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Corporate Philanthropy Platform for Employee Volunteerism and Charity Fundraising

Corporate Philanthropy Platform for Employee Volunteerism and Charity Fundraising
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EmpoweredBy Community Funded Impact Investing and Equity Pledges for Good: The New Landscape of Corporate Philanthropy When it comes to corporate philanthropy, this is more than just an exciting time. It’s an historic one. The movement to reimagine the social purpose of business is accelerating at lightning speed, spinning off a renaissance of entrepreneurship that’s exhilarating to behold. This wave of corporate creativity for good is transforming the relationship that businesses have with their communities and the possibilities for real change. As entrenched issues such as income inequality slog on - much discussed yet under-addressed in Washington, a new generation of businesses is filling the leadership vacuum by building philanthropy directly into their founding missions. For this innovative breed of companies, giving back is not optional or half-hearted; creating sustainable and measurable impact is as core to their definition of success as a high return to their shareholders. San Francisco is a particular hotbed of this socially responsible mindset.

Personal & Charity Online Fundraising Websites that WORK! Create Your Site An easy way to tell your story and attract support. Share with Friends Built-in online fundraising tools make it easy to invite others. Collect Online Donations You instantly receive each donation in real-time. Track Results Track visits & review donor info from your donation dashboard. Crowdfunding Platform Software White Label Hosting Site | CrowdfundHQ Social Entrepreneur Exchange and Development in the Euro-Med Region Funded by European Commission DG Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid Duration Feb 2014 - June 2016 Overview The main purpose of the Social Entrepreneur Exchange and Development for the Euro-Mediterranean Region (SEED EURO-MED) project is to strengthen (social) entrepreneurship in Northern Africa and support peer-to-peer learning between aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in EU countries and the southern neighbourhood. SEED EURO-MED will match new entrepreneurs with experienced host entrepreneurs through a placement of between one and three months in the country of the experienced entrepreneur. Euclid Network's role As lead partner, Euclid will coordinate the consortium activity and ensure exchange targets are met. How can you get involved? SEED EURO-MED is open to (social) entrepreneurs residing in the UK, France, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Benefits for New Entrepreneurs: Benefits for Host Entrepreneurs: Applying to SEED EURO-MED The application forms are available here: Contact

Features Showcase Your Commitment to the Community Snoball is revolutionizing the way businesses engage in cause marketing by making giving fun, easy, and social. Use Snoball as a cause marketing engine - with no upfront cost. Social integration allows donors to help market your campaign. Integrate your website and applications with the Snoball API. Use Snoball as a cause marketing engine - with no upfront cost.

Whitelabel Crowdfunding Software :: Build a Crowdfunding Website About Us | IssueLab IssueLab, a service of the Foundation Center, works to more effectively gather, index, and share the collective intelligence of the social sector. We provide free access to thousands of case studies, evaluations, white papers, and issue briefs addressing some of the world's most pressing social problems. We are also committed to increasing access to this knowledge by making it broadly available through this website, other Foundation Center websites, distributed Knowledge Centers, and content-sharing partnerships with libraries, archives, and online communities. As well, we are working with foundations and nonprofits to adopt a common set of publishing practices, such as the adoption of open licenses and the use of open repositories like this one, to support greater knowledge sharing at the collective level. IssueLab became a project of the Foundation Center in 2012 when its collection was merged with that of PubHub. Recent Thoughts and Activities What Do We Know?

Foundation Issues RFP for Individual Artists, Culture Bearers, and Nonprofits Engaged in Social Change Details Created: 15 September 2014 The Surdna Foundation is issuing a request for proposals to individual artists, culture bearers and nonprofit arts organizations. These funds are designed to support projects developed in response to communities’ specific challenges and to support artists and organizations whose long-term, deeply-rooted work has increased social engagement without necessarily being explicitly “activist.” The foundation will consider all artistic disciplines, including cross-disciplinary work. Successful applicants will receive grants ranging from $25,000 to $150,000 over one or two year periods, with a maximum total award of $150,000. The deadline for submitting a proposal is November 12, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. Surdna’s Artists Engaging in Social Change program works to promote the potential of artists to be catalysts for social change and to promote the cultural traditions of their communities. The Surdna Foundation will offer two webinars to answer questions.

Accredify D-Prize Artists Engaging in Social Change - Request for Proposals Details Created: 10 September 2014 Accepting applications between Monday, September 15 and November 12, 2014. Overview: The Surdna Foundation is now accepting proposals for one- or two-year support to extraordinary artist-driven projects as part of its Artists Engaging in Social Change funding area. Artists Engaging in Social Change: What Do We Mean? It's difficult to trace the complex relationship between works of art and social transformation, yet it is clear that artists provoke, expand and even heal the civic imagination in critical ways. Art and culture at the center of sustainable communities. At the Surdna Foundation, we foster the development of just and sustainable communities. Why an RFP? The goal of this RFP process is to identify and support exciting projects that are equally rigorous aesthetically and socially. A focus on social justice and community. Surdna applies a social justice lens to its philanthropic work. Eligibility criteria: Eligible disciplines: Review process: Deadlines: