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Marketplace - ThingWorx Introducing the ThingWorx Marketplace™ Since its release in 2011, ThingWorx platform has offered companies a 10X reduction in the time it takes to build and deploy IoT/M2M applications. With the introduction of the ThingWorx Marketplace, ThingWorx users can expect another step change in further reducing the time, risk and effort it takes to build and deploy IoT/M2M applications. Now developers can assemble the bulk of their applications from an ever-growing, global catalog of prebuilt, tested and reviewed components. The ThingWorx Marketplace is a first mover in an exciting new niche with vast potential. - Machina Research The Marketplace provides customers with the necessary building blocks to rapidly build innovative applications that integrate those connected devices with business systems, social and cloud services, and external systems, enabling them to drive value in the connected world.

15 Beautiful and Useful Free PSD Files Dribbble is a great community, and is a place where you can find much more than inspiration and awesome professionals. It’s a place where you can find really talented people sharing their work with you for free. This is the case of today’s list, we are presenting you with 15 beautiful and free psd files we found on Dribbble. Sliding Tags Sticky Butterscotch UI Kit 28 Layer Syles Mimi Glyphs Ui Elements Light UI Kit Share Buttons Mini glyphs (12 px) Progress Bar Bella UI 12 px glyphs Derailed Ui Set Mini Clouds Set Share buttons Vector UI Kit

Copy the Fit, not the Features The world of start-ups is obsessed with outliers. Companies who have achieved remarkable success through a combination of their activities. Such stories are great for inspiration as they encourage you to think big. For some people that means a billion users and global relevancy (like Facebook), for other folks it might mean millions and a great company culture (like 37Signals). There’s a difference between inspiration and imitation. Understanding Ecosystems Above is a loose graph of the iPhone ecosystem. Copying Silicon Valley This same thought occurs to me whenever I hear governments speak about some city becoming “The Next Silicon Valley”. Remote Working has Requirements too Much has been said recently about why companies should now hire remote employees. The Fit is What Matters Companies are better defined by how all their activities support each other, rather than any single thing. See also: Sustainable Advantages for Start-ups.

[Infographic] Mapping the Tools in the Mobile Development Ecosystem The mobile development ecosystem is a large, complicated space. There are innovative startups making tools for native and mobile Web apps along with large enterprise-grade companies that offer solutions from cloud support to frameworks and developer environments. For a mobile developer, it can be confusing to know where to turn and what to use to make the best app possible. Mobile "backend-as-a-service" startup Kinvey created a map for ReadWriteMobile to help developers understand the ecosystem. Mapping the Complicated Ecosystem The original players in the mobility space were the OEMs and carriers. "In the mobile world, the service providers and the handset OEMs were the original two players. Kinvey places itself in the middle of the ecosystem. "Slowly, major players have come into the space, and are now tunneling their way across the ecosystem through acquisitions or by launching new services themselves. There is a lot of movement n the ecosystem, as the map shows.