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StartSomeGood: crowdfunding for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers

StartSomeGood: crowdfunding for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers
Help ELP launch an online store to enable remote Aboriginal entrepreneurs to connect with consumers. $7,501 raised, $0 to tip Tipping Point: Ultimate Goal: 30 days to go Our truck has broken down beyond repair and we need to replace it to successfully continue our recycling project.

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Team For years, we saw passionate consumer entrepreneurs struggle to find the support they need to grow their brand—to hire more employees, produce more product, and share their dream with more consumers. Consumer companies were often forced to reach out to friends and family—a long and often awkward process. At the same time, we saw investors that were passionate about these innovative consumer product and retail companies, but didn't know how to get in touch with the entrepreneurs. We created CircleUp to make this process more efficient. Great entrepreneurs deserve funding from passionate investors. world rainbow caravan The “open letter to the world”, below, emerged from the February 2011 Argentina world rainbow vision council. This is how the story of the caravan began. The letter is reproduced here in a slightly edited version to keep it up to date and not cause confusion. Beloved rainbow family of living light, This is an open letter from the world rainbow family to all rainbows everywhere.

Crowd-funding Site Offers Open Alternative to Kickstarter Crowd-funding website Crowdtilt officially launched on Friday, expanding upon the collective fundraising model pioneered by Kickstarter to enable raising money for any project -- even a beer blitz. Like Kickstarter, Crowdtilt allows users to create a fundraising campaign with a tipping point. If the effort falls short of the set amount, would-be donors are not charged. However, unlike Kickstarter, the platform allows users to "group fund anything."

Crowd Investing The Journey to Legalize Crowdfunding Thanks to the support of people like you, all Americans will soon have the right to invest in startups they believe in. Congress just passed the CROWDFUND Act, allowing you to invest in what could be the next Facebook or own a piece of your local organic food market. Before crowdfunding, this opportunity was only available to accredited investors, who have $1,000,000 or more in assets or earn more than $200,000 a year.

Why money won’t buy you happiness Here’s my column for BBC Future from last week. It was originally titled ‘Why money can’t buy you happiness‘, but I’ve just realised that it would be more appropriately titled if I used a “won’t” rather than a “can’t”. There’s a saying that people who think money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop. Is This The Next Big Name In Crowdfunding? Hardware projects aren't just capital intensive--they take manufacturing experience. Unfortunately for most Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, crowdfunding campaigns generate plenty of cash, but little in the way of expertise. That’s where Dragon Innovation comes in: a kind of Quirky without the manufacturing.

New Crowd-Funding Site Raises More Than $1 Million For The Arts Ed Ruscha summed up the the experience of the artist bluntly when he said “Most artists are doing basically the same thing — staying off the streets.” Art isn’t something that’s easily quantifiable; something that’s worth nothing today could be worth millions 2o years from now and vice versa. That brings up the question “How do we fund the arts?”

Human Rights Maps (118): World Giving Index, a Map of Charity (source, this is the version of 2010, click image to enlarge) The World Giving Index offers a view of charitable behavior worldwide reflecting the fact that being charitable is about more than simply giving money. (In case you’re wondering about the link between charity and human rights, go here). crowdfunding / Crowdfunding Please request to get permission to edit this page. I approve people who appear legitimate so it helps to add a message with your request. Due to overwhelming amount of requests and spam, I am not activating any editors so instead please just send a brief description and URL of the crowdfunding project that you would like listed here. That is the main reason why people want edit access (as opposed to enhancing the article). Thanks. Contact Michael Sullivan - sulleleven on gmail or @sull on Twitter.

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