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Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization

Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization

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Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' Turkey Vatican 'wants to see' 1,500-year-old ancient scriptHas been hidden by Turkish state for 12 yearsHandwritten in gold-lettered Aramaic By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 17:14 GMT, 24 February 2012 A secret Bible in which Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad to Earth has sparked serious interest from the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI is claimed to want to see the 1,500-year-old book, which many say is the Gospel of Barnabas, that has been hidden by the Turkish state for the last 12 years. Alien Artifacts In Lost Tomb Of Alexander The Great Found In Illinois Caves (Before It's News) Hundreds of ancient artifacts have been uncovered at caves in Illinois that are being made public. There are a number of videos that can be found at the Illinois Caves Facebook page with many, many more photographs. The caves were first discovered in the spring of 1925, when a local resident, Orville Lowery, of Hickory Hill, in the southeast corner of Marion County Illinois, was busy with his two daughters removing rocks and debris from an area designated to be the family garden. . What follows is a very small sample of the many artifacts that have been found. The site is well worth a visit.

presents Ajanta and Ellora caves including Kailasa Temple The scale at which the work was undertaken is enormous. It covers twice the area of the Parthenon in Athens and is 1.5 times high, and it entailed removing 200,000 tonnes of rock. It is believed to have taken 7,000 labourers 150 years to complete the project. The rear wall of its excavated courtyard 276 feet (84 m) 154 feet (47 m) is 100 ft (33 m) high. The temple proper is 164 feet (50 m) deep, 109 feet (33 m) wide, and 98 feet (30 m) high. » Was That A UFO That Attacked A Taliban Camp In Afghanistan This incredible video shows the moment a UFO attacks and destroys a Taliban base in Afghanistan. The one minute 35 second clip, uploaded to YouTube, begins with footage of a large, grey triangular-shaped ‘craft’ hovering in the sky above the eastern city of Asadabad. As the crew of a Nato armoured vehicle watch on in the foreground, flashing lights suddenly flash spit forth from the underside of the mysterious object. It quickly becomes apparent that the craft has opened fire on something or someone, for barely a second later, explosions can be seen and heard and a huge plume of smoke mushrooms into the firmament. For a while, the cloud of smoke is so large, the UFO is completely obscured. But then the camera operator zooms in, giving viewers a close up of the remarkable object.

Tiny Tonga Once Lorded Over 1,000-Mile Pacific Ocean Empire Tiny Tonga Once Lorded Over 1,000-Mile Pacific Ocean Empire The seafaring empire of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean once spanned more than a thousand miles, serving as the hub through which distant settlements exchanged artifacts and ideas, researchers say. Tonga is an archipelago of about 160 Polynesian islands, with the core of the kingdom covering an area of about 195,000 square miles. The islands, located about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, were first settled about 2,800 years ago by the Lapita people. Sign up for Science news delivered to your inbox Geoffrey Clark

Vaimānika Shāstra: The Curious History of the Ancient Indian Flying Machines A few years ago, reports surfaced on the Internet of a “vimana” discovered by the United States military in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. As incredible as that, itself, sounds, the vimana was also allegedly encased in a “time well,” leading to the disappearance of at least eight soldiers who attempted to retrieve it. Hard to believe? Sure, but it’s an intriguing story nonetheless.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly - 2014, 14,000 Year Fossilized UFO crash site, Stunning Discoveries (Before It's News) The Baltic Sea anomaly is a 60-metre (200 ft) circular rock-like formation on the floor of the Baltic Sea, discovered by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg and their Swedish “Ocean X” diving team in June 2011. The team reported that the formation rests on a pillar and includes a structure similar in appearance to a staircase, leading to a dark hole. Commentators have suggested that the structure could be a World War II anti-submarine device, a battleship gun turret, sediment dropped by a fishing trawler, or a flying saucer.

Borobudur Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.[1] A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside a perforated stupa. It is the world’s largest Buddhist temple,[2][3] as well as one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world.[4] Evidence suggests Borobudur was constructed in the 9th century and abandoned following the 14th-century decline of Hindu kingdoms in Java and the Javanese conversion to Islam.[7] Worldwide knowledge of its existence was sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, then the British ruler of Java, who was advised of its location by native Indonesians. Borobudur has since been preserved through several restorations. Etymology[edit]

Madol or Nan Madol Mysteries By: David VeritasContributor Profile | More Stories Monday, May 6, 2013 11:27 (ALTHeadlines) Madol, or Nan Madol, is the name of a mysterious ancient city found off the island of Pohnpei, in Micronesia. The entire city was build upon raised stone platforms in the sea instead of on dry land on neighboring islands, for reasons unknown.

Jomon Dogu « Ancient Aliens During the Jomon period in Japan which began as early as 13,000 BC, Neolithic hunters and gatherers created figures of clay. These wonderful, expressive figures are called Dogu (pronounced dough-goo). They took intriguing forms – some with heart shaped faces or triangular pointed heads. Some squat, perhaps in childbirth, others appear to be praying while some even seem to wear goggles and spaceperson attire.

World’s Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community on JUNE 13, 2013 Could it be possible that Alaska has the world’s oldest man made pyramids? And, if true, is the recent snow and ice melting going to reveal even more ancient structures in the future? Amazingly, a small team of explorers has just announced that they have indeed found at least two ancient pyramids. The Pyramids of Caral in Peru The archaeological site of Caral remains a minor blip on the tourist radar in Peru, certainly in comparison to major attractions and household names such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. Despite being largely overlooked by both foreign and local tourists, Caral is very much a key site for students of ancient Peruvian and South American history. Ongoing archaeological research continues to highlight what is both a unique and fascinating settlement, and arguably one of the most important archeological sites in the Americas.

The Gold of The Gods - Ecuador 1 - The Gold Of The Gods To me this is the most incredible, fantastic story of the century. It could easily have come straight from the realms of Science Fiction if I had not seen and photographed the incredible truth in person. National Geograhic By Richard A. Lovett and Scot Hoffman Crystal skulls are not uncommon or terribly mysterious. Thousands are produced every year in Brazil, China, and Germany. But there are a handful of these rather macabre objects that have fueled intense interest and controversy among archaeologists, scientists, spiritualists, and museum officials for more than a century. There are perhaps a dozen of these rare crystal skulls in private and public collections.