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1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

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Apply GrantsKeepers of the Earth Fund[English] [Français] [Español] Our goal through the Keepers of the Earth Fund is to increase access to funding for Indigenous communities and support Indigenous-led projects that create greater Indigenous control of Indigenous assets.We support strategies that address culturally appropriate Indigenous development (e.g., land use and conservation, traditional decision-making, climate change, food security, etc.).FUNDING CRITERIAAll applicants must: be an Indigenous-led grassroots/local organization or group.have an organizational bank account or access to a fiscal sponsor; copies of fiscal sponsor’s terms and requirements will be requested.ensure project activities will be completed outside of the United States. Grant amounts range between $250 and $20,000 USD.

About - Signal Kitchen Us_ Creativity is the king of our jungle. We strive to create culture with a positive social impact by working to leave things looking, sounding, and feeling better than how we found them. We hunt with those who create, design, define, and do because we understand that brilliant artistry is not an individual effort. Our pride of makers extends across all disciplines of creativity, specializing in event production, design, audio/video, creative management, marketing/promotion and web development.

Ben and Jerry's Foundation Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. undertook a public stock offering to support its ongoing growth. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation was created at the same time, with an initial gift from Ben of 50,000 shares and an unprecedented decision of the company’s Board of Directors to commit 7 ½% of the company’s annual pretax profits to philanthropy. Foundation and company staff held a retreat with experts in social change work and philanthropy to think about the Foundation’s strategies and effectiveness. The outcome?

The Anti-Thiel Fellowship: $100,000 To Students Who Stay In School And Work On Their Ideas Every year, Peter Thiel offers a select group of entrepreneurial college students $100,000 and the promise of mentorship to quit school and work on their passion projects. Michael Baum, a serial entrepreneur who most recently founded the big data company Splunk, does the opposite: He offers teams of student entrepreneurs $100,000 and mentorship to work on their dream projects--while still staying in school. Baum launched his initiative,, as a way to bridge the gap between school and having a successful company. In 2013, received over 300 applications and selected 10 teams from its dozens of partner schools. This year, nearly 1,000 applications yielded 10 winning teams and 40 finalist teams that will be eligible for prizes during the year-long accelerator's annual Founder Forum.

Pay Off Your Student Loans With Volunteer Work Through SponsorChange Amid the great music and movies (and, yes, parties) that will light up Austin, Texas, next month during the South by Southwest festival, a small nonprofit called will receive a community service award for finding a way to help college graduates battle student loan debt by volunteering. If you have a student loan (and we're guessing you do—the researchers at say seven of 10 college students who graduated in 2013 owed money on a student loan, averaging nearly $30,000 in debt each) or would love to help others knock down those payments, you'll want to know about SponsorChange. Here's how it works: Graduates with student loan debt sign up to volunteer at organizations that need manpower. The grads help their community by putting in hours toward that organization's goals.

Co-Existence To put it to you plainly and not beat around the bush, I have always expected myself to do something GREAT. Something BIG. Actually about doing a lot of GREAT and BIG things. #smcampn As I woke up to the morning news on February the 15th I was shocked to discover that my hometown Chelyabinsk in Russia was struck by a meteor. As the day progressed, many Russian people started uploading their photographs and videos online across various platforms. I remembered the Crowdmap experiment that we did in the Social Media Campaigning class and I thought that it might be helpful in this real situation to gather all the content about the meteor in one place. I have used the template that we set up in the class but i had to make a few changes: Firstly, I had to ensure that my Crowdmap is in Russian language. Luckily, Crowdmap support various languages and I had no problem switching to Russian.

The Working Tools of a Master Mason "On a certain level, the crucifixion was a great mystical and magical act —- perhaps the greatest feat of divine magic ever performed. In submitting to the crucifixion, Lord Yeshua [Jesus] made his body a magical talisman of liberation. In effect, cosmic ignorance, the law, and karmic matrix were crucified (suspended), so that anyone who identifies with Lord Yeshua is “drawing near” and Yeshua made himself a vehicle through which others may draw near to supernal being." "'Sigil' as a word is out of date.

Green Republic est membre de l'association 1% pour la planète. Le principe est simple : 1% du chiffre d'affaire est reversé à des associations sérieuses pour la promotion du développement durable. by greenrepublic Jul 7