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A Toxicology Study - Carnicom Institute. A Toxicology Study by Clifford E Carnicom Dec 09 2018(Note : Higher Bandwidth Required – Videos) The effects of a specific protein produced by the microorganism (“cross-domain bacteria”) known, at least by this researcher, to be causal to the Morgellons health condition have been observed.

A Toxicology Study - Carnicom Institute

The effect upon a paramecium protozoa culture appears to be, without doubt, toxic. Six videos captured with the microscope follow. The first three videos serve as a control set, and they capture the normal behavior of live paramecium in a culture medium. The magnification of all videos is the same at approximately 800x. The second set of three videos capture the behavior of the paramecium (grown in the same culture medium) after being subjected to a highly dilute solution of the protein. It is clear that the behavior, mobility, and functioning of the protozoa are seriously impaired after being subjected to the highly diluted protein solution. Morgellons. My doctor changed his mind after viewing this. Nano Dust part 2 **It's inside all of us*

Moving morgellons organism NY HUB. Spirochetes Killed (Part 1 of 3) Blood Analysis October 9, 2016. Julia Thompson. Mind control technology is a reality and endangers everyone on this planet!

Julia Thompson

Psychotronics - Synthetic Telepathy - Electronic Telekinesis - Remote Mind Control Tin Foil Hat - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2017 - Scott Hensler Network, LLC Published Julia Thompson’s Blood Analysis October 9, 2016 Plus: Download video of fiber in coffee grounds that moves! - Note ceiling fan is turned off - Video You may need to download player for file type MVI if it does not play From past show with Julia 01/17/2017 Listen.

Morgellons Nanotech - Flashing Lights on Fibers?!? & Medical (Diabetes) Supplies. SHOCKING TRUTH MORGELLON WEIRDNESS DOCUMENTARY 2016. Morgellons 20-800x magnification 12min. MORGELLONS A-Z THE COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE 2016. Morgellons : bugs, worms and organisms. Pt.3/3 Genetic Mutations Morgellons Fibers: a New Reality to Humanity - Is Our Time Running Out? Morgellons Parasite Nano Bug Insect Peroxide Treatment and Cleansing Suggestions. Morgellons, Crystal Fiber Stuck In My Finger...Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Transhumanism. Non Spiralforms of Borrelia Introduction Part i. Silicon Nanowires In Blood for Imaging. Chemtrail Morgellons and Nanotech. MORGELLONS: Time Release Implant. NASA BRAND MAN'S MORGELLONS HAIR. MORGELLONS FOLLOW THEH NEMATODE TRAIL. MHS1: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF NANOTECHNOLOGY AND MORGELLONS?

BACTERIA MAKE MORGELLONS FIBERS. The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising. Pt.1/3 Genetic Mutations Morgellons Fibers: a New Reality to Humanity - Is Our Time Running Out? How Do You Get Morgellons Worms. MHS 13 MORGELLONS CHOKING TECHNOLOGY. Toxic Skies & Morgellons: Mixing Iron With Clay. PLEASE Identify GMO Bug / Gnat with Speakers or Horn? Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Morgellons.

MUST SEE! Proof "Biological" Tracking in Consumer Goods...Heavy Metals, Transhumanism, Morgellons. Morgellons Disease Coming To Life From Source & How It Is Spreading - Highly Contagious Fungi. Morgellons FIber Machines - Shocking Proof! Mega amount of Morgellons fibers. Black Oil Black Goo What on Earth is It? Borrelia Burgdorferi Biofilm - Live Microscopy Video. Found! Tiny, Shiny Microscopic Aluminum Hexagons, Squares, Rectangles...Smart Dust? Untitled Document. Mysterious White “Fibers” Return To Arizona! You Won’t Believe What They Are! Shocking Interview. Morgellons Disease Moving On Your Body Under A Microscope Morgellons Is A Epidemic.

Ropeparasite. They can be over a meter long, with an irregular cylindrical shape, resembling a rope.


These anaerobic intestinal “rope” parasites differ significantly from other well-known intestinal parasites. Rope parasites can leave human body with enemas, and are often mistaken for intestinal lining, feces, or decayed remains of other parasites. Rope parasites can attach to intestinal walls with suction bubbles, which later develop into suction heads. Walls of the rope parasites consist of scale-like cells forming multiple branched channels along the parasite’s length.

Rope parasites can move by jet propulsion, passing gas bubbles through these channels. Rope parasites attach to intestinal walls with suction cups. It is quite possible that fully developed rope parasites can feed on blood, as some of them came out after enemas with their head covered with fresh human blood. Once an adult parasite is attached to the intestinal wall, human body does not have mechanisms to get rid of it.

References. Morgellons Synopsis of Fiber Specimens. Morgellons Catalyst, Heavy Metal, Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Smart Dust, Transhumanism, Disease. Caroline Carter. ~ MORGELLONS ~ Abnormal Nails. Morgellons microscopic pictures photos of unnown fungus fibers gmo pics. These objects above and below show some of the base forms of Morgellons protoplasm.

Morgellons microscopic pictures photos of unnown fungus fibers gmo pics

These are not arthropods, ants or other insects!! It`s just an organic mass (fungal protoplasm) a blob with some outgrowing filaments. Similar to the first picture shown on the Morgellons.Org Website. Upon applying a drop of water on this specimen, the dry and crusty main body quickly dissolves (right picture), but not the small, stiff, glass-like fibers around it. These cannot be just clothing or other textile fibers! On this pictures above, the fungal biomass is already drying out from a lack of nutrients or moisture. This fungal mass did previously grew out from some black hyphae or perhaps first from an industrially manufacted carrier (e.g. hollow polymers, such as cotton, cellulose, lignin, silicone/plastic) with embedded pathogens used mainly from pesticide industry to fight insects.

No septa or nuclei been seen in the protoplasm and these fibers or hyphae have only an apical growing. MORGELLONS: Dictyostelium discoideum. Another organism protruding from hair follicle root - hydatoxi lualba. Organisms in your clothing - hydatoxi lualba. Live Morgellons - Morgellons Disease Is Not A Disease It Is A Infestation By A Fungi!