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Music and Technology: Recording Techniques and Audio Production. The Digital Musician: The following links are presented as recommendations for further reading.

The Digital Musician:

All of the information on these websites is the responsibility of the administrators and may change over time. If you find any broken links or websites with inaccurate information, please let us know. Handbook for Acoustic Ecology Edited by Barry Truax. Extensive site organised around themes of Vibration, Magnitude, Sound–Medium Interface, Sound–Environment Propagation and Sound–Sound Interaction. Includes many sound examples. TOPLAP This is a live coding wiki, begun in 2004, which contains many useful resources.

Audio-Technica: A Brief Guide to Microphones A useful guide to microphones, their types, patterns and characteristics. Bores Signal Processing: Introduction to DSP A useful set of free online classes in the basics of digital signal processing. Crossfade A survey of networked music by Golo Foellmer, inlcuding many links to project examples. Stelarc Stelarc's official website. Moral Rights S. Guía de diseño sonoro (5): Las bellas mentiras de los efectos sonoros. [Nuestra guía de diseño sonoro es una cadena de artículos dedicados a explorar nociones, procesos y reflexiones en torno al diseño de sonido, para cine, para videojuegos, acusmático, etc] Es probable que para los más puristas del diseño sonoro, sea toda una herejía revelar tan públicamente los esotéricos recovecos de los tejidos sonoros que suceden desde el subcoconsciente a lo consciente, pero sin duda para todos quienes estamos interesados en aprender sobre los secretos del diseño sonoro, es fundamental asumir el juego acusmático, esto es, el juego del sonido en su invisibilidad y descontextualización, que es a su vez la riqueza del juego audiovisual.

Guía de diseño sonoro (5): Las bellas mentiras de los efectos sonoros

En una charla de poco más de 15 minuitos en TEDx Atenas, el diseñador sonoro Tasos Fratzolas, a cargo de la librería Soundsnap, explora curiosamente varias ideas básicas del diseño sonoro. Falso en esencia pero verdadero en sentido de la historia. Waveformless: Interesting Electronic Music Documentary Viewable on Pitchfork for a Week. Revista Sonido y Acustica octubre 2010. The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Online Course. The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Online Course. Digital Audio Resampling Home Page. Next | JOS Index | JOS Pubs | JOS Home | Search Digital Audio Resampling Home Page Abstract: This document describes digital audio sampling-rate conversion and related concepts.

Digital Audio Resampling Home Page

Open-source software is provided, and pointers are given to related projects and papers. Detailed Contents (and Navigation) The Web Counter says you are unique visitor number. Audio, Sound & Noise. The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library (Cambridge Music Technology) The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library Below is a list of raw multitrack projects which can be freely downloaded for mixing practice purposes.

The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library (Cambridge Music Technology)

All these files are presented as ZIP archives containing uncompressed WAV files (24-bit or 16-bit resolution and 44.1kHz sample rate), without any effects or processing. When importing them, just make sure all the track files start at exactly the same moment in time within your DAW project. (Download problems?) In addition to the Full Multitrack packages, there are also many quick-download Edited Excerpt versions (usually featuring the song's biggest chorus) which provide 'bite-sized' mixing assignments well-suited to classroom use. As well as the multitracks hosted directly on this site, I've also included links to a few other decent downloads I've discovered on other sites. Many thanks to the artists and engineers who have kindly agreed to provide these files -- please follow the links and check out their latest music! Audio. Audio. Microsoft Windows Media - Producing Multichannel Audio with Windows Media 9 Series.

Creating 7.1 Audio. DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser. Spectrum Analyzer with Waterfall Display and real-time audio processing This program started as a simple FFT program running under DOS a long time ago, but it is now a specialized audio analyzer, filter, frequency converter, hum filter, data logger etc (see history).

DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser

You can download it from this site. Or look into the manual (in HTML format), even though the manual included in the archive will be more up-to-date. Furthermore, the same manual has occasionally been converted into a single PDF (SpecLab_Manual.pdf), but any attempt to create a common index and table of contents for this PDF, using OpenOffice (with proper page numbers instead of the hyperlinks) has failed miserably - see note in the preface of the PDF document.

If you are looking for a short description in German language, look here. (SpecLab screenshot in "Colour Direction Finder" mode, VLF spectrum, colour~bearing) Features (screenshot of "Components" window from an older version) Some Applications Bat Converter. Audio Spotlight - Add sound and preserve the quiet. BBC documents.


Tools. Compact.