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Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance

Visualized: Over 4 Million Micro-Loans Fly Around the Globe Kiva is a company that facilitates micro-loans between people from all over the world; incidentally, nothing to do with the Finnish KiVA. With the help of this non-profit, anyone can donate as little as $25 or as much as the sum of any single loan — you can read the stories of many different people seeking financial support across the globe; there are students, farmers, entrepreneurs and those looking to improve their physical living conditions. Kiva released a video visualizing the micro-loans that happened across the world in its five-year lifespan — a total of 4 million loans in 4 minutes: 620,000 lenders funding 615,000 entrepreneurs. Get inspired, and make a loan today — it’s a simple way to help a real person.

Wind Map An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company. We've done our best to make this as accurate as possible, but can't make any guarantees about the correctness of the data or our software. Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) If the map is missing or seems slow, we recommend the latest Chrome browser. Surface wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database. If you're looking for a weather map, or just want more detail on the weather today, see these more traditional maps of temperature and wind.

Eco-Friendly Battery Runs on Old Newspapers I'll start you guys off with a quote here: In talking about Sony's new battery technology, which uses old cellulose product like newspapers and cardboard to generate electricity, the BBC says: "Their work builds on a previous project in which they used fruit juice to power a Walkman music player." Thank you, crazy Sony recycling-engineers. This new tech relies on turning cellulose products (including, lest we forget, the paper greeting cards all you Earth-hating monsters are exchanging this time of year) into glucose sugar. That's done by introducing the old paper products to a solution of water and cellulase, an enzyme found in nature, and, um, shaking it. If you're wondering where in nature this wood-eating cellulase enzyme is found, look no further than the termite. As with all new battery tech, especially in the early stages like this one is, the battery isn't powerful enough to run high-demand gear.

Le (faux) procès du microcrédit qui masque ses (vraies) réussites Prenant prétexte de conflits de pouvoir autour de la célèbre Grameen Bank, les médias mettent en procès la microfinance, jetant l'heureux bébé du microcrédit avec l'eau sale du bain de ses excès. Depuis quelques semaines, la microfinance occupe à nouveau les devants de la scène. L’éviction du Professeur Yunus de la tête de la Grameen Bank et plus largement les messages très négatifs véhiculés sur ce secteur menacent une fois de plus ce bel outil de développement. La microfinance est-elle réellement menacée ou condamnée comme l’annoncent certains ? Retour sur les derniers événements. Muhammad Yunus, prix Nobel de la paix 2006, a donc été évincé, mardi 1er mars, de la direction générale de la Grameen Bank, qu’il a fondée et qu’il dirige depuis 1983. Que reproche la Banque centrale à Muhammad Yunus ? Une bataille de pouvoir à la Grameen Bank… prétexte d’une polémique sur la microfinance L’enjeu de cette bataille politique? La face cachée du microcrédit ?

Viral: Photo-Sharing Explosions This is a series of videos that visualizes a single piece of content being shared between hundreds of thousands of individuals on Facebook. We've tried to capture the frenetic energy surrounding three of the most shared images, all of which were photos published on George Takei's Page. Each visualization is made up of a series of branches starting from a single person. As the branch grows, re-shares split off on their own arcs, sometimes spawning a new generation of re-shares, sometimes exploding in a short-lived burst of activity. The two different colors show gender, and each successive generation becomes more and more white as time goes by. Here are the three images from George Takei featured in the videos: Marvin the Martian Ab Fab London Famous Failures The data used for these visualizations spans a three-month period from July to September and is composed of shares originating from news feed.

Calcule o impacto de sua reciclagem por meio de nova calculadora A calculadora vai fornecer uma estimativa do quanto você reduziu em emissão de carbono e em espaço de aterro/Foto:Lúcia Braga Qualquer pessoa pode usar a calculadora, basta entrar no website da EcoRewards, digitar a quantidade de reciclagem que já foi feita na sua casa ou no trabalho e o período de tempo. A ferramenta vai fornecer uma estimativa do quanto você reduziu em emissão de carbono e em espaço de aterro, assim como a quantidade de energia e água poupada por meio da reciclagem. A calculadora utiliza comparações a partir de exemplos concretos, como veículos retirados da estrada ou o número de piscinas olímpicas preenchidas com resíduos que foram reciclados, e não foram despejados em lixões. Você pode utilizar as porcentagens calculadas em calculadores padrões da quantidade de papel e papelão, vidro, plástico, aço e alumínio, para acrescentar na ferramenta e então obter dados mais completos.

Microfinance and Microcredit Investment | water we eat The good news is that each one of us can also make the world a little more water secure, ready to face the needs of our peak population future. How? The answer lies in our shopping baskets. The amount of meat in our diet is crucial! The type of meat we consume is crucial! The food we waste is crucial! So, do not forget: one meat-free-day a week choose meat raised on grass do not waste food

Home Page Por favor, verifique o endereço informado ou use a função de busca dessa página para localizar o que você está procurando. Se você está certo que o endereço informado está correto mas está encontrando um erro, por favor contate o Administração do Site . Obrigado. Você poderia estar procurando por… Home Page por jorge, em 15/07/2009 18:25 Podcasts: Bernardo Toro destaca reformas educativas na América Latina por Redação EcoD, em 15/05/2012 09:23 Quais são os fatores ocultos que afetam os resultados das reformas educativas administradas na América Latina? Ministério do Meio Ambiente - Consumo Consciente por larissa, em 11/10/2011 11:31 O site do Ministério do Meio Ambiente é uma ótima fonte para conhecer o mundo da compra sustentável. Embalagens com conteúdo educativo por Redação EcoD, em 23/01/2012 16:22 Toddynho busca ensinar às crianças educação ambiental por meio de brincadeiras. Todo o conteúdo do EcoD está disponível no Flipboard por Redação EcoD, em 28/12/2012 13:07

pêche :: OCEAN2012 8 juin – 31 août 2012 Deutsch English Español Français Italiano Nederlands Polski Português La surpêche vide les océans de leurs poissons. Cet été, les Semaines européennes de la pêche seront l'occasion de demander aux responsables politiques de « mettre fin à la surpêche ou ce sera la fin de la pêche ». Participez La pêche européenne peut être améliorée et vous pouvez y contribuer. Vous pouvez également organiser votre propre événement et créer un motif de poisson à visage humain pour mettre fin à la surpêche. Activités en ligne Faites passer le mot en intégrant notre widget sur votre site web (en haut à droite) ou en partageant notre message sur Facebook et Twitter (#fishweeks (@OCEAN2012EU @OCEAN2012FR). Si votre organisation ou vous-même souhaitez participer aux Semaines de la pêche, ou si vous voudriez davantage d'informations sur la manière de rejoindre OCEAN2012, veuillez contacter Nicole Aussedat, +(33)1 45 25 27 39 +(33)6 74 87 75 43. Semaine européenne de la pêche 2011 vnements

Advanced Reactor Gets Closer to Reality  Terrapower, a startup funded in part by Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates, is moving closer to building a new type of nuclear reactor called a traveling wave reactor that runs on an abundant form of uranium. The company sees it as a possible alternative to fusion reactors, which are also valued for their potential to produce power from a nearly inexhaustible source of fuel. Work on Terrapower’s reactor design began in 2006. Since then, the company has changed its original design to make the reactor look more like a conventional one. The reactor is designed to be safer than conventional nuclear reactors because it doesn’t require electricity to run cooling systems to prevent a meltdown. Conventional reactors generate heat and electricity as a result of the fission of a rare form of uranium—uranium 235. In the original Terrapower design, the reactor core was filled with a large collection of uranium 238.

a blog by victor powell May 29, 2013 In probability theory, the central limit theorem (CLT) states that, given certain conditions, the mean of a sufficiently large number of independent random variables, each with a well-defined mean and well-defined variance, will be approximately normally distributed. -- Central Limit Theorem - Wikipedia which is what we see here. at every triangle, the ball has a 50/50 shot of going to the left or to the right. you can also think of it like coin flips, where the number of coin flips is (bins -1) if we assign heads to 0, and tails, 1 (or 0 for left, 1 for right as in the case of the visualization above) for 1 coin flip, the possible sums of coin flips are: so for 1 coin flip, there are 2 different possible outcomes, each equally likely. the expected percentage of the possible outcomes is then: for 2 coin flips, all possible outcomes are: so for 2 coin flips, there's only 3 different possible expected coin sums. give it a try!

Vídeo: O valor que a criatividade agrega a um projeto Sempre falamos aqui no Saia do Lugar sobre como inovação, criatividade e ter boas ideias é algo fundamental, inclusive um dos 8 segredos para o sucesso. Esse vídeo mostra de forma divertidíssima o experimento de 2 publicitários australianos em que eles vendem exatamente o mesmo produto por um preço muito mais alto, por causa da forma criativa que fizeram o anúncio. (Link para o vídeo no Youtube) O vídeo pode ser falso ou não, de qualquer forma no mínimo a ideia de fazer o vídeo já foi criativa e com certeza gerou ótimos resultado$ para os 2. Se você ainda não achava que ser criativo valia a pena, espero que esse vídeo tenha te ajudado a mudar de ideia. Abraços, Millor Machado (impressionado com esses australianos do barulho que aprontam altas confusões tamanho família) P.S.: Agradecimento especiais a nosso leitor e amigo Daniel Bruzeguez pela indicação do vídeo Quer receber artigos novos por email?