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Host Controllers for Mobile Machines

July 2013 Epec Oy / Seinajöki / Finnland Epec (Finland) has introduced its 3000 controller series featuring CAN/CANopen connectivity. The Epec 3606 control unitf is dedicated for small machines or as a programmable I/O device in more complex machines. THE FINISH COMPANY, WITH NEW WEBSITE, has launched the Epec 3606 to be used as a stand-alone controller for smaller systems or as part of a bigger, decentralized control system.

One CAN interface is equipped with double pins, which makes cabling easier since there is no need for branches in the wire harness. The Epec 3274 controller comes with up to 52 input/output ports. Additionally, the company has updated the software for its Epec 5050 controller. Solutions for Intelligent Energy Systems. Solutions. SystemCorp (Perth, Australia) and NettedAutomation offer an IEC 61850/61400-25 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and three Application examples using the DLL (PIS10.dll; providing a simple stack API): C Server Application (simple Console) C Client Application (simple Console) C#/.Net Client Application (runs under XP, Vista, Windows 7) The Kit contains executable software and the source code of the C and .Net Applications (projects) as well as "Getting started manuals".


The PIS10.dll is based on the IEC 61850 stack developed by SystemCorp. The client and server (publisher/subscriber - GOOSE) run on one machine or on different machines as depicted below: You can use these source code of the application examples and modify them according to your needs. DataHub WebView Product. If you’re looking for a leading edge HMI to monitor your process, but you're not ready to make the significant investment in a large and complex SCADA system, then DataHub WebView can easily meet your needs by delivering a self-contained system that includes real-time data delivery, web server and browser-based screen development, all in one easy to install application.

DataHub WebView Product

No limit on data and client connections When you also consider DataHub WebView comes with unlimited data and web client connections for one low price then you’ll start to see how new technology is delivering on the promise of a powerful yet affordable real-time web HMI that can be used by anyone. DataHub WebView Benefits Save Money Unlimited data and web client connections for one low price. Save Time Build working screens in just a few minutes. Make things easier Design and edit web pages from anywhere in the world. CSWorks - web-based HMI/SCADA/M2M software framework. Inductive Automation - Buy - Pricing - Price Comparison. Packages offer discounts on popular combinations of modules, making it easy to get started with Ignition.

Inductive Automation - Buy - Pricing - Price Comparison

The Works • $11,599Save $2,071 Everything you need! Save $2,071 when you buy The Works, our most popular package. Includes the SQL Bridge, Vision, Reporting, Alarm Notification and Symbol Factory modules. License includes unlimited clients and tags. The Works Plus • $15,399Save $3,061 Save even more by bundling The Works package with the SMS Notification, Voice Notification and Mobile modules. The Works Limited • $6,750 Purchase The Works package with only 5 clients for smaller installations. The Works Lite • $1,650 Perfect for 1-client installations. The Works Mission Critical • $26,950Save $9,970 Link two Ignition systems together to create a fault-tolerant redundant pair.

Hub and Spoke • 15% discount Increase the reliability of your remote data collection. Customize your installation by purchasing individual Ignition modules that fit your needs. Product - Leverage on Web 2.0 Flexibilities. Web browser client Visualize plant and processes using a standard web browser.

Product - Leverage on Web 2.0 Flexibilities

It is widely known that HMI/SCADA systems that are not web-based, have difficulty in sending their large graphic files across the Internet. IntegraXor uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for graphic animation. SVG is an XML-based graphics file format for the Web allowing it to maintain its superb resolution with small file size. We have developed and patented a method for cross browser real-time SVG animation. Currently, we support Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 12+ & Safari 5+. Project Editor Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage HMI/SCADA applications. Rugid Computer, Inc. -2MB data logging memory!

Rugid Computer, Inc.

-Mechanical OR solid-state relays available! Now can be a ModbusTCP/IP or ModbusRTU Master! The RUG3 RTU is the latest in a long line of RUGID RTUs designed for remote data acquisition and control applications. It incorporates advanced hardware and software techniques so you can implement your application in minimal time. Numerous hardware and software safeguards are incorporated into the design so you can be assured that the RTU will continue to operate for many years in the most demanding field environment. The RUG3 RTU has a very low power draw which makes it ideal for remote applications where energy harvesting is a must. All RUG3s come standard with 2KB* of battery-backed RAM, 60KB of program flash, 2MB of data logging memory, realtime clock/calendar, onboard temperature transducer, and onboard battery voltage measurement.

RUG3 Datasheet *1KB operation system, 1KB program.