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Business, Life Sciences, and Technology News
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QUORUMM DIGITAL VENTURE PARTNERS - In searching for Innovative Digital Marketing and Social Media Companies worldwide, to ignite and accelerate them into the global marketplace VentureBeat Green Shoots of an Entrepreneurial Spring Daniel Isenberg and Leonard Schlesinger6/20/11 [Editor's note: Cross-posted from The Economist, 6/16/11] As the G8 last month pledged $10 billion to aid the Arab Spring to support the building of economic and political institutions, the May 24th NASDAQ debut of Russia’s $10 billion Yandex was but one of many green shoots of an equally significant Entrepreneurial Spring blossoming out from Chile to China, and Israel to India. Led by two brilliant entrepreneurs who knew how to take native search engine technology and implant it in the emerging Russian marketplace, for over a decade, Yandex, a Moscow-based Internet venture, had been growing inside of its language-walled garden. Finally, after a planned 2008 IPO was foiled by the economic crisis, this ambitious venture burst onto a global stage with the largest NASDAQ Internet offering in recent history. Fortunately, there are also green shoots of such enlightened leadership. For those countries not yet blooming with new ventures, get ready.

Online Fundraising Website for Events and Causes | Change the World Jeff Heegaard on the next economy Photo by Bill Kelley Jeff Heegaard sat down with The Line to discuss entrepreneurship in the Twin Cities. Jeff Heegaard admits that his first job, at General Mills, wasn't a good fit. After leaving what he calls "the corporate castle," he launched a career of small-business startups and philanthropic activities, building a reputation as one of the Twin Cities' boldest and most forward-thinking businessmen. The Line: Jeff, what's happening at CoCo these days? Jeff Heegaard: I think the bigger question is, what's happening to create the need, the desire, for something like CoCo? The Line: What are some of those sparks? Jeff Heegaard: I think to answer that you have to move your focus upward to the greater economy. An Army of EntrepreneursI hear people call this the New Economy and say that it's all about service industries. I want to see an army of entrepreneurs produced in the next twenty years. In many ways I think we need to become like new immigrants in our own country.

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