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ECIS TECH ACS 2013. Employee Terminated for FB Message. FaitsDivers. Augmented reality. SMandDemocracy. Divers. Internet kill switch. Mediation. ICANN new Domain Names. US tech giants knew of NSA data collection, agency's top lawyer. Releases photos under a Creative Commons licence. Licences specify the terms and conditions under which things can be used.

releases photos under a Creative Commons licence

All too frequently in everyday life we come across restrictive licences that actually seem to discourage usage, disallowing copying or sharing. But a whole other family of free licences aim to encourage use and sharing, asking simply for proper recognition and reciprocal behaviour in return. Since its inception, CERN has used the web to share multimedia material openly. Pension Alimentaire: votre ex masque ses revenus - JAFLand: les affaires familiales. Si votre ex conjoint cherche à cacher ses revenus à la justice, cela est répréhensible pénalement et constitue une tentative d'escroquerie au jugement, ou même une escroquerie au jugement si la décision fixant la pension a été rendue sur base de fausses déclarations de revenus.

Pension Alimentaire: votre ex masque ses revenus - JAFLand: les affaires familiales

Et pour déterminer si votre ex a bien tout déclaré au JAF, il faut savoir que celui qui doit payer la pension a le droit de connaitre les revenus déclarés à l'administration fiscale par son ex, de même que le créancier de la pension alimentaire a le droit de connaitre les revenus déclarés par son ex. DIVORCE – L'APPEL - Lire-surveillance-des-reseaux-vodafone-balance-tout-le-monde-informatique-57725. Selon Vodafone, la curisiosité des gouvernements ne conait plus de limites sur les réseaux mobiles et haut débit.


L'opérateur britannique avoue permettre aux agences de renseignement d'espionner les appels téléphoniques de ses abonnés et plus encore. Un an après les révélations d'Edward Snowden, Vodafone a admis avant le week-end que plusieurs gouvernements du monde entier étaient connectés à ses infrastructures de télécommunications pour écouter les appels téléphoniques qui transitent par son réseau. Le géant des télécoms affirme que, en rendant cette information publique, il veut dénoncer une pratique de plus en plus répandue : l'espionnage des citoyens sur les réseaux de téléphonie mobile et haut débit. Des connexions directes sur les lignes de l'opérateur.

Why Women Leave Academia. Young women scientists leave academia in far greater numbers than men for three reasons.

Why Women Leave Academia

During their time as Ph.D. candidates, large numbers of women conclude that (i) the characteristics of academic careers are unappealing, (ii) the impediments they will encounter are disproportionate, and (iii) the sacrifices they will have to make are great. This is the conclusion of The chemistry Ph.D.: the impact on women's retention, a report for the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET and the Royal Society of Chemistry. In this report, the results of a longitudinal study with Ph.D. students in chemistry in the UK are presented. Automated cars and AI: reasons why the tech industry must consider ethics. Imagine that you're in an autonomous car when a lorry jack-knives in front of you on the motorway while a cyclist appears alongside.

Automated cars and AI: reasons why the tech industry must consider ethics

The computer inside your car now has to choose between swerving out of the way and killing the cyclist, or remaining where it is and risking your life. What would it do? That would depend on the software's algorithms initially decided upon by a computer engineer, which throws into doubt the concept of the neutrality of the tech industry.

With AI and automation on the horizon, are ethics and philosophy are about to become as important to computer engineers as noughts and ones? Council of Europe Prepares to Review Convention 108. Regulators To Facebook And WhatsApp: 'We're Watching You' Information held in electronic databases not property which can be possessed, rules UK court. The Court of Appeal rejected arguments to the contrary and refused to interpret existing laws in a manner which would, it admitted, "have the beneficial effect of extending the protection of property rights in a way that would take account of recent technological developments".

Information held in electronic databases not property which can be possessed, rules UK court

The judges said that whilst it is possible to exert control over electronic information it is not possible to gain possession of it. Lessig, Liberation Music, and the issue of “fair use” The issue of “fair use” in relation to copyright in sound recordings came sharply into focus recently when Australian music label Liberation Music found itself as the defendant in a law suit filed in the US District Court in Massachusetts by a Harvard Law Professor, Lawrence Lessig.

Lessig, Liberation Music, and the issue of “fair use”

Lessig is suing Liberation on the basis of provisions in US copyright legislation that seek to prevent copyright owners from making threats to alleged copyright infringers without proper basis. U.S. Expresses Concern Over Google Antitrust Debate in Europe - WSJ. Six degrés de séparation. Mediation - Introduction (Official City of Bellevue Website)

What is Mediation?

Mediation - Introduction (Official City of Bellevue Website)

Mediation is a voluntary process in which people in dispute meet with a neutral third party (a "mediator") who guides them through a structured and confidential negotiation. The goals of mediation include: clarifying the needs and desires of each party; establishing common understanding of important information; and reaching an informed and mutually agreeable solution. European Data Protection Supervisor Smacks ICANN Over Privacy Issues With 2013 RAA - Domain Industry & Internet News. ICANN has been sent a letter by the European Data Protection Supervisor calling them out with respect to both data collection, retention and privacy within the context of the 2013 Registrar contract (RAA).

European Data Protection Supervisor Smacks ICANN Over Privacy Issues With 2013 RAA - Domain Industry & Internet News

The letter is the first instance of one, to my knowledge, which makes reference to the ECJ’s recent ruling that rendered the data retention directive null and void. Afpfr : [INFOGRAPHIE] Les principales... Lennar : A house is made of brick and... Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence. Google's Eric Schmidt is no stranger to D.C.

Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence

He has spent lots of time at the White House and on Capitol Hill lobbying on behalf of his titan technology company. Dropbox pressed to ditch Condoleezza Rice board appointment. Dropbox founders responded to an Internet revolt that swelled this week after the tech company asked Condoleezza Rice to serve on its board. CEO Drew Houston issued a sort-of apology Friday and said inviting the former secretary of state to serve on the company’s board would not impact its fight for transparency and government surveillance reform. “We should have been clearer that none of this is going to change with Dr. Rice’s appointment to our Board,” Houston wrote in a company blog post. DN! AMY GOODMAN: Ten months ago, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald flew from New York to Hong Kong to meet National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Since then, they’ve published a trove of stories exposing the NSA and the national surveillance state. Poitras and Greenwald did not return to the United States until this past Friday, when they flew from Berlin to New York to accept the George Polk Award for National Security Reporting. "La Guerre invisible" : en finir avec le silence sur les violences sexuelles dans l'armée française.

Vanessa, Laetitia, Fanny. Toutes sont ou ont été soldats dans l'armée française, et toutes ont été victimes de viol dans le cadre de leurs fonctions. Connexion - Identification. Independent : The UK 'is violating a basic... Sûreté nucléaire en France : des incidents « persistants » Heartbleed and Your Online World. Heartbleed is a Sucking Chest Wound in the NSA's Reputation. —Kevin Drum on Sat. April 12, 2014 8:01 AM PDT On Friday, Bloomberg's Michael Riley reported that the NSA was aware of the Heartbleed bug from nearly the day it was introduced: The U.S.

Behind the Machine's Back: How Social Media Users Avoid Getting Turned Into Big Data - Alexis C. Madrigal. To prevent being tracked by algorithms, we've begun thinking like algorithms. Renee Magritte via Wikimedia Commons/The Atlantic Social media companies constantly collect data on their users because that's how they provide customized experiences and target their advertisements.

All Twitter and Facebook users know this, and there is a broad array of feelings about how good or bad the persistent tracking of their social relationships is. Enseigner et apprendre le français langue étrangère à l'ère du numérique : bilan et perspectives. Colloque international sur la didactique du FLE et des langues dans le cadre des Saisons Afrique du Sud / France 2012-2013 Ile de La Réunion, 4-6 novembre 2013.

How to Detect Criminal Gangs Using Mobile Phone Data. The study of social networks is providing dramatic insights into the nature of our society and how we are connected to one another. So it’s no surprise that law enforcement agencies want to get in on the act. Criminal networks are just as social as friendship or business networks. So the same techniques that can tease apart the links between our friends and colleagues should also work for thieves, drug dealers, and organized crime in general. Governance Lab Fellow. Position Title: Governance Lab Fellow The GovLab works to redesign how institutions work to the end of improving real people’s lives.

Everything is a Remix. Copy-me: A Webseries About Copying. Copy-me is an infographic-style animated webseries that deals with our modern attitude to copying. It assembles the most relevant information and makes it accessible to everyone. It will span eight short-and-sweet episodes that talk about copyright, public domain, originality, artists and how they can make money, digital copies and lot more!

Everything will be concise, short, informative, and accessible to everyone. It will appeal both to copyright literates, as well as to those with no previous knowledge on these topics. Our biggest goal is to raise awareness and highlight our concerns regarding the copyright realities of today. LANGUAGE POLITICS AND FRENCH SIGN WARS IN QUEBEC - REVISITED QUEBEC COURT CONFIRMS FRENCH LANGUAGE WATCHDOG CANNOT BITE ENGLISH TRADEMARKS - Canadian Intellectual Property Blog. Urges Appeals Court to Reconsider Dangerous Copyright Ruling.

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