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PAiA - TubeHead Vacuum Tube Preamps. If you love vacuum tubes, these pre-amps have your name on them.

PAiA - TubeHead Vacuum Tube Preamps

The TubeHead is a low-cost, two-channel vacuum tube pre-amplifier with a twist; it's designed to be adjustable from crisp, solid-state transparency to an exaggerated caricature of tube amp warmth. In between these extremes, you'll find tonal coloring options that you've never had before and sounds that mimic every tube amp you ever heard. This circuit is so versatile that you may use it in place of compressors, limiters and sustainers even though, technically, it is none of these. FREE reference information from GB Audio Services: sound system design, sale, hire, installation. Dr.

FREE reference information from GB Audio Services: sound system design, sale, hire, installation

Know is our resident Technical guru, responsible for the Reference Library, Technical Info, Data Sheets and the Audio Clinic. Visit the Audio clinic or write to We are happy to share our information and expertise and will be making more and more resources available from this site as time allows. Please feel free to download any technical information, data sheets and price lists for your personal use. If you are going to incorporate any of our information on your own website or use it commercially or pass it on to anyone else, that's OK, but we just ask that you inform us first and acknowledge GB Audio as the source. Results page 3, about 'PCB'. Searching circuits at POLYMOOG RESONATOR - Filtre résonant 3 bandes - Le blog de

Support - Synth Patchers. Synth Patchers Parts and Services for Vintage Synthesizers – We specialize in ARP!

Support - Synth Patchers

0 items – $0.00 Support. Almanac on contemporary instruments. En_tpa6120a2. Introduction Because I wasn't satisfied with behaviour of LME49600 based amplifier specially at power-up I designed headphone amplifier with chip TPA6120A2.


Circuit is almost same like amplifier which I designed in a past. I was satisfied with a circuit that I used them again. Circuit description. Embedded Linux. Step 5 Build_Openwrt The ability to compile a completely new custom Linux kernel makes it easy to create devices based on the HLK-RM04 module.

Embedded Linux

There are many software packages that are available as part of OpenWRT. Once you can compile your own kernel you have the option to add your own custom code to the build. Building a… Read more »

Modular cases

Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Limited Eurorack Case – Nerd Audio. The Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Limited is a beautiful and rugged eurorack case with power supply, designed to safely run up to 104hp of synth modules.

Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Limited Eurorack Case – Nerd Audio

Handbuilt in Pittsburgh using select Ukrainian Birch Ply, the Move [104] Limited case celebrates the classic pairing of synthesizers with beautiful hardwood. Each case has been constructed and stained by our craftsmen to emphasize its unique beauty. The strength of the Ukrainian Birch Ply allows the Move [104] Limited to stand up the the most rigorous road use. 4ms Modular Row - Thin. Drill Bits. Using 3-pin regulators off-piste: part 1. Inveterate meddling #377: Quick notes on using 3-Pin Voltage regulators or at least - some things the application notes don't make obvious Many of the tweaks and mods on this site and elsewhere are based around providing 'cleaner' power supplies to the many separate elements which comprise audio systems.

Using 3-pin regulators off-piste: part 1

In essence, this works because a 'clean' supply is one which i) contributes as little excess noise as possible and ii) has a very low output impedance, so that it interacts with the powered circuit as little as possible by forming a 'perfect' source and sink for all currents. Clicks & Clocks. DIY Eurorack Console Case – Rear and Bottom Panels. How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil. How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil If you are here to learn how to build a SSTC, you have come to the right place!

How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil

Welcome! The design and construction a Solid State Tesla Coil (a Tesla Coil powered by Transistors instead of a spark gap) is not a trivial task. However, the basic mechanism and workings of a SSTC are not too complicated. The main challenge in building a SSTC lies with the fact that the builder should have a good understanding & experience with electronics, and have some test equipment (oscilloscope is required) for debugging, which many beginners may not have.

Hc6ssch. Digital Remotes. The DR (digital remote) models are designed to control HAL in various ways: volume setting, preset recall, source selection, or reset / toggle system states.

Digital Remotes

The DR1, DR2, DR3 and DR6 allow customizing labels for end users, while the DR4 and DR5 offer incorporating custom switches and other devices to control HAL. Status indicators on each HAL or EXP host, and in Halogen software, report wiring status to assist troubleshooting. All are hot-swappable with homerun connections using shielded CAT 5e (or better) cable. 80017A VCF/VCA Teardown. After I replaced the defective VCF/VCA IC on my Juno 106, I always felt the urge to take a look into this hybrid IC, in order see what components Roland has been using for the filter and the VCA.

80017A VCF/VCA Teardown

I tried several ways to remove the enveloping compound covering the chip. First I tried with a sharp knife to break of the lacquer which didn’t work out and is pretty dangerous too, then I tried dissolving it with paint thinner without any effect at all. Finally, I tried out some Acetone, where I left the component in over night, and this seemed to penetrate into the compound, making it flexible and eventually coming off by gently poking around with a sharp screwdriver. Mega-UK - PCB Chemicals - Tin Plating.


General Electronics - Nejlepší online obchod s elektronikou. Hard candy. HyperPhysics. HINTON INSTRUMENTS: Professional MIDI Guide. Part 1: MIDI Hardware The MIDI 1.0 Specification states: The interface operates at 31.25 (+/- 1%) Kbaud, asynchronous, with a start bit, 8 data bits (D0 to D7), and a stop bit. This makes a total of 10 bits for a period of 320 microseconds per serial byte. Circuit: 5mA current loop type. 808. Hardware. La Révolution Deux.

Power Scaling (a London Power trademark) and VVR, which stands for Variable Voltage Regulator, (Dana Hall of Hall Amplification's version of Power Scaling) are currently two of the hottest topic's in the Guitar Amp world. Both are methods which allow you to scale back the voltages within your amplifier to attenuate the overall volume without having to use a cumbersome purpose built attenuator between the amplifier's output transformer and speaker or rely on a simple "Master Volume" control which dials out the all important power tube clipping. Voltage scaling is said to allow you to maintain "that" tone you get from running a tube amp flat out with all the volume controls turned up to the max but also allow you to maintain your relationships with neighbours/children and/or spouses without having to resort to playing your guitar in an underground bunker.

Ordering Information. December 2015 Shut Down There's a whole bunch of jobs to do around my house - rewiring, decorating and just generally catching up with stuff - so I'm taking a break from Oakley related work over the whole of December and the New Year period. As such: I shall not be shipping any orders from now until 4th January 2016. I will check my work e-mail and I will be able to take orders - although perhaps not as speedily as I normally do.


Info: Vovox Sonorus Protect A Instrument Patch Cable - Angled, 1 ft. As a result of both ingenious construction and the purity of its raw materials VOVOX® Sonorus Protect A offers unmatched sound quality. As patch cable, the same sound conductor is used as for instrument leads. The optimal solution for effect pedals, pedal boards or effects racks. Features: Solid core conductors for signal and groundConductors made of the purest available copperNetting of natural fibers around every single conductor wireCapacitance of 75 pF/m onlyVOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground.

Summing / Line Mixers - Consoles. Untitled. Open baffle speaker. Open baffle speaker / Ciare CH250 I started experimenting with open baffle speakers. The "enclosure" parts have been bought, the drivers are on their way. Please note the size of the speaker opening. It is larger than a whale 4l Vifa speaker!


About DigiKey. Untitled. TRANSISTORS -, Electronique, Alarmes, Modélisme, Outillage et Son. Resistor color chart. General IC's - Pleasant View Electronics. Classic Audio Products of IL, Inc. 1N5402 1 Rectifier diode. Circuitbenders - Roland TR77 external power conversion. Tech Support. An Advanced Power Electronics Interface For Electric Vehicle Application.



HINTON INSTRUMENTS: FullPower™ Linear Power Supplies. Files. The 071 Family. Building Electrical Wiring Color Codes. Rackmount Solutions: Neat Patch Cable Organizer - 360 spin on Arqspin. Modular Synthesis 101 – Part 1. Eurorack_Case Photos by pulplogic. 12 +/- 5 2 grounds high current power supply. ENote-1.2.pdf. Audio Gold Hi-Fi London. DIY Record Cleaner. Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce. Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor. Hairball Audio, LLC - FET/500 – Build and Calibration Guide.