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Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle 2012 HD

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Tractor beam built from rings of laser light - physics-math - 19 October 2012 Stand aside, Wesley Crusher: there's a new tractor beam on deck that pulls objects using nothing more than laser light. The device has already grabbed NASA's attention as it could one day prove useful on space missions. It is well known that light can push on objects – this is the basis for using solar sails to propel a spacecraft. Previous laser-based tractor beams could act like tweezers to move particles, picking up the sample and putting it down a short distance away. In 2011, researchers in China calculated that a type of laser called a Bessel beam, which puts out light in concentric rings, could be designed to make a particle inside the beam emit photons on the side facing away from the beam source. David Ruffner and David Grier of New York University instead projected two Bessel beams side by side and used a lens to angle them so that they overlapped, creating a pattern of alternating bright and dark regions along the length of the beam. Micrometre moves More From New Scientist

Lost City Found Off Cuba A Special Report by Andrew Collins A 'lost city', that could turn out to be the fabled city of Atlantis, has been located by a Canadian scientific research team. In a press release dated Havana, 14 May 2001 Reuters of London informed the world that Soviet-born ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, the president of Canadian-based company Advanced Digital Communications, had detected 'a sunken city' in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean. Satellite-integrated ocean bottom positioning systems, echo sounders and high precision side-scan double-frequency sonar have detected the presence of what are being described as 'shapes' that 'resemble pyramids, roads and buildings'. Their regularity seems consistent with the idea that they represent an 'urban development' composed of 'symmetrical architecture'. Reuters reported that the deep-sea city is located on a huge land plateau lying in around 2,200 feet (700 metres) of water. The Search for Sunken Vessels

Robin Williams on the TED stage At the 2008 TED Conference held in California, the BBC's "The World Debate" set up a panel discussion to be broadcast worldwide from the TED stage. When they went live with the show there appeared to be a major technical problem followed by several moments of dead air. As my friend Patrick Newell recalled the incident to me today (Patrick was in the audience that day), someone in the back of the room started heckling and dropping f-bombs, wondering why they can't get the technology to work at a technology conference. At first the audience was stunned but then broke into uproarious laughter once they realized that the "heckler" was Robin Williams. A message to TEDxTokyoPatrick Newell, co-founder of TEDxTokyo, ran into Robin Williams at that same TED Conference in 2008 and asked him if he would mind saying a few words regarding the first TEDxTokyo to take place the following year. Williams was brilliantly funny and a great actor.

The Private Pool at Hearst This is the second photo of this pool I have published. It’s from the other side — the wider side. How cool would it be to have a little party in here. Let’s set that up!- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars September 19, 2007 Submerged stone structures lying just below the waters off Yonaguni Jima are actually the ruins of a Japanese Atlantis—an ancient city sunk by an earthquake about 2,000 years ago. That's the belief of Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist at the University of the Ryukyus in Japan who has been diving at the site to measure and map its formations for more than 15 years. Each time he returns to the dive boat, Kimura said, he is more convinced than ever that below him rest the remains of a 5,000-year-old city. "The largest structure looks like a complicated, monolithic, stepped pyramid that rises from a depth of 25 meters [82 feet]," said Kimura, who presented his latest theories about the site at a scientific conference in June. But like other stories of sunken cities, Kimura's claims have attracted controversy. Ruins Point A local diver first noticed the Yonaguni formations in 1986, after which a promontory on the island was unofficially renamed Iseki Hanto, or Ruins Point.

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Atlantide Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Carte fantaisiste de l'Atlantide (1665) de : Athanasius Kircher, Mundus Subterraneus (le nord est en bas). Récit du Timée[modifier | modifier le code] Selon Critias, son arrière-grand-père Dropidès[1] s'est vu confier par le législateur Solon (VIe siècle av. Aux dires du prêtre, « En ce temps-là, on pouvait traverser cette mer Atlantique. — trad. Le prêtre entreprend ensuite de narrer la lutte des Hellènes menés par Athènes, puis d'Athènes seule, contre les soldats atlantes venus des îles « du fond de la mer Atlantique », événements qu'il situe 9000 ans avant son époque. « Dans l'espace d'un seul jour et d'une nuit terribles, toute votre armée athénienne fut engloutie d'un seul coup sous la terre et, de même, l'île Atlantide s'abîma dans la mer et disparut. Le Timée donne ensuite une description générale de la civilisation atlante, de son expansion, de la guerre contre Athènes et de la destruction finale de l'Atlantide. C.

Why Most People are Worshipers of the Cult of El (Saturn) By Gregg Prescott, the founder and editor of and The Saturn cult is ingrained into nearly every aspect of our life, yet the true significance of Saturn can be found within secret societies and in the deepest underpinnings of religion. Did you ever wonder… Is it possible that the reality we experience has been hijacked by creator gods who keep us living in subservience, control, and conformity?Why do we look forward to the weekend (when we are weakened)?Why does the word Saturday mean “Saturn’s Day”? Saturn is named after the Roman God Saturnus. 666 & The Cult of Saturn “The plural term Elohim appears over 2500 times in the Old Testament but is falsely translated in most versions. Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as “El” who is the supreme deity and represented by a black cube. “That is why today, when you get married, you get married before God. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan, the cult of EL, so who are we really giving our energy to? If:

New Pyramid Found in Antarctica 2013: Atlantis Google Earth: Noiselab Project "Enigmatic". Full HD Wormhole A wormhole, officially known as an Einstein–Rosen bridge, is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would fundamentally be a "shortcut" through spacetime. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime. For a simplified notion of a wormhole, visualize space as a two-dimensional (2D) surface. In this case, a wormhole can be pictured as a hole in that surface that leads into a 3D tube (the inside surface of a cylinder). This tube then re-emerges at another location on the 2D surface with a similar hole as the entrance. Researchers have no observational evidence for wormholes, but the equations of the theory of general relativity have valid solutions that contain wormholes. The American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler coined the term wormhole in 1957; the German mathematician Hermann Weyl, however, had proposed the wormhole theory in 1921, in connection with mass analysis of electromagnetic field energy.[12] Definition[edit]

Était-elle l'Atlantide ? - Évidences archéologiques. epuis la sortie de « Atlantis - The Antediluvian World » écrit par Monsier Ignatius Donnelly en 1882, un des principaux arguments contre la théorie de l'existence physique de l'Atlantide était qu'il n'y avait aucune preuve ni évidence, qu'une civilisation très avancée aurait pu exister aussi loin dans le temps. Pourtant, les chercheurs et scientifiques doivent chaque fois, quand ils trouvent à nouveau des évidences que l'être humain existait bien à une date antérieure à celles qu'ils croyaient, revoir leurs calendriers archéologiques et repousser le temps du début des civilisations. Nos ancêtres étaient visiblement plus avancés que nous croyions. Un bon exemple fut l'homme qu'on avait trouvé dans les alpes entre l'Autriche et l'Italie. Il y avait un groupe de 70 chercheurs, scientifiques et aventuriers de l'université « Pepperdine » de Los Angeles, qui aurait publié, il y a quelques années, un document sous le nom de « History of the Golden Ages ». Ruines et traces trouvées :

3-D Earth Structure Model Interpreting Seismograms - A Tutorial for the AS-1 Seismograph 1 Objective: This tutorial is intended as a resource for the interpretation of seismograms recorded by educational seismographs. The tutorial provides a description of the main features of the Earth that affect seismic wave propagation and therefore controls the character of seismic signals recorded on seismographs. This tutorial is available for viewing with a browser (html file) and for downloading as an MS Word document or PDF file at the following locations: A PowerPoint presentation for the Interpreting Seismograms document is available for download at: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 1. 2. Figure 1. Figure 2.