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BlooSee BlooSee is a web- and mobile-based social mapping platform for ocean recreation and conservation. The platform is designed to host a combination of crowdsourced and institutional media, forecasts, charts, and location based points of interest, safety, navigation, conservation, and cruising routes. BlooSee is owned by BlooSee, Inc. a Silicon Valley Startup company[1] originally founded in 2010 by internet entrepreneurs Pedro Valdeolmillos (originator of the idea) and Marc Puig. The Explore Section[edit]

How to find Social Venture Capital Firms and Social Business Funding Need to Startup a Social Business? Find a Socially Responsible Venture Capitalist E How has several great suggestions on finding a social venture capital firm: Crowdfunding in Portugal - web site developed by web agency Exsisto Ltd. Crowdfunding projects are becoming extremely popular all over the world. Our team was happy to develop one of the first crowdfunding web sites aimed at the Portuguese market. As Exsisto team is already experienced in development of such platforms - we are happy to advise our customers effectively, by drawing their attention to the main objectives and elements of crowd financing web sites as: - It must be easy for posting a project on the web site - Entrepreneurs need to have access to the projects at a glance Said in other words - clear navigation and intuitive structure and web design are of great importance for the success of such a web site.

Crowdfunding Creativity Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas. It was developed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible. Our creative and social project creators collectively receive pledges of over US $1,000,000 per month. Pozible has hosted almost 6,000 projects to date and received US$18,914,048 in pledges. The Conversation Prism v4.0 What’s different from 3.0 ? Well, version 4.0 brings about some of the most significant changes since the beginning. In this round, we moved away from the flower-like motif to simplify and focus the landscape. With all of the changes in social media, it would have been easier to expand the lens.

Finished! Felted Laptop Sleeve I'm done!Did I mention I hate hand stitching?!Since my sewing machine was broken and I had to ride the momentum, this whole piece is hand done. Pozible Pozible Explore Pozible Category Trending Gathr Films Offers $500K to Crowdfunded Movies (Exclusive) “Crowdfunded movies have demonstrated they've done the legwork,” Gathr CEO tells TheWrap. “Now they can be called to crowdsource theatrical screenings” Gathr Films wants to help movies that raised money online appear in movie theaters, offering $500,000 to crowdfunded movies if they will use its theatrical on-demand service. Gathr is offering a $20,000 advance to as many as 25 films that crowdfunded resources, provided they grant Gathr the exclusive rights to distribute their movie in theaters. Films that raise at least $50,000 from at least 1,000 backers are eligible, and Gathr will also mount an online advertising campaign for the movies.

Cambodia Knits – Cuddly and Socially Responsible Do you know someone having a baby? I know seventeen. Well, maybe not seventeen. Maybe it’s just my age group (early 30s), or maybe it’s a subtle hint from the Universe, but it feels like it’s a lot of people having lots of babies which inevitably means – baby showers. Positive People Backing Bright Ideas Lending via Buzzbnk involves significant risks and lenders may not recover all or part of any loans advanced, therefore lenders should not participate in lending to a Project unless they can readily bear the consequences of such a loss. Loans are unsecured and the primary purpose of lending via Buzzbnk is to enable the positive social or environmental outcome the project seeks to achieve and any financial returns should be secondary. Any person who is in any doubt about lending to a Project featured on this Site should consult an independent financial advisor or other appropriately qualified persons. SellAVenture LLP (trading as Buzzbnk) is regulated under an Interim Permission (CCI-IP-055569) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and will become fully authorised as per the FCA Loan-based crowdfunding timetable set. Lending via Buzzbnk is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Copyright © 2014 SellAVenture LLP.