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Crowdfunding Buzzbnk Online Fundraising Website and Software for Events and Causes Misez sur les plus grands films bientôt à l'affiche - PeopleForCinema Home - MicroVenture Marketplace Inc - Giving Small Businesses Big Opportunities About Us | Peerbackers Strength in Numbers peerbackers is a new way to fund entrepreneurs. It is an online funding platform that allows business owners to raise capital from their “peers”—in small increments—in exchange for tangible rewards to those who contribute. We’re the connectors— our online marketplace directly links business people who are looking for a small amount of start-up or growth capital with individuals who are willing to contribute that funding in small increments. These individuals can be friends, family or complete strangers…but they all share one thing—at least $10 to spare and a desire to have a positive impact on the world. Who are the folks behind the venture? peerbackers is led by two founders – Sally Outlaw and Andrew Rachmell. Sally serves as President of peerbackers and is a seasoned entrepreneur having run her own businesses for the last twenty years. Andrew comes with an exemplary track record in marketing & corporate sponsorships and serves as VP of Business Development.

Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas How Memoto raised $500,000 on Kickstarter, part 1. | Memoto Blog Still being in something of a shock over the overwhelming response Memoto’s Kickstarter project has had, we feel we need, for reasons of self-therapy if nothing else, to put down in words what has really happened these past few weeks since we launched. We will do this in two parts, one where we describe the process leading up to the launch of the project and one where we disclose some lessons learned during the actual project. So, what’s Kickstarter? Well basically, it’s a website for crowdfunding projects. Memoto’s Kickstarter project was launched on October 23rd, with the goal of reaching $50,000 before November 30. Per Brickstad of design agency PeoplePeople showing early drawings of the Memoto camera. Beginning in March 2012, the Memoto team began to expand from only three original founders to a team of a dozen in June. Early version of the Memoto blog. We wouldn’t have much to show for the outside world in terms of prototypes for another 6 months. We started with the video.

Want A Kickstarter Video? That'll Cost Five Figures Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days (Includes Successful Templates, E-mails, etc.) Mike Del Ponte co-founded Soma, which raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter using virtual assistants and free apps. I first met Mike Del Ponte two years ago when he was running marketing at BranchOut, a startup I advise. Before joining BranchOut, Mike had explored a variety of career paths, including preparing for the priesthood at Yale Divinity School and serving as a peacemaker in the West Bank. Earlier this year, Mike came to me with a new product idea called Soma. To launch Soma on Kickstarter (and raise $100,000+ in just nine days), Mike and his team used some of the techniques that helped BranchOut grow to 25 million users in just 16 months. You can replicate what he did. This post includes all of their email templates, spreadsheets, open-source code to build landing pages, and even a custom dashboard Soma’s hacker Zach Allia built to monitor their Kickstarter data, social media, and press. This post is as close to copy-and-paste Kickstarter success as you will find. Enjoy! I. II.

Manage Your Kickstarter Campaign With This Simple Dashboard Earlier this month, Soma launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for a new water filter to rival those offered by Brita and other companies. The campaign raised $50,000 in just 36 hours, but that proved to be a mixed blessing for the team running it. "We were being inundated with everything from tweets to Facebook posts to messages on Kickstarter," said Mike Del Ponte, a co-founder of Soma. "It was crazy. The tipping point came when the team realized that one user had committed $5,000 to the campaign — the maximum amount — but they weren't able to engage with that person immediately online because they knew nothing about her. That dashboard, called the Kickstarter Status Board, has since been refined and is now available for free as a Google Chrome extension. Soma's dashboard includes funding data, but it also serves as a command center to monitor conversations about a project. Image courtesy of Flickr, Unhindered by Talent.

10 Fresh Tips for Your Kickstarter Marketing Strategy If you’re running a Kickstarter project, it’s important to market your idea to get the maximum number of backers. However, before you even get started with your project, you should plan ahead. We’ve written about Kickstarter marketing techniques before, and I intend for this blog to serve a different purposes: to highlight additional considerations, to expand upon some of the tips mentioned before, and to provide new guidance for the latter half of 2013. Make sure your idea is a good fit for Kickstarter...or crowdfunding in general. There are a multitude of factors to consider before, during, and after your crowdfunding campaign. If you need help with your Kickstarter marketing initiatives, reach out to Command Partners.