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Worldcam - Find Instagram photos by location

Worldcam - Find Instagram photos by location
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Copygram - Copy or view instagram photos now. - Scroll Reddit geoPlugin to geolocate your visitors How to manage multiple Instagram Accounts  During recent conversations I’ve had with various managers in charge of their different Local Instagramers Groups around the world, our friend Amy from @IgersOKC (check out the Oklahoma City group here) talked about multiple account management, she wondered if there was some kink of App out there that could help users to manage different accounts on the same iPhone. As you already know, the Instagram App only allow you to have a single account, nick and one email address, this makes multiple account management on a single device a real head ache. There is no way to switch between different accounts aside from logging in and out from your different accounts! That’s enough to make anyone with a couple of accounts go mad! As multiple accounts become more and more common (personal accounts, company accounts, local Igers Groups, etc.) Kim haverman from @IgersDelft (Netherlands) aka @kimergy was commenting the possibility of using the popular DropBox App to share pics between two accounts.

Social L'appareil photo Instagram sera bientôt disponible Vous avez bien lu, ce n’est pas une blague. L’appareil photo Instagram qu’on reconnaît tous à sa forme et à ses couleurs spécifiques (symbole de l’application mobile de plus en plus célèbre) sera bientôt disponible à la vente (il faudra patienter jusqu’au printemps 2013). Attention, il ne portera pas le nom de l’ application mais celui de Socialmatic. Il permettra de prendre des photos (normal, hein !), d’ajouter des filtres, de partager les photos sur Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, par mail ou par MMS, de les imprimer, d’ajouter un commentaire… Il devrait y avoir 4 versions différentes selon l’espace de stockage (16GB ou 32 GB) et le type de connexion souhaité (wifi ou wifi plus la 3G). Pour une fois qu’un concept devient réalité, on est bien content ! via

Mastergram Instagram has a tendency to make many photographs more interesting than they actually are. The retro film effects prey on our sense of nostalgia, making even the most run-of-the-mill, poorly composed photograph appear to be something timeless and worth further attention. This site applies these same digital filters to iconic images taken by highly regarded photographers through the ages. If the Instagram effect can make mundane images appear to be works of art, what happens when we apply the same filters to images that have historically been held in high regard? Mastergram is the creation of photographer Andrew Emond. Joel Sternfeld - Wet ‘n Wild Aquatic Theme Park, Orlando, Florida, 1980 Modified using instagram. Joel Sternfeld - New York City, 1976 Modified using instagram. Sally Mann - Candy Cigarette, 1985. Helmut Newton - Paris Match, Monte Carlo 1985 Modified using instagram. Martin Schoeller - Mark Zuckerberg, 2010. Alec Soth - Misty, 2005. Richard Misrach - Beach, 2002.

Courtyard Marriott GoBoard Digital Signage. Your Virtual Concierge. Four Winds Interactive (FWi) and USA TODAY partnered on a digital sign initiative that brought an unprecedented digital concierge to each new and redesigned lobby in the Courtyard by Marriott brand. Debuting late last year as a prototype, the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ is an interactive digital information center for guests, showcasing live news from USA TODAY, and running off of the FWi software platform. Key to the system's success, the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ gives the user control over the output on the screen, making it an excellent tool to customize offerings based on guest preferences. The Marriott Courtyard Digital Signage System Now available in approximately 300 hotels, Courtyard® expects to consistently rollout the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ and lobby redesign throughout its properties. Other Electronic Signage Solutions A custom software solution is far from the only option for companies in the hospitality industry.

Make the Web Faster The Google Hosted Libraries is a stable, reliable, high-speed, globally available content distribution network for the most popular, open-source JavaScript libraries. Google works directly with the key stakeholders for each library effort and accepts the latest versions as they are released. Libraries To load a hosted library, copy and paste the HTML snippet for that library (shown below) in your web page. We recommend that you load libraries from the CDN via HTTPS, even if your own website only uses HTTP. Dojo snippet: site: versions: Ext Core Hammer.JS Indefinite Observable jQuery 3.x snippet: 2.x snippet: 1.x snippet: note: 3.3.0, 2.1.2, 1.2.5 and 1.2.4 are not hosted due to their short and unstable lives in the wild. jQuery Mobile This library depends on jQuery. jQuery UI This library depends on jQuery. MooTools Myanmar Tools three.js

Free Instagram Social Analytics Tools There are a few free Instagram analytics tools available today. What? You didn’t even know there were any tools available yet? Granted there is nothing available inside the Instagram app yet. Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools 1. The king of the web based free Instagram analytics tools. From my previous post on Instagram apps, “Statigram is one of the first and best browser-based apps to provide you with stats for your Instagram account when you are signed in. 2. The best, most fully featured mobile Instagram Analytics app. 3. A bare bones, but quick and easy to use mobile app for Instagram metrics. New followers (this week vs. today) – Fresh faces for you to follow now.Have unfollowed you (this week vs. today) – You may wish to do the same.Are not following you back – So you can decide to unfollow them or not.You are not following back – In case you want to reciprocate. 4. SimplyMeasured offers a “free Instagram user report“. 5. When you are ready to “go pro”, Nitrogram is there for you.

PHOTOSHOP , 2537 Formation Photoshop en vidéo sur TUTO A quoi sert Photoshop ? Photoshop est le logiciel professionnel de référence pour la création et la retouche d’images fixes. S’il est plutôt orienté pour le traitement de photo, il n’en reste pas moins très complet pour le travail sur des créations artistiques. Historique de Photoshop C’est en Février 1990, après 3 ans de développement, que l’aventure commerciale de Photoshop débute avec la sortie de la version 1.0. Photoshop dans la pratique Parmi les fonctions phares de Photoshop, on trouve notamment, la possibilité d’appliquer des textures suivant de nombreux procédés, le traitement de fichiers Raw (sans compression), la modification à l’infini des couleurs et teintes, l’optimisation et la compression des images pour une utilisation web ainsi que le compositing 3D et le tracé vectoriel. Vous allez trouver sur les meilleures formations Photoshop proposées par des formateurs certifiés Adobe, ou bien des experts reconnus dans le domaine de l'image.