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MG1613S GPS Receiver. :: Lab Notes MG1613S GPS Receiver.

MG1613S GPS Receiver

- Where's My Gridsquare? Antenna Elevator system for Amateur Satellites. How to build a homebrew Elevation systemfor Amateur Satellites About Actuators.

Antenna Elevator system for Amateur Satellites

The actuator is a cheap and heavy tool with high enough torque, ideal for elevation systems, but in practice it needs quite an effort in order to operate correctly in your homebrew antenna system.This page will try to inform you of the actuator's secrets. There are several models of TVRO actuators in the market place. They have differences in the "length" and the voltage supply. Depend on the manufacturer, the majority of models are between 8 - 36" (inches). The picture above (FIG.2) shows the dimensions of 12" actuator and the following "animation" (FIG.3) shows how it works. SATRAN - Satellite Tracking Antenna. SATRAN satellite antenna rotator » Danaco. How to Design a Precise Inclinometer on a Custom PCB - Projects.

This project describes how to design a custom inclinometer subsystem capable of measuring angles accurately down to three-thousandths of a degree.

How to Design a Precise Inclinometer on a Custom PCB - Projects

This is one of the projects and subsystems we design on AAC to attempt to expose you to new thoughts, ideas, and techniques. This project creates an inclinometer subsystem that might be used in precision instruments. With this design, I can record an angle down to one-hundredth of a degree and know it’s accurate. I can look at it down to one-thousandth of a degree and know with 99.999999% confidence that it is within three-thousandths of a degree of the actual inclination value. The final build of the project. ISS Sighting Locations - Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. The following ISS sightings are possible from Monday Dec 14, 2020 through Tuesday Dec 29, 2020 *If you are signed up for alerts please note that you will only receive alerts for flyovers that will reach a Max Height of at least 40°.

ISS Sighting Locations - Blacksburg, Virginia, United States

These flyovers provide the best chance for a sighting opportunity because they are visible above most landscapes and buildings. Azimuth Magnetic Sensor. General Use We use cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies on our website.

Azimuth Magnetic Sensor

Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. Our site uses cookies dropped by us or third parties for a variety of purposes including to operate and personalize the website. Also, cookies may also be used to track how you use the site to target ads to you on other websites. Third Parties Our website employs the use the various third-party services. Tek2000 antenna on AzEl N2QG. Sean Kutzko, KX9X – OnAllBands. Interviews Finding and Maintaining Younger Ham Radio Operators A long-heralded cry in the world of Ham radio is the call for younger Hams.

Sean Kutzko, KX9X – OnAllBands

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page. From left to right the above images are: A Soyuz manned capsule.

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page

Satellite captured on a long exposure photograph. The external tank caught just after separation during the STS-2 shuttle mission. If you have ever star-gazed shortly after sunset or before sunrise, you have probably noticed one or two "stars" sailing gracefully across the sky. These are Earth-orbiting satellites, visible due to the reflection of the Sun's light off their surfaces toward the observer. Hundreds of satellites are visible to the unaided eye; thousands are visible using binoculars and telescopes. Amateur astronomers seeking new challenges, find that spotting faint, rapidly moving satellites, such as the tiny Vanguard 1 (America's second satellite), are comparable to spotting a distant galaxy.

Satellite Tracking System: Orbitron by Sebastian Stoff / Satellite tracking easiest ever! Channel Master CM-9521HD Complete Antenna Rotator System with Outdoor Drive Unit, Indoor Control Box and Remote Control - TV, HAM, CB, WiFi, Radio Reception: Electronics. PstRotator - Software for Antenna Rotators. The programs can control a Yagi and a bi-directional rotary dipole on the same rotator, with the dipole in line with the Yagi's boom (90° offset from Yagi heading).

PstRotator - Software for Antenna Rotators

This mode is BD-90. A second bidirectional mode (BD-0) supports the SteppIR antennas. With “BD-0” or "BD-90" checked in Setup, the programs will start in one of these two bidirectional modes. Or just press one of the BD buttons to enter in the bidirectional mode. Write a callsign in the Call text box and press the QRZ button in order to search online the callsign database.

Cheap Computer Controlled TV Rotor for AMSAT Satellites. - Earth Observation Directory & News. Installation & Setup of SatPC32 & SatPC32ISS V3. k9jkm 2012 symposium ver2. Space Station Live! Contact the ISS - ARISS. Packet OperationsThere is one radio on the ISS that operates as a packet digipeater.

Contact the ISS - ARISS

The Ericsson HT is about 5W and uses RS0ISS. It will respond to the alias "ARISS". With the Ericsson, you'll have better luck using more power and, if you have it, FM Narrow mode.For information about using the ISS packet system, check out this resource provided by JoAnne Maenpaa, K9JKM. SSTV OperationsSlow Scan Television (SSTV) images can be transmitted from the International Space Station. How to hear the ISS. International Space Station The amateur radio station on the ISS can be received using very simple equipment.

How to hear the ISS

History The first Amateur Radio equipment was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) in September 2000 and an Amateur Radio station was established onboard for use by Astronauts who are licenced Radio Amateurs. Commander William Shepherd, KD5GS, made the first Amateur contacts in November of that year.

Most of the astronauts on the International Space Station are licenced Radio Amateurs and sometimes during their spare time they talk to other Radio Amateurs back on earth. Rotator MkII construction. Rotator MkII article. SARCTRAC Manual. Products - SARCNET. SARCTRAC - Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker SARCTRAC was developed so that students at our School Amateur Radio Clubs can have fun and learn about Low Earth Orbiting satellites during our lunchtime sessions.

To make friends with a satellite you first have to know when and where it will be; point a small, directional antenna at it and use an Amateur Radio transceiver to listen or talk to it. It is a bit like fishing in the sky and just as challenging. It is really exciting when the kids hear their first satellite and then realise where it is. They always ask. SARCTRAC takes minutes to set up, in the playground, on a summit or down at our local footy oval.

Amateur Radio Station G0KLA and AC2CZ. Rotator v3 - SatNOGS. Introduction v3 marks a major re-haul of the SatNOGS Rotator design, with learnings from v2 applied. You can see a lot of the thinking and background research that was conducted prior to v3 development in this thread. Also in this wiki page you can also find a "How to build the rotator", mechanical analysis and all documentation about the SatNOGS rotator. Also in this list is presented different rotators, either commercial or DIY builds. Specifications. Cheap Rotor Controller. February 2012 - W9KE The 'Cheap Rotor Controller' is a full function USB controller for the Yaesu G-5500 rotor system that can be built for less than $20. The low cost is achieved without any dodgy eBay LCD displays or jumble of parts and wires plugged into a protoboard. It works with SatPC32 and may work with other tracking programs that use the Yaesu GS-232 commands.

In addition to being cheap it is full featured. Backlit 2x16 LCD display, in circuit programmable and USB interface. The low cost of the controller is made possible in large part due to a promotion Texas Instruments is running to showcase their MSP430 Value Line devices. The picture below shows the controller on top of the rotor control box. The picture below shows the Cheap Rotor Controller from the back. Cheap Rotor Controller. Jerry. Presented here is a high-performance, circularly polarized omni-directional antenna that is easy to build, easy to tune, inexpensive, and will work all the mode J Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

I have built several of the traditional "eggbeaters" from plans floating around on the Internet, but was never satisfied with the overall performance. This design is the outcome of my investigations into methods of improving the performance of the "original" eggbeater without obviating the simple construction. Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna. Primestar was recently purchased by Direct TV who is phasing out all the Primestar equipment. Satellite tracker (+ARISS) Haystack Observatory: VSRT. Versatile System for Learning about Radio Telescopes. Final Report: 11 GHz Solar Intensity Interferometer w/rtl-sdr and GNU Radio. Wow! signal. UPennEoR/MiniRadioTelescope: Arduino and python code for a mini-radio telescope. A Miniature Radio Telescope In Every Backyard.

You probably wouldn’t expect to see somebody making astronomical observations during a cloudy day in the center of a dense urban area, but that’s exactly what was happening at the recent 2019 Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire. Professor James Aguirre of the University of Pennsylvania was there demonstrating the particularly compact Mini Radio Telescope (MRT) project built around an old DirecTV satellite dish and a smattering of low-cost components, giving visitors a view of the sky in a way most had never seen before.

Thanks to the project’s extensive online documentation, anyone with a spare satellite dish and a couple hundred dollars in support hardware can build their very own personal radio telescope that’s capable of observing objects in the sky no matter what the time of day or weather conditions are. NASA's Software Catalog. About — CubeSat. Build Your Own Thrust Vectored Rockets For Vertical Landings Like SpaceX. If you love rockets, you can’t help but notice that real space launch vehicles lift off the pad slowly,but model rockets zip up like darts.

That’s how I became obsessed with using thrust vector control (TVC) — gimbaling the rocket motor — instead of fins to keep model rockets upright, so they can launch, and land, far more realistically. Satellite Technology: Information & Tutorials » Electronics Notes. The uses of satellites and satellite technology are many fold. Since the first rockets entered the upper reaches of the atmosphere and then started to put satellites into orbit, the number of applications to which their technology has been directed has increased significantly. Satellites and the associated technology required to place them in to orbit is very expensive, but over the years it has developed significantly since the early days or Telstar and Early Bird, etc.

Many satellites that are launched into orbit are the more traditional large sized satellites, but a new breed of satellites is starting to be developed. Moonbounce EME Propagation for Ham Radio. British Astronomical Association - Radio Astronomy Group. SunCalc - sunrise, sunset, shadow length, solar eclipse, sun position, sun phase, sun height, sun calculator, sun movement, map, sunlight phases, elevation, Photovoltaic system, Photovoltaic.

MoonCalc - moon phase, lunar eclipse, moon position, lunar calendar, moon calculator, moon calendar, map, moon rising, moonset, moon shadow, moon height, full moon, new moon. Satelliten – Amateur Radio. Hier findet man interessante und aktuelle Informationen zu den derzeit aktiven Amateurfunksatelliten. Az Ele Rotor. Arrow Antenna Mount. Cosmos I: The First Solar Sail. Cosmos 1 is an attempt to conduct the first flight in space using a solar sail as the primary propulsion system to move away from Earth. As with any first attempt in the annals of exploration, success is not guaranteed. But it cannot happen unless we try. Historical Resources. Shack Design and Construction. OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions.

LIVE REAL TIME SATELLITE TRACKING AND PREDICTIONS. LightSail 2 Mission Control. LightSail FAQs. Just added a great circle map of Europe into my Yaesu G1000 rotator. Helps visualise headings for the VHF array better. #hamradio #hamr… Arduino Mega2560 based Antenna Rotator Controller. Reeve PstRotator. Azimuth and Elevation Rotator at AE0MT. QO-100 Wideband Spectrum Monitor. AZ/EL Calculator. Receiving Es’Hail-2 GeoSat – George Smart – M1GEO. How to Build a Low-tech Internet - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE. AMSAT OSCAR Satellite Status. All Satellites Frequency List Update. - Satellite Pass Matcher by K5EM. Hampden County Radio Association. FM Satellites: Good Operating Practices for Beginning and Experienced Operators – AMSAT-NA. Spooky Space 'Sounds' N4KGL QRP: My WSPR Beacon Rocket is Launched into Near Space. AMSAT OSCAR Satellite Status. MMSSTV - MM HamSoft. WHAT'S UP IN YOUR SKY? Amateur radio satellites.

Mike Rupprecht - Amateurfunk - OSCAR Satelliten. Status – DK3WN SatBlog. Orbital Weather Satellite APT Image Reception - SDRplay Community Forum. USA-Satcom. Orbital Satellite HRPT Image Reception - SDRplay Community Forum. The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna. GO SAT WATCH GOSATWATCH.COM Orbiting object Telemetry RF and RF Reflection from the Space Fence and more. Meet the Geek Who Tracks Rogue Satellites With Coat Hangers. Amateur Radio Stations heard via ISS. Amateur Radio Stations heard via Satellite. Amateur radio satellites.

k9jkm 2012 symposium ver2. Making Contact With The ISS via Packet Data. QRP ISS. How to work the ISS using APRS Packet Radio. Long Range Communications using Ham Radios and Satellites - Geek Prepper. WORK SAT 11 2015. Homepage of PA1IVO - A Multi-purpose Portable Setup. SDR reception of Digital Amateur TV from the ISS. Satellite Tracking System: Orbitron by Sebastian Stoff / Satellite tracking easiest ever! ARISS-SSTV images. BB_TRACKER. BB_TRACKER. Black Horizon: How to build a $5,000 dollar UHF SATCOM antenna for under $20 Part 4-1.