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QUORUMM DIGITAL VENTURE PARTNERS - In searching for Innovative Digital Marketing and Social Media Companies worldwide, to ignite and accelerate them into the global marketplace Cross-Border Banking Linkages: Good or Bad for Banking Stability? | A blog by Asli Demirguc-Kunt When a country’s banking sector becomes more linked to banks abroad, does it get more or less prone to a banking crisis? In other words, should cross-border banking linkages be welcomed? Or should they be approached with caution or perhaps even suppressed in some way? The recent global financial crisis has illustrated quite dramatically that increased financial linkages across borders can have a ‘dark side’: they can make it easier for disruptions in one country to be transmitted to other countries and to mutate into systemic problems with global implications. But financial cross-border linkages may also benefit economies in various ways. They can provide new funding and investment opportunities, contributing to rapid economic growth, as witnessed in many countries in the early part of the 2000s. So, are cross-border banking connections good or bad for your financial sector’s health? Figure 1. The Multibillion-Dollar Leak Startup Exemption Transparency pays for central banks:Myth n Reality:Mythili Bhusnurmath's blog-The Economic Times The world over, investors and individuals spend time and energy trying to divine the thinking of central banks in order to anticipate their moves. However, this is not easy; central banks tend to be notoriously cagey. Till not long ago, some deliberately shrouded their thinking in secrecy, denying the private sector opportunities to gain better understanding of their policy decisions. Recall Alan Greenspan's famous, 'If you understood me clearly, then you must have misheard.' More recently, however, central banks have been moving toward greater transparency. For two reasons. By explaining their policy intentions and managing expectations, central bank communications reduce policy uncertainty and enhance credibility, thereby strengthening the effectiveness of monetary policy. A recent IMF paper focuses on another aspect of transparency: namely, effective communication by the central bank of its economic assessment that serves as the basis for its policy decisions.

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Stern on Finance - New York University Stern on Finance is a site dedicated to the understanding of financial markets, financial institutions, and how they interact with the economy. It is maintained by the faculty of the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. This site will provide fundamental knowledge about financial economics. See our blog for up-to-date analysis of financial events: Stern on Finance - The Blog About this site This site is developed by Professor Thomas Philippon from the Finance Department of the Stern School of Business. Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas Startup Addict - Crowdfunding for startups