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Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

System Downloads : MaxMem Have you ever noticed how your computer always seems to run better after rebooting? Do you wish it could be that peppy all day? Well, now it can be with a little help from AnalogX MaxMem! Tablet Pressure Curve Tool This application is designed to improve experience with Wacom tablets. Sometimes you have to press your pen with unnecessary force to get maximum opacity. It is possible to modify pen response through tablet configuration, but the available options are limited and maximum required force is unchanged. This application allows you to modify all three control points of tablet sensitivity curve and subsequently achieve custom and improved pen sensitivity. Download: Tablet Pressure Curve Tool version 2.0 (22/4/2015)(for Windows 7/8 with Wacom tablets)

《阿瓦登:黑暗城堡》(Avadon: The Black Fortress)硬盘版[压缩包 简介: 引用 转自3DMGAME。请在纯英文路径下运行游戏。 游戏名称:阿瓦登: 黑暗城堡英文名称:Avadon: The Black Fortress游戏类型:角色扮演类(RPG)游戏游戏制作:Spiderweb Software游戏发行:Spiderweb Software游戏平台:PC发售时间:2011年8月18日官方网站: 游戏介绍 Stacks Docklet Shows a Fan or a Grid stack, a la Leopard.Options are be: Automatic, Fan, Grid. See a screnshot of it here: Help thanks to bezisdabest: Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks: How to mount a Windows share with smbmount - After seeing the how to mount a fat32 partition I thought I'd show you how to mount a share. First off you need to make sure the share it setup correctly on your Windows system, I'll only focus on sharing with WinXP. Its not hard on WinXP. First off right-click on the folder you wish to share and select "Sharing and Security". Select "Share this folder".

Direct Folders for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector Code Sector Web Official blog with product news, updates and events Android devices database: wiki, specs, reviews, links Music aggregator of the latest news, videos, photos, bios, reviews and more Direct Folders guarantees you quick and direct access to your favorite and recent folders. Using Group Policy to Deploy Applications One of the biggest chores that administrators have to deal with is application lifecycle management. Whether an office has 20 PCs or 20,000, no one likes the idea of going from machine to machine with an installation CD every time a new version of an application is released. There are programs that are designed to help administrators manage applications across a network, but most tend to be overly complicated and expensive. Microsoft’s SMS Server for example costs $1,219, not counting the necessary Windows Server license or additional client access licenses beyond the ten that the product comes with. What you might not realize though is that Windows Server contains tools that you can use to deploy applications throughout your organization without having to buy any third party software.

Slate Shortcut Tools PaintDock Enliighten One of the disadvantages of working on a slate is the lack of a keyboard and screen real estate. Sure you could use an onboard keyboard, but that takes up a lot of valuable screen space. You could always use a USB or bluetooth keyboard, but that sort of defeats the purpose of a small, portable workstation. The answer to the Asus EP121 and Samsung Series 7 is PaintDock. 《科纳的木箱》(Kona's Crate)繁体中文完整硬盘版[压缩包 简介: 引用 Kona's.Crate.v1.0.multi10.cracked-THETAKona's Crate v1.0 (Eng/Fr/Ger/Ita/Por/Spa/Chn/Kor/Jap/Rus) © by Darkwind Media Date: 08-08-2011 Protection: GCS wrapperRelease: Cracked by Ignite转自 【版本说明】繁体中文、完整无损

Free & Fun Visual Break Reminder Software FadeTop is a visual break reminder for Windows. At regular intervals, it fades your desktop into a bluish color, and displays current time. FadeTop Lets You... Free Download: Photoshop Brush Controller In Brief The Photoshop Brush Controller is a free script for Adobe Photoshop (Windows only versions) written by Marco Traverso. It allows to control the brush size, opacity and flow values by pressing the CTRL + Right Mouse Button and dragging the mouse.

《地狱边境》(Limbo)完整硬盘版/更新Update1/繁体中文补丁[压缩包 简介: 引用 Limbo.incl.Update.1.RIP-UnleashedLimbo incl Update 1 RIP Release Date : 10/08/2011 Protection : SteamRelease Type : RIP 15x5.00MB Company : PlaydeadUpdate 1 includes: - A crash bug caused by custom DPI setting in windows has been fixed- Controller detection has been improved - Option to change resolution and windowed mode added to settings.txtRIPPED: Nothing Install Notes:1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent 2. UltraMon Features - Smart Taskbar Smart Taskbar If you often have multiple applications open at the same time, the Smart Taskbar will help you manage them efficiently, by adding additional taskbars for each secondary monitor. You can choose between two modes: Standard: each taskbar only shows applications from the monitor it is on, so you won't have to search for an application after activating it. If you move an application to a different monitor, its taskbar button will be moved to the corresponding taskbarMirror: each taskbar shows all tasks, allowing you to quickly switch tasks on any monitor