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New York, Zurich, Los Angeles and San Francisco

New York, Zurich, Los Angeles and San Francisco Shopping from Canada? Switch to your nearest website Closex Business Card designs Previous page Next page Great Escapes Buy a Piece of Your Favorite City With Delicious Canned Air Yet another joke from Spaceballs has become real, as photographer Kirill Rudenko has begun selling Canned Air at his Etsy shop. Each can is "100 percent organic" air, and meant as a sort of joke remedy for homesickness. So far, he's selling air from Riga, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, his home city of Prague, and New York, which is really the touristy parts of Manhattan. I'd ask him to make a can for Baltimore, but we have only one distinguishing smell and it's already widely available. Via Laughing Squid. 10 Color Scheme Generators For Web Designers When it comes to website designing, one of the most important things for a designer is to choose the right color scheme. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you have to keep a number of things in mind. But this irksome process of color selection has been made a little easier– thanks to all the great tools present out there. So today we will list 10 Color Scheme Generators For Web Designers.

The Relevance of Creativity in Education Maryland State Department of Education Council for Gifted and Talented This paper provides an overview of the stages and processes involved in creativity, how creativity is processed in the brain, the temperament and character traits present in highly creative individuals and how certain childhood experiences have an impact on the development of the creative potential. In addition, some tools and methods useful for the identification and the facilitation of the creative potential are described.

35 Great Social Media Infographics 35 Great Social Media Infographics [Note: I recently updated this compilation to include some more recent visualizations... you can see it here.] Here’s a collection of terrific social media infographics that might come in handy. Win $10,000 of outdoor advertising for charity with Australia's first moving video billboards ITEL Media in Motion has just launched Australia's first moving video billboards, called Brand Experience Vehicles. To celebrate they are offering one nominated charity the chance to win $10,000 worth of outdoor advertising to help promote their charity's cause. The Brand Experience Vehicles feature large 3 x 5 m digital LED screens mounted on trucks with engaging high quality vision and sound.

Education Conferences, Brain Based Learning, Professional Development For Teachers Educating for Creative Minds:Using Brain Science to Ignite Innovation and Imagination February 14-16, 2013San Francisco, CATHIS EVENT HAS PAST. Please click the conferences link in the navigation to see our upcoming events. At the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, atop Nob Hill San Francisco, CA First keynote begins at 1:30 PM on Thursday, February 14

23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media ‘’till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides made up of these suggestions. Lid Media puts a lid on ad campaigns Lid Media has developed a patented method to stick messages on take away coffee lids distributed to over 1,100 cafes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A client's message can be put on up to (currently) 2 million coffee lids per week. Lid Media see their coffee lids being used as both a stand alone and as a support to major campaigns. It is reasoned that coffee drinkers, especially CBD office workers, are very likely to take their coffee back to their desks and park it right next to their computers making it an interesting way to get people to connect with, and respond to, advertising messages. The cafes used are mainly CBD located and have a turnover of at least 1,500 take away cups per week. Advertising on the actual coffee cups has been around a while and proven to be quite successful for brand, promotions and directing coffee drinkers to websites.

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