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Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

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Work Faster in Windows With Launchy and a few Python Scripts Launchy is a great productivity tool and a cool way to impress your friends. You can launch any application by pressing a hotkey (say Alt+Space) and the first few letters of the application for eg: typing ‘gi’ will display the GIMP icon and pressing Enter will launch GIMP. You can download Launchy from its website and its beta is pretty stable (and gorgeous) on my XP laptop too. Using Launchy gets pretty addictive and soon you will hate using the Start menu or even Explorer on Windows for opening applications or files. So I took the red pill and started automating the following things with a little help from Python: Launching Intranet applications inside Internet Explorer (even if Firefox is your default browser)Bringing minimized or overlapped windows to the foreground

Online List Maker - Listmoz How does Listmoz work? When you go to, a unique URL is generated for your list (something like You are immediately able to manage your list. You can add items edit items move items around (drag and drop) check off items uncheck items and delete items. Have you ever wanted to create your own font from your handwriting? This is a cool little 10-15 minute activity that will keep on giving back to you for years to come. That’s right add that final customizing touch to your Windows, Linux or Mac machine – Your handwriting as a font! With some free time a visit to a website called, a scanner and a printer you can create a font for use in any application on your computer. To me this sounded way too cool to pass up.

The Best Windows 8 Metro Apps For those of you how have taken the plunge into Windows 8, we hope you'll find this page of the best Windows 8 apps helpful. We sourced the web to find the best modern, Metro apps for Windows 8 for almost every purpose e.g. social networking, image editing, entertainment, etc. Offering 5GB of free storage, Box is a popular cloud storage solution among home and business consumers alike. Microsoft's cloud storage service, use it to store and share files with friends and other devices. There is room for improvement in the Dropbox Windows 8 app, but it is functional and allows you to open, edit save and share your data with contacts.

Kevin Vance - Windows automation with Python I had to automate a GUI task in Windows the other day. Since all of the Windows "macro tools" required programming anyway, I decided that I might as well use a language I know already. I opened up my python shell, and 20 google queries later I knew everything I needed to. For anyone else stuck doing this, here are some helpful recipes: Setting the window focus Miro description, Video Tools Downloads List By All Time Popularity What a difference a year makes. When we last reviewed the Miro video player in 2008, we loved the fact that it essentially turned your PC into a Swiss army knife for video: It can download or play streaming video, download and play video hosted in the BitTorrent file sharing network, and even set up searches for video from within the player itself. With the latest update, however, Miro has added several new tools to its kit. Several of the big new features have do to with downloads: Miro can download videos directly from YouTube with a single button-click, download audio as well as video podcasts, and downloads videos automatically if you add the RSS feed of that video source.

free image photo editor, GIF animation, digital scrapbooking software How Photobie Developed Photobie software was originally designed by Cheng to edit pictures of his new-born daughter. To entertain her, he also created the flash jukebox. How to get the status of a printer and a print job The status of printers and print jobs are updated by the Win32 Spooler during the despool of a print job. At all other times, when that printer is not despooling and reports no state information, the printer is considered to be ready and idle. As referred to by the Win32 API, a "printer" is comprised of the printer driver, the print queue, and the input/output path to the physical printer. The operating system treats a physical printer as merely the destination of a print job generated by and passed through a system "Printer," referred to in the rest of this article as a Printer. The most visible part of a Printer is a print queue.

My Lockbox - Free software downloads and software reviews Pros very simple and easy to get around this software Cons anyone can access locked files by running linux on your system Summary its of no use if someone tries to access files using linux Desktop Wallpaper Tool About Desktop Wallpaper Tool With Desktop Wallpaper Tool you can quickly create desktop wallpaper. Simply load any image and it will be automatically adapted to your screen resolution. An image is adjusted either by cropping the part of it or by scaling, if the resolution of the original image differs from your desktop resolution. You can define the crop region and the screen resolution yourself. Desktop Wallpaper Tool supports modern HTML5 capabilities such as: an offline work, drag&drop of an image to your browser directly from your folder without loading it in a browser first, and also scaling and cropping the image without connection to a server.

HOWTO - Print to a windows printer from linux WITHOUT needing any linux printer drivers/PPDs. by Justin Yackoski - (my email address is my first name @ my last name dot name) Translations Portuguese by Luís Bastião SilRussian by BuhCIA (buhcia 2006 at yandex dot ru) Note these translations are slightly out of date but still very much work. If you've translated this HOWTO into another language, please let me know so I can add it. I would be happy to host the translation here if you send me the HTML! If you have questions and are using a translated version, you'll either have to ask the author of the translation or another speaker of that language, or ask me the question in English.

Features Feature highlights Completely free The entire screensaver authoring solution—InstantStorm—is 100% free of charge, even for commercial use! Create an unlimited amount of screensavers for free, with no strings attached. Easy to use Free Hosting For any web site from a small business brochure, pictures of a tropical holiday, to powerful dynamic websites for a gaming clan etc, Byet Internet has the right services for you and at the right price... $0.00! Byet gives you the choice of your sub domain. You can stick with, or you can pick from another 7 great names we have available.

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