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Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

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This Phone Charger Uses Crystal Orbs to Focus the Sun's Rays A $149 solar smartphone charger called Beta.ey features a ball lens and minuscule multi-junction solar cell that can charge a smartphone one and a half times per day. RawLemon The theory underlying the project is that gleaming crystal globes can concentrate diffuse sunlight, or even moonlight, onto a tiny, hyper-efficient photovoltaic cell. The crystal ball is paired with a dual-motion tracking system that keeps the sun's energy focused on the cell throughout the day.

Crowdfunding Platform EarlyShares is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects smart investors with unique opportunities. EarlyShares is the funding platform of the future, where small investments ignite big ideas. EarlyShares was founded on the core philosophy of Passionomics™– the science of creating value at the intersection of personal passion and investing. EarlyShares enables investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in a variety of interesting deals across a multitude of industries. In the process, EarlyShares investors help entrepreneurs drive progress, create jobs, and generate economic growth. Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others Individual intelligence, as psychologists measure it, is defined by its generality: People with good vocabularies, for instance, also tend to have good math skills, even though we often think of those abilities as distinct. The results of our studies showed that this same kind of general intelligence also exists for teams. On average, the groups that did well on one task did well on the others, too. In other words, some teams were simply smarter than others.

Design Revolution D-Rev is a non-profit product development company that designs and delivers products to people living on less than $4 a day. Our products are: World-Class D-Rev designs products that are on par or better than the best devices out there. Market-Driven Test My Pitch Sharing your ideas and gaining support isn't easy. Pitching can be nerve racking, intimidating, and overwhelming. Choosing words that will capture the audiences attention and accurately convey your idea in a finite amount of time is a real challenge. Many great ideas and professionals have failed to gain traction because the author couldn't tell a compelling and succinct story. Relax, you’re not alone. No longer do you have to walk into a room to pitch your business idea or to introduce yourself without knowing that your message and delivery are on target.

CCapital CCapital Ltd. is a unique Investment and Business Solutions firm specializing in Locating & Developing Startup Ventures and Companies. Established in 1998, by Teddy Nehmad, CCapital has over a decade of proven and successful experience in the Venture Capital & Investment market. Furthermore, CCapital identified and established a new niche in the of Business Development field – A Holistic Approach to budding entrepreneurs, seedling ventures and Startups. It is our mission to Support, Nurture and Grow the dreamers and the dreams, from Concept to Fruition. We tailor our involvement with our clients and partners based on their specific and individual needs, as well as per the requirements of their respective fields of operation.

Chocolatey - Installation NOTE: This applies to both open source and commercial editions of Chocolatey. 1. Save this installation script Save the following as ChocolateyInstall.ps1: 2. Make script accessible by internal url The Machine to be Another BE ANOTHER LAB is an international, interdisciplinary collective dedicated to investigate embodied and telepresence experiments. We believe that the understanding of the “self” is related to the understanding of the “Other” and that more than individuals, we are part of a broader system called humanity. Under this perspective, we search for innovative possibilities on the concepts of embodied interaction, extended body and extended mind by mixing low-budget digital technology with social relations, Web and neuroscience methodologies. We develop Creative Commons tools based on OpenKnowledge and are collaborating with experimental psychologists and neuroscientists to develop usage procedures to ‘the machine’ as a low-budget rehabilitation system, and also as an immersive role playing system. CONTACT US:

Expat Shield Get a UK IP address.Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.Protect yourself from identity theft online.Hide your IP address for your privacy online.Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices. Protect Your Personal Information How long does it take for a hacker to get access to your personal information like Usernames, Passwords, and Credit Card numbers? According to MSNBC, it takes less than 5 minutes for someone to hack into your system if you are using an unsecured Internet connection. Expat Shield protects your sensitive information and identity by securing your Internet connection (using advanced encryption technology). Maintain your privacy

History of Patent Syndication Patent Syndication per se, is relatively new however it is usually for granted patents or patents with proven and reliable income streams. The participants are usually high wealth individuals, major corporations or those in the know. For the rest, there are very limited options. As a result and because of the personal experiences of the individuals associated with and the feedback from other inventors over the last 3 years, experiencing the pain of the setbacks and rejections from the patenting and monetizing processes, the new Patent Syndication concept was developed. The new Patent Syndication concept opens up a fair and transparent way for all parties including inventors, patent owners and investors to participate in the patent syndication process which was designed to benefit everyone, from first time inventors to the big end of town.