelling and explores ways to use digital stories to enhance students’ learning experience. The course is designed to be comprehensive yet fundamental. By comprehensive we mean that the course provides a solid foundation to all of the components of a digital story and illustrates these components with tutorials, example stories and links to additional readings. Comics I first heard of Story Top on Larry Ferlazzo's amazing blog. This is another online comic creator/storytelling site which incorporates a lot of Web 2.0 tools. What separates this a part from other similar sites is it's ease in use and the vast amounts of options you can do once you create your comic/story. You'll notice from the pic above that there are tabs at the top of the story (My Account, My Stories, My Groups, Share) This is where you can save/delete your story, create/join a group, upload/share your story etc. I have an email into them regarding their filtering policy as I don't think there is a built in one.

Tips for Handwriting This page will focus on tips to improve handwriting. Area of Concern: Writes too large provide boxes for each word or individual letter as necessary use dotted lined paper with a middle line highlight the boundaries for writing, for example, the area between the dotted middle line and the bottom writing line About us: a peek inside Storybird mark says: @swiftiegal: official Storybird challenges will resume later this year. @bluebird26: the American Censorship site is organizing support against a bill that's been proposed in congress called SOPA. The bill is "officially" designed to help American media companies (Disney, NBC/Universal, etc) try to stop piracy on foreign websites (like, say, the Pirate Bay). But "unofficially" the bill introduces VERY scary control features similar to what China, Iran, and Syria use to patrol/control their citizens. It also proposes some very unsmart things that can literally break how the internet works. Millions of people have been protesting Congress to stop SOPA, but it's a LOT of work since some powerful senators are being helped by those big media companies.

A New Google Earth Feature to Introduce Students to The World's Cultures April 20, 2017 A few days ago we shared with you a quick review of some of the best features in the new Google Earth. Today, we want to particularly highlight one of these new features called Voyager. Voyager helps users explore the world from different cultural perspectives through a collection of interactive guided tours. print handwriting Last week I started my first handwriting tip post ~ Tip #1 ~ Teach Large Letters Before Small Today’s post is aimed for very young children, pre-writing activities, early primary school and remedial activities. Think of how a baby learns by putting everything into its mouth, feeling it and turning it to look at the object. Young children need to feel, see, taste, hear and smell a new object in real life before they can truly relate to images, written forms and shapes of the object.

Youth Group Games - Shoe Talk - Relaxing games, Icebreaker games Game Details Teams: Whole Group Time: 5 - 10 mins Cost: None Mess: No Mess Location: Anywhere Find similar games » Often at the start of a youth camp or youth group year there are many people who don't know each other. Even the leaders often don't know many of kids. What's needed is a good ice breaker game which doesn't put too much pressure on everyone. I played this group game at a camp recently and it was a fantastic icebreaker idea.

Early Literacy and Students with Multiple Disabilities Students with multiple disabilities, including deafblindness, face many learning challenges. They do not learn literacy in typical ways. Often they do not have exposure to books and literacy-based materials. Children with hearing loss may not have heard stories read aloud, and may not have used books on tape. Collaborate On Multimedia Slideshows With Tumblecloud The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Tumblecloud Quick Pitch: Tumblecloud is a collaborative space for creating multimedia slideshows. Genius Idea: Drag-and-drop collaboration.

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