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Everything is a Remix

The genes in our bodies can be traced back over three-and-a-half billion years to a single organism, Luca, the Last Universal Common Ancestor. As Luca reproduced, its genes copied and copied and copied and copied, sometimes with mistakes — they transformed. Over time this produced every one of the billions of species of life on earth. Some of these adopted sexual reproduction, combining the genes of individuals, and altogether, the best-adapted life forms prospered. This is evolution. Copy, transform and combine.

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Copy-me: A Webseries About Copying Copy-me is an infographic-style animated webseries that deals with our modern attitude to copying. It assembles the most relevant information and makes it accessible to everyone. It will span eight short-and-sweet episodes that talk about copyright, public domain, originality, artists and how they can make money, digital copies and lot more! Everything will be concise, short, informative, and accessible to everyone. It will appeal both to copyright literates, as well as to those with no previous knowledge on these topics.

Start a Band/Join a Band. Part 1 There are thousands of musicians who never leave the shed. They can practice for hours in their bedrooms, lay down great songs on Cubase and reach astounding levels of technical proficiency. This is intended for those who want to play live and want to form their own band. Chart: One Year of Prison Costs More Than One Year at Princeton - Brian Resnick - National Monique W. Morris, the co-founder of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute, offers tactics to work against damaging stigmas. The “good girl” and “bad girl” dichotomy, as chronicled by Monique W. Morris in Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, is a condition that has plagued black girls and women for time immemorial. Society’s deeply entrenched expectations of black girls—influenced by racism and patriarchy—has led to a ritual whereby these young women are often mischaracterized, and mislabeled because of how they look, dress, speak, and act.

100+ Tips on Creating an Effective Online Portfolio Online portfolios are one of a freelancer’s greatest marketing tools. You can reference it in your business cards, promotional campaigns, email signatures, and clients can find you on their own through search engines – generating you new business. Your portfolio is the face of your business and needs to communicate well on its own online. Stop Stealing Dreams There are several versions of the manifesto. One is a PDF designed to be read on your screen. Feel free to email this anyone you think might want to read it. Governance Lab Fellow Position Title: Governance Lab Fellow The GovLab works to redesign how institutions work to the end of improving real people’s lives. We focus on how to bring new technology and new insights from the social sciences to bear to open up and improve how institutions make decisions at the local, state, national and international level, and we are looking for the next batch of thinker/doers to join our competitive fellowship program to help change the world! Are you a social scientist who wants to conduct experiments in the wild to help public institutions, like a very large urban police department, use social media to improve how they provide services to the public?

FMOD Studio audio tools now completely free for indies Firelight Technologies has made its audio tool suite FMOD Studio completely free for indie devs, regardless of whether you're using it for commercial purposes or not. The tool set has always been free to download and use for non-commercial projects, but as of today, you can now utilize it for your commercial projects too. FMOD features Unity integration, a plugin SDK for creating sound generators and effects, and an all-in-one multitrack editor for interactive music and sound effects. The tool set has been used in multiple AAA games in the past, including Forza Motorsport 5.

Top 10 Logical Fallacies in Politics The human brain is wired all wrong. Those not versed in logic are blissfully unaware of how much our brain messes up the most basic of arguments, leading to the mess of random thoughts, non-sequiturs, cognitive dissonance, white lies, misinformation, and syntax errors that we call consciousness. Luckily, there is one place where all of these logical misteps can be exemplified: politics. What follows is a crash course in some of the most prevelant fallacies we all make, as they appear in modern American politics. 50 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials - Smashing Magazi Advertisement Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard when it comes to the creation of vector graphics. Though a very robust tool – the learning curve involved in mastering it can be high.

The Key Mistake Undermining Your Pitch - Michael Schrage by Michael Schrage | 1:00 PM November 26, 2012 Over 90 minutes into the meeting, the frustration boiled over into anger. The product manager, who had come up with what he thought was an airtight, iron-clad, compelling and irrefutable business case for launching a fairly clever innovation, completely failed to persuade the impassive CMO. The CMO, who didn’t “own” the product line but was responsible for brand and strategic positioning, said that he understood the value proposition but felt it blurred the “premium” positioning he wanted that product to have. He wouldn’t approve any further development.

How to Detect Criminal Gangs Using Mobile Phone Data The study of social networks is providing dramatic insights into the nature of our society and how we are connected to one another. So it’s no surprise that law enforcement agencies want to get in on the act. Criminal networks are just as social as friendship or business networks. So the same techniques that can tease apart the links between our friends and colleagues should also work for thieves, drug dealers, and organized crime in general. But how would your ordinary law enforcement officer go about collecting and analyzing data in this way?

Wagakki Band Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド, wagakki bando?) is a musical group from Japan. The shigin singer Yuko Suzuhana (elected Miss Nico Nama ニコ生 in 2011) and seven musicians fuse Vocaloid songs with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) and Western rock.[1] [2] Their last video Tengaku (天樂?) was seen more than 200 000 times in four days.[3] Members[edit] Discography[edit] Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed Our minds set up many traps for us. Unless we’re aware of them, these traps can seriously hinder our ability to think rationally, leading us to bad reasoning and making stupid decisions. Features of our minds that are meant to help us may, eventually, get us into trouble. Here are the first 5 of the most harmful of these traps and how to avoid each one of them.

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