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UI Design Pattern Library

UI Design Pattern Library

10 Awesome CSS3 Buttons to use on your website Home Blogging Design Tutorials Web 10 Awesome CSS3 Buttons to use on your website So You Wanna Build a Library, Eh? The following article is an abridged version of Chapter 7 of Nathan Curtis’s 2009 book, Modular Web Design published by New Riders. The book’s first half addresses how to modularly break down your design, build it back up, and communicate in new and interesting ways. With those design techniques in hand, the book then drills into how to organize and build a library, teach it to others, and establish a process for maintaining it for an organization. Design patterns and modular components are effective techniques for designing and building long-lasting, consistent experiences. You may reach the point where you ask yourself “Is it time to build a library for our team?”

Understanding by Design - News I would call it the difference between the algorithms and the synapses. “When websites prioritize search over navigation, users must invest cognitive effort to create queries and to deal with the weak implementations of site search. (…) Site search is vital and can save the day for those users who have well defined goals and a good understanding of the information space in which they are searching. However, if you’re considering pushing search on your site at the expense of navigation, think again.

ntextMenu plugin ContextMenu is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you selectively override the browser's right-click menu with a custom one of your own. DEMO right-click me!! Features Use multiple menus on one page Menus can be bound to multiple elements Fully stylable Assign context-sensitive callbacks Current Version What Makes Them Click » Blog Archive » 100 Things You Should Know About People: #49 — The Brain Looks For Simple Patterns - Applying Psychology to Understand How People Think, Work, and Relate What do you see when you look at the x’s below? xx xx xx xx Chances are you will say you see four sets of 2 x’s each. You won’t see them as 8 separate x’s. You interpret the white space, or lack of it, as a pattern. Search Box  Problem The users need to find an item or specific information. Solution Offer a search From

ASP.NET GridView – edit records using JQuery Dialog « RAD for N-Tier web apps in .NET There are many ways in which you could modify modular data in Grid View: 1. Inline by making rows editable when u click on Edit 2. By using separate pages for Edit 3. 43 Essential Controls for Web Applications Designing a web application? Familiarize yourself with Rich Internet Application technologies and the best UI controls for creating your application. Rich Internet Application technology has empowered us to create really amazing user experiences.

Search: EServer Technical Communication Library Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Typically, the earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. 404 File Not Found: Citing Unstable Web Sources 41 Remarkable and useful jQuery Plugins jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript framework out there. It is very easy to use and full of cool features. It can be hard for us to know how to use the code and create amazing stuff using jQuery. So, developers decided to release and create plugins to help us fulfill this task by making it easier for us. I have collected a list of 41 very remarkable jQuery plugins, that will help you use jQuery in a robust way. Here’s that awesome list of the best jQuery plugins that will help you add beautiful effects and functionality in your next project.

Css Drop Down Menu Generator : Free CSS Menu Maker ul, colour value, hex, li li li, background colour, pxs, li li, test, font family, text colour, dropdown menu colour, level menu, font weight, flyout, vertical padding, suckerfish, menus, download, css menu, menu generator website menus, menu maker, software, web menus, horizontal menu, vertical menu, gallery, customize, custom menu, neat package Offline Apps with Application Cache: Quickstart, Tips, and Deep Dive I’ve been mucking with AppCache, aka ApplicationCache. It’s the secret sauce that lets you build offline apps, which is great for performance and fabulous for pretending to be an iPhone app when you’re not. Quickstart an Offline App As with most HTML5 technologies, the basic usage is quite simple:

CSS Standards & Best Practices CSS is used to define the User Interface of a Website & to separate content from presentation. CSS is something that is extensively used on almost every site. Lets take some time to ensure that our stylesheets are built with some good standards. The below tips will really help CSS beginners a lot in development. This definition helps you & others understand more about the Site as well as the CSS file rather than the content in the CSS. The Index is just a formatted paragraph of text as a CSS comment.

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