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Crowdfunding / Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding / Crowdfunding
Please request to get permission to edit this page. I approve people who appear legitimate so it helps to add a message with your request. Due to overwhelming amount of requests and spam, I am not activating any editors so instead please just send a brief description and URL of the crowdfunding project that you would like listed here. That is the main reason why people want edit access (as opposed to enhancing the article). Thanks. Contact Michael Sullivan - sulleleven on gmail or @sull on Twitter. This content was written in 2006 and originally added to Wikipedia by Michael Sullivan. Crowdfunding, inspired by crowdsourcing, describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Overview Crowdfunding, like Crowdsourcing, is very much related to online communities and social networks. Influence of the crowd is another factor.

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Team For years, we saw passionate consumer entrepreneurs struggle to find the support they need to grow their brand—to hire more employees, produce more product, and share their dream with more consumers. Consumer companies were often forced to reach out to friends and family—a long and often awkward process. At the same time, we saw investors that were passionate about these innovative consumer product and retail companies, but didn't know how to get in touch with the entrepreneurs. We created CircleUp to make this process more efficient. Great entrepreneurs deserve funding from passionate investors. Technology allows for accredited investors to find, vet, and invest in companies in a new way. 13 Crowdfunding Websites to Fund Your Business Who needs banks? Crowdfunding websites can help you find a community of small investors to fund your business, without the risks of traditional financing. Here is a list of crowdfunding sites. Some sites focus on funding creative projects, others sites focus on meeting specific needs in the marketplace or community.

9 crowdfunding websites to help you change the world. - Webdistortion For many people, the thought of taking significant financial risk holds them back from jumping head-long into launching the idea that has been stuck in the recesses of their head. This collection of sites are designed to take the risk out of that creativity and innovation, allowing even the little guy to do something amazing. Who needs venture capital funding to get their idea off the ground? If you’ve been holding back because of it, you might just find there’s help out there, fueled by the community, and managed by some of these fantastic sites, which can help you fund your idea, business startup or music project. KickStarter

Crowdfunding Resources « Crowdfunding Academy Crowdfunding Academy The Kickback Machine Before you launch a Kickstarter project, do your homework. The KickBack Machine can help! Campaign Research Tools NowStreetWire Is This The Next Big Name In Crowdfunding? Hardware projects aren't just capital intensive--they take manufacturing experience. Unfortunately for most Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, crowdfunding campaigns generate plenty of cash, but little in the way of expertise. That’s where Dragon Innovation comes in: a kind of Quirky without the manufacturing. They help inventors hook up with Chinese factories, make reasonable product roadmaps, and help QA the design. Category:Peerfunding This wiki section is dedicated to the topic of "How do we make Peer Production sustainable? Why It Is Crucial that Peer Production Companies Refuse Venture Capital Investments Also read: Podcast: Bauwens, Kleiner, Restakis on Cooperative, Commons-Based Venture Funding Donations-based business model Crowdfunding business model Freemium as a business model

Crowdfunding Numbers & Industry Insights: The growing wave of democratised finance Crowdfunding challenges traditional barriers to financing and by-passes conventional gatekeepers of investment. Democratising finance and revolutionising capital allocation, the radical diversification in the economic space brought about by the crowdfunding phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing. It has a potent driving force. As social media continues to perpetuate the growth and success of crowdfunded projects, it is clear that platforms are re-instating meaningful connections between the innovators on one hand and their audience on the other. In the third and final post of this short editorial series on crowdfunding (read post #1 and post #2 here), we focus on the radical changes evolution in this industry is causing. Both in terms of eliminating financial gatekeepers and also the way in which social media engages the crowd as a dynamic and alternative source of funding.

A Guide to Crowdfunding Success Brandon Mendelson is the project coordinator for A Million High Fives, the largest electronic supply and volunteer drive in America. You can follow @BJMendelson for details. It seems as though everyone is crowdfunding or backing a crowdfunded project. Tim Ferriss, author of the popular "4 Hour Work Week", backs Litliberation, which he claims "out fundraised Stephen Colbert by a 3:1 margin", and you can't go an hour on Twitter without hearing about the latest Twitter fundraising initiative. But until now, there has not been a clear guide on how to get started, and so here's what you need to know before diving into a crowdfunding program (and how to succeed.)

Village X: The World's First Completely Transparent Mobile Giving Experience Help build our Store to Village (S2V) System to facilitate micro donations while shopping and live updates of impact on the ground, all by phone. Like to give to worthy causes while shopping but lack assurances that it's actually having a positive impact? We designed our patent-pending Store to Village (S2V) System to direct mobile donations of shoppers to grassroots projects and to provide live mobile updates showing exactly how the money was used. We call it the BUY GIVE SEE experience, and, if you provide a one-time, start-up contribution to finish the System, we can bring it to the masses. Once it's complete and goes live in Fall 2014, it will be free for everyone to use. Background

List of Crowd Funding Web Sites, and Web Sites To Find Investors - Strategy of Innovation Crowd Funding Internet Platforms If you do not see your platform, indicate me your website with a short pitch indicating your type of crowd funding, your theme and where in the world you are located (the owner of the platform) Crowd Funding = Raising money online by soliciting small amounts from many (the crowd) instead of a wealthy few These articles will help you to understand what Crowd Funding is about: Sponsors Financial contributions from online investors, sponsors or donors to fund for-profit or non-profit initiatives or enterprises. Crowdfunding is an approach to raising capital for new projects and businesses by soliciting contributions from a large number of stakeholders following three types of crowdfunding models: (1) Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship where there is no expected financial return, (2) Lending and (3) Investment in exchange for equity, profit or revenue sharing. Best of the week Upload and share your content and our system will automatically feature the most popular content

Equity Campaigns APPEDU – We Guide, You Lead Our company motto, “We Guide, You Lead”, presents our aim at breeding the excellence through providing a comprehensive environment of teaching experts with the appropriate tools and materials, guiding our students throughout the learning process, and becoming the leader of their bright future…. 10% Funded US$150,000.00 Funded Mobexo – for Investors The mobile payment company that wants you to forget about payments Crowdfunding for Capital…and Customers 3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Managerial Marketing course on a blogging series about “sustainable marketing.” This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. By Jennifer Wagner Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo provide artists, musicians and other members of the creative class with the opportunity to raise small amounts of money from a large number of benefactors to support new projects. IndieGoGo offers “anyone with an idea” a platform for connecting with supporters, while Kickstarter’s criteria focuses more narrowly on creative projects from the “fields of Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater.”

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