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Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking

Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking

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Coconut Oil Treated With Enzymes May Prevent Tooth Decay Coconut oil may be the latest craze in the foodiesphere, but it could also function to prevent cavities, a new study suggests. Researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland found that enzyme-treated coconut oil -- similar to what would happen to coconut oil after it's been digested -- was able to stop the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. The finding, presented at the Society for General Microbiology's autumn conference, could lead to a new approach to dental care products, study researcher Dr. Damien Brady said in a statement.

untitled Provisional Builder The first member in the PatentBuilder™ workflow family is our ProvisionalBuilder® system, a comprehensive patent application software solution aimed at high quality provisional patent application creation and filing. Our solution expedites the process of filing a provisional application, produces advanced patent throughput and also delivers significant cost savings for the applicants, ensuring they become the “first inventor to file” and establish IP ownership. The following versions of Provisional Builder are available: Why does Virgin Coconut Oil Crystallize and Become Solid? Dr. Bruce Fife a.k.a. “Dr. Coconut” answers two of the most often asked questions about coconut oil. I have purchased the same brand of coconut oil for many months. Normally the oil is very creamy and smooth.

Our Team - Signals Group Signals is a 50-person strong company headquartered in Tel Aviv, with growing offices in New York City and Geneva. Our founders are military intelligence veterans with decades of combined experience in collecting disparate data points across sources, contextualizing and analyzing them, and extracting meaningful intelligence to enable mission critical actions. In 2009, they founded Signals with a vision to bring the comprehensive, nimble, real-time best practices of military intelligence to businesses. Today, our team is a mix of intelligence experts, technologists with a passion for data, and new product development and industry professionals. Hailing from more than 15 different countries, we all share a passion for exploring new ways to use information and data to glean awesome discoveries and creatively solve problems. When we aren’t geeking out over data modeling jokes or discovering the latest new esoteric data source, you’ll likely find us playing foosball.

Cause-Marketing Disconnect: American Enthusiasm To Shop With A Conscience At Record-High, But Doubts About Corporate Impact Persist, New Cone Communications Report Finds October 7, 2013 Cause-Marketing Disconnect: American Enthusiasm To Shop With A Conscience At Record-High, But Doubts About Corporate Impact Persist, New Cone Communications Report Finds American demand for cause is stronger than ever, according to 20 years of benchmarking data recently released by Cone Communications. Intelligence Applications - Signals Group Identify a new growth opportunity for your product and capitalize on a commercially viable market white space. Through landscaping and analysis of current market solutions, consumer satisfaction and demands derived from social media, research and innovation efforts, and competitor activities in the product category, pretotype promising new products with 360 degree visibility. Product LandscapeMarket Saturation AnalysisMarket Value AssessmentMessaging Gap Analysis Identify potential unserved market segments pertinent to your productIdentify greenfield markets with high demand and / or low competitive pressureIdentify potential applications for existing / new technologies Match between your new product's capabilities and consumers' needs and expectations.

Whole Tree taking a wholly different approach Baylor University E-Team building a business from the bottom up A standard approach to dealing with problems in the developing world is to develop a specific solution to a specific problem: if people lack access to potable water, you develop a water filter for them to buy and use. Need lighting? Manufacture and sell solar lamps. Intellectual Property & Licensing Technicolor, under the name of Thomson Licensing, has developed a solid, profitable and sustained patent licensing business. Managed as a specific Business Division, it delivers sustained revenues streams. Our licensing business relies on our long tradition of investments in R&D and our capacity to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. 95% of our IP assets are organic and resulting from the results of in-house R&D efforts.

“Conscious Consumerism” Has Reached a Tipping Point, New Clarity Coverdale Fury Study Reveals: Healthy Lifestyles Are Now Mainstream—And Brands Must Find Ways To Support Them September 13, 2013 “Conscious Consumerism” Has Reached a Tipping Point, New Clarity Coverdale Fury Study Reveals: Healthy Lifestyles Are Now Mainstream—And Brands Must Find Ways To Support Them The number of people engaged in Conscious Consumer behavior is staggering, according to a new research study of 2,000 U.S. adults published by marketing agency Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) in partnership with Mintel. More than an aggregate of clichéd monikers such as “green” and “eco-friendly,” which frequently can be misused or misleading, Conscious Consumerism represents an all-encompassing lifestyle and set of behaviors that take into consideration how consumption affects the individual, their family, communities and the world at large.

Services4Stock Services4Stock is a unique platform created to provide emerging companies with an easier way to finance their growth. Typically, companies with high growth potential seek financing from venture capital firms or investment banks. As many entrepreneurs can attest, that process is time-consuming, frustrating, and often fruitless. Fortunately, there's an easier way. New, versatile skin treatments slick on sales 0le HenriksenPure Truth Youth Activating Oil Related Content No related items were found. One of the hottest trends currently making waves in the beauty industry is oil. WiLAN - Research - WiLAN Labs In 1999, WiLAN co-founded the OFDM Forum. With the influence of members like Philips Semiconductors, Nokia and Motorola, the Forum succeeded in having W-OFDM adopted in the IEEE 802.16a Metropolitan Area Network standard. By July 2003, WiLAN had launched the W-OFDM-based LIBRA 5800 and followed up with the Libra MX WiMAX Platform, WiLAN’s fourth generation W-OFDM platform, in November 2004.

NPD Group: Skin care, makeup drove growth in U.S. prestige beauty during first half of 2013 PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — The global prestige beauty market experienced mixed results in the first half of 2013 but the U.S. prestige beauty market posted an 8% gain during the first six months of the year, according to the NPD Group. The U.S. prestige beauty industry generated $5 billion in the first six months of the year, an increase of 8%, the NPD Group stated. In Europe, the United Kingdom gained 6%, generating £803 million in prestige beauty sales, while France, Italy, and Spain continued to face challenges in this industry. “Our expectation for 2013 was that the global prestige beauty industry would look similar to 2012, and the results thus far are proving this to be true, as economic uncertainties continue to weigh heavily on the European markets,” stated Karen Grant, VP and senior global industry analyst for the NPD Group. Skin care and makeup were the primary drivers behind U.S. growth in the first half of 2013, with $1.8 billion, and $2 billion in sales, respectively.