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Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking

Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking
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untitled Provisional Builder The first member in the PatentBuilder™ workflow family is our ProvisionalBuilder® system, a comprehensive patent application software solution aimed at high quality provisional patent application creation and filing. Our solution expedites the process of filing a provisional application, produces advanced patent throughput and also delivers significant cost savings for the applicants, ensuring they become the “first inventor to file” and establish IP ownership. The following versions of Provisional Builder are available: If you have already downloaded the application and need to download it again, Please use Reset Download Features Page Overview It also locates and displays issued patents or applications so that the user can see how others have described similar subject matters while filing application for provisional patent. General Application Page File Your Application Page for Drawing and Description Inventor And Cover Sheet Page Fantastic application!

Coconut Oil Treated With Enzymes May Prevent Tooth Decay Coconut oil may be the latest craze in the foodiesphere, but it could also function to prevent cavities, a new study suggests. Researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland found that enzyme-treated coconut oil -- similar to what would happen to coconut oil after it's been digested -- was able to stop the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. The finding, presented at the Society for General Microbiology's autumn conference, could lead to a new approach to dental care products, study researcher Dr. Damien Brady said in a statement. "Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives, particularly as it works at relatively low concentrations," Brady said in the statement. The researchers conducted their study on untreated coconut oil and the enzyme-treated coconut oil. If untreated, tooth decay can lead to tooth loss and infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. Loading Slideshow Also on HuffPost:

COACHING CONTRACTS & AGREEMENTS Download in PDF format Coaching is a specific profession. It is clearly different from personal development, therapy, training, consulting, analysis, etc. Consequently, professional coaching has a frame of reference, objectives, tools and means that need to be specified before starting a relationship with any specific client. This initial contract first serves to position each coach in his or her specific frame of reference and second to limit the scope of the professional relationship and thereby protect all the contracting partners. Obviously, the study of different types of contracts in diverse professional and personal situations (partnership contracts, marriage contracts, sales contracts, employment contracts, etc.) can illustrate key elements that pertain to this concept, so central to all our personal and professional lives. An initial contract helps define the scope of a professional relationship such as between any service purveyor and a client. Session Agreements What ?

AlliedSecurityTrust > Home Why does Virgin Coconut Oil Crystallize and Become Solid? Dr. Bruce Fife a.k.a. “Dr. Coconut” answers two of the most often asked questions about coconut oil. I have purchased the same brand of coconut oil for many months. Normally the oil is very creamy and smooth. This is a very common experience and has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. Fats and oils are composed of fat molecules known as fatty acids. The melting point of coconut oil is generally quoted as being 76 degrees F (24 C). The melting point of coconut and other oils is determined by the fatty acid content. The triglycerides in coconut oil consist of a mixture of 10 different fatty acids. In addition to degree of saturation, size of the fatty acid also influences the melting point. Therefore, each of the 10 fatty acids in coconut oil have their own unique melting points. Because of the various melting points of the different fatty acids and triglycerides, oils normally do not have a sharp or precise melting point. There is nothing wrong with the oil. Dr. To find out more:

12 Free Email Design Templates from 99designs Customer Blog 99designs customers have always been able to run email template design contests through our “other design categories” section – and they’ve done so in abundance and with great success. But with a major surge in email design contest volume over the past few months, we decided it was time to give emails their own dedicated spot on 99designs. Check out our Email Design category. The increased demand for this genre is no surprise, really – according to an iContact study, small and medium-sized businesses now spend the biggest share of their marketing budgets on email campaigns – 15 percent on average. With the flood of emails customers and prospects receive these days, it’s more important than ever for companies to deliver stand-out design to inboxes. [Click here to download your free templates and get started!] If you would like to download the high-resolution PSD files, you can do so here (32mb). If you’re ready to launch an email design contest, we’ve got a free upgrade for you.

Patent Calls Cause-Marketing Disconnect: American Enthusiasm To Shop With A Conscience At Record-High, But Doubts About Corporate Impact Persist, New Cone Communications Report Finds October 7, 2013 Cause-Marketing Disconnect: American Enthusiasm To Shop With A Conscience At Record-High, But Doubts About Corporate Impact Persist, New Cone Communications Report Finds American demand for cause is stronger than ever, according to 20 years of benchmarking data recently released by Cone Communications. 54 percent bought a product associated with a cause over the last 12 months, increasing 170 percent since 1993 89 percent of Americans are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality, jumping nearly 35 percent since 1993 91 percent wants even more of the products and services they use to support cause 88 percent wants to hear how companies are supporting social and environmental issues The 2013 study is the latest in Cone's pioneering analysis of Americans' attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate support of social and environmental issues. The Demand for Proof of Progress Gap Between Intention and Action

9 Informative Infographics To Guide Your Visual Content Marketing 88 Flares 88 Flares × Since visual content arrived on the scene back in 2012, it has showed no signs of stopping. Best practices on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter always reference images and videos as key elements for driving engagement. Visuals are a big deal. 1. Infographic by Ragan We’ve sung the praises of visual content on the Buffer blog before, and we’re trying to practice what we preach: Each of our posts contains at least one original, creative image that can be easily shared along with the article. Share a preview of this infographic: The full infographic: 2. Infographic by Column Five Column Five specializes in creating visual content for companies, so they’ve done plenty of research into why visuals make such an impact. Share a preview of this infographic The full infographic: 3. Infographic by Wyzowl When did our love affair with visuals begin? Share a preview of this infographic: The full infographic: 4. Infographic by Bandwagon Digital Media 5. 6. 7. 9.

Our Team - Signals Group Signals is a 50-person strong company headquartered in Tel Aviv, with growing offices in New York City and Geneva. Our founders are military intelligence veterans with decades of combined experience in collecting disparate data points across sources, contextualizing and analyzing them, and extracting meaningful intelligence to enable mission critical actions. In 2009, they founded Signals with a vision to bring the comprehensive, nimble, real-time best practices of military intelligence to businesses. Today, our team is a mix of intelligence experts, technologists with a passion for data, and new product development and industry professionals. Hailing from more than 15 different countries, we all share a passion for exploring new ways to use information and data to glean awesome discoveries and creatively solve problems. When we aren’t geeking out over data modeling jokes or discovering the latest new esoteric data source, you’ll likely find us playing foosball. Prof. Prof.

Whole Tree taking a wholly different approach | NCIIA Baylor University E-Team building a business from the bottom up A standard approach to dealing with problems in the developing world is to develop a specific solution to a specific problem: if people lack access to potable water, you develop a water filter for them to buy and use. Need lighting? Manufacture and sell solar lamps. The challenge, of course, is identifying products that a) US markets want in large quantities, and b) can be supplied by people in the developing world. That was precisely the challenge facing Baylor engineering professor Walter Bradley a few years ago, when he and post-doctoral student John Pumwa sat down and tried to figure out how to help the rural poor in Pumwa’s home country of Papua New Guinea and countries like it. Their solution? The resource they hit on? It’s not as nutty as it sounds. Bradley and his team set out to increase that number. None of the products were quite up to snuff, however. That’s right: the coconut car. 1.

How to Use Twitter Analytics to Find Important Data Do you use Twitter’s built-in analytics tool? Are you looking for new ways to measure success on Twitter? Twitter’s Analytics tool is the social network’s best-kept secret and gives you access to data that other third-party services can’t. In this article I’ll show you how to get access to Twitter Analytics and find the data you need to track your campaign success. Access Twitter Analytics [Editor’s Note: This article was written before a recent update to Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter’s analytics feature is designed to be used by the company’s potential paying customers. Find out how to use Twitter’s analytics dashboard to find the data you’re looking for. If you don’t already have an advertiser account, you can request advertiser status by going to You’ll also need to set up a Promoted Tweet or Twitter Card campaign. When your account is changed to advertiser status, log in to see the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Conclusion

Intelligence Applications - Signals Group Identify a new growth opportunity for your product and capitalize on a commercially viable market white space. Through landscaping and analysis of current market solutions, consumer satisfaction and demands derived from social media, research and innovation efforts, and competitor activities in the product category, pretotype promising new products with 360 degree visibility. Product LandscapeMarket Saturation AnalysisMarket Value AssessmentMessaging Gap Analysis Identify potential unserved market segments pertinent to your productIdentify greenfield markets with high demand and / or low competitive pressureIdentify potential applications for existing / new technologies Match between your new product's capabilities and consumers' needs and expectations. Through comparing specific consumer demands and references to available market solutions, we reveal the degree to which consumer needs are currently being met or unmet by current product offerings