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7th Day Adventist Media [Video/Audio] Sermons

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"War Stories" by Henry Wright. 01-A Matter of Identity. Unity of the Church. 03-Preparing for Translation, Part 1. 04-Preparing for Translation, Part 2. 05-What is Jesus Doing Now? Dwayne Lemon. A Special Work of Reform. Messenger Without a Message. Stand Firm. Life is a Mission, Not a Trip. Satan's Hindrance Plan - Dwayne Lemon. America's Idols Presents: Sexual Sin - Pastor Dwayne Lemon. The Blueprint 2011 (Full Version) Go Forward - Full Documentary.

Pastor Randy Skeete

Pastor Jeremiah Davis - Messengers Of Light Ministry. Secrets Unsealed. The Real Gospel - Righteousness By Faith. The Questions of God - Part 1. The Questions of God - Part 2. The Questions of God - Part 3. The Questions of God - Part 4. The Questions of God - Part 5. HMS Richards Remembers Ellen G White Interview. H.M.S. Richards speaks about E.G.White. Biblical Faces Peter The Disciple Of Christ. The Prophet John in Revelation. The Prophet Nehemiah Biblical Faces.