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History of Patent Syndication | Patent Syndication Patent Syndication per se, is relatively new however it is usually for granted patents or patents with proven and reliable income streams. The participants are usually high wealth individuals, major corporations or those in the know. For the rest, there are very limited options. As a result and because of the personal experiences of the individuals associated with and the feedback from other inventors over the last 3 years, experiencing the pain of the setbacks and rejections from the patenting and monetizing processes, the new Patent Syndication concept was developed. The new Patent Syndication concept opens up a fair and transparent way for all parties including inventors, patent owners and investors to participate in the patent syndication process which was designed to benefit everyone, from first time inventors to the big end of town. These problems are; 1: Significant access to funding to patent their idea internationally.

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Broodr - Your marketplace to buy and sell unique products, designs, and inventions Weird Converter Centro de Intercambio de Conocimientos Crowdfunding Platform | Learn more | Overview EarlyShares is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects smart investors with unique opportunities. EarlyShares is the funding platform of the future, where small investments ignite big ideas. EarlyShares was founded on the core philosophy of Passionomics™– the science of creating value at the intersection of personal passion and investing. EarlyShares enables investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in a variety of interesting deals across a multitude of industries. In the process, EarlyShares investors help entrepreneurs drive progress, create jobs, and generate economic growth. Currently, there is an enormous gap between the capital that business owners need and the availability of that capital. By leveraging technology, social media, and the opportunities created by the JOBS Act, EarlyShares fills the funding gap. To learn more, visit the below sections of our site.

588 Free Film Contracts and Forms Looking to make a film but need a little help with the paperwork? We’ve painstakingly searched the internets and collected 588 free forms and contracts to help get you started. Now before we start, everyone repeat after me: “THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER LEGAL ADVICE” You probably won’t need all of these forms for your production, but hopefully this article will remind you the “boring” parts of filmmaking are just as important as everything else. Also check out these great feature articles: Screenwriting Unions American Federation of TV & Radio Artists (AFTRA) Director’s Guild of America Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) Guild of Canadian Film Composers (GCFC) International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Writers Guild of America (WGA) Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) Development Business Entities Business Plans Taxes Deal Memos Pre-Production Breakdown Budgets Locations Insurance Storyboard Production Accounting Authorizations Call Sheets Cast Check Lists Crew

Highlights for High School Design Revolution D-Rev is a non-profit product development company that designs and delivers products to people living on less than $4 a day. Our products are: World-Class D-Rev designs products that are on par or better than the best devices out there. Market-Driven All of our products are designed to scale on the market, not through donations or subsidies. User-Obsessed When we talk about users we are talking about not just a product’s end users, but every person in the customer chain. We drive all aspects of the design process D-Rev owns the research, design, and development of our products and then partners with industry leaders to manufacture and scale for maximum impact. Identify high impact opportunities that can increase incomes or improve the health of 1 million+ people living on less than $4 per day. Design products to meet customer needs, incorporating manufacturing, distribution, and servicing. Deliver to users by integrating the product into the market to maximize sustained impact.

About Us | CCapital CCapital Ltd. is a unique Investment and Business Solutions firm specializing in Locating & Developing Startup Ventures and Companies. Established in 1998, by Teddy Nehmad, CCapital has over a decade of proven and successful experience in the Venture Capital & Investment market. Furthermore, CCapital identified and established a new niche in the of Business Development field – A Holistic Approach to budding entrepreneurs, seedling ventures and Startups. It is our mission to Support, Nurture and Grow the dreamers and the dreams, from Concept to Fruition. We tailor our involvement with our clients and partners based on their specific and individual needs, as well as per the requirements of their respective fields of operation. CCapital’s Business Solution Services include: Our In house and outsource partners include: Patent Writers.Researches & Information Specialists.Legal Consultants.Technological Experts.Accountants and Financial Advisors. CCapital, Where Your Growth is Our Interest.

Proactive IP Management: Commercialization of Patents Patent Purchases and Sales:The patent databases of the leading patent filing countries offer what is considered to be the most comprehensive source of technical information available anywhere. It is not always necessary to develop technology in-house, when there is often great technology available for purchasing or licensing. Patenting Solutions can help you locate critical technology, and to facilitate your purchasing or selling of the desired technology. Furthermore, a well managed IP portfolio would help you identify obsolete and potentially damaging IP assets. Technology Transfer and Licensing:Your entity can increase its revenues and its technology lead by transferring or sharing its skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing etc. to a third party. Investor Matching and M&A's:Our network of associates and partners gives us access to investors and partners for high potential technologies.