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Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story. Fossils recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco have rocked one of the most enduring foundations of the human story: that Homo sapiens arose in a cradle of humankind in East Africa 200,000 years ago.

Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story

Some Pacific Islanders Have DNA Not Linked To Any Known Human Ancestor. Svt. De första moderna människorna som vandrade in i nuvarande Sverige när inlandsisen började släppa sitt grepp för drygt 10.000 år sedan var jägare och samlare.


Förmodligen följde de hjordar av vildrenar som levde längs iskanten. Deras hud var mörk, tror Mattias Jakobsson som är professor i genetik i Uppsala och en av forskarna i det svenska Atlas-projektet, som syftar till att kartlägga arvsmassan hos tidiga befolkningar i landet. Hudfärgen är ett arv från det afrikanska ursprunget: – De var genetiskt lika de individer som vid den tidpunkten levde i dagens Luxemburg, Spanien och Tyskland. De hade ett utseende som är ganska ovanligt i dag, de hade blå ögon med rätt mörk hud. This Mysterious Ape-Human Just Added a Twist to the Human Story. A year and a half after adding a puzzling new member to the human family tree, a team of researchers working in South Africa have offered an additional twist: the species is far younger than its bizarrely primitive body would suggest, and may have shared the landscape with early Homo sapiens.

This Mysterious Ape-Human Just Added a Twist to the Human Story

First discovered in 2013 by two cavers exploring the Rising Star cave system near Johannesburg, a stunning trove of hominin remains—the single richest fossil site of its kind ever found in Africa—revealed a tiny-brained species with shoulders and a torso like an ape’s, but with some unshakably humanlike features as well. The mosaic’s name: Homo naledi, after the Sesotho word for “star.”

Now, the species’s star shines that much brighter. Mysterious Village Discovered In Canada Is 10,000 Years Older Than The Pyramids. A settlement has been discovered in Canada which has drastically changed the perceived age of early civilizations.

Mysterious Village Discovered In Canada Is 10,000 Years Older Than The Pyramids

Researchers at the Hakai Institute, University of Victoria along with local First Nations members have discovered a buried site the oldest of which has ever been discovered in North America, 10,000 years older than the ancient pyramids. The 14,000 year old site dates back to the ice age and is thought to tie in with stories from the Heiltsuk Nation, of a legend handed down through generations of a lost civilisation located on the coast. William Houston of the Keiltsuk Nation told CTV News Vancouver Island: “To think about how these stories survived all of that, only to be supported by this archaeological evidence is just amazing.”

The site was uncovered 310 miles north of Victoria where tools and spears were first uncovered. New Ancient “Mystery Human” Discovered Shakes Up Theory Of Evolution – Collective Evolution. Complex life could have existed on Earth at least once before. Complex life might have come and gone on Earth long before the multicellular organisms we're familiar with today arose, a new study suggests.

Complex life could have existed on Earth at least once before

It's generally thought that the evolution of complex life was a rare, once-in-4.5-billion-years event. But new research suggests that conditions were right for complex cells to evolve and die off at least once - or perhaps several times - before our lineage even got started. What does that mean? Billions of years ago, there could have been other complex life forms on the planet, totally unrelated to anything we see on Earth today. But let's backtrack for a second. What Happened Before History? Human Origins. Människor i Tornedalen för 10 600 år sedan - P4 Norrbotten.

Human Evolution Timeline Interactive. The Zoroastrian Texts Of Ancient Persia, Underground Cities & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations – Collective Evolution. We're creating a positive news network.

The Zoroastrian Texts Of Ancient Persia, Underground Cities & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations – Collective Evolution

We need your help. Photo Cred Graham Hancock investigates the mysterious religious texts of the Zoroastrians of ancient Persia and the ‘underground cities’ of neighbouring Turkey. Both, he argues, are far older than is presently taught and date back to cataclysmic events near the end of the last Ice Age that destroyed, and all but wiped from human memory, an advanced civilization of prehistory.

Below is an excerpt form his work, which you can find HERE. ( A link to his new book, “Magicians of the Gods”) You can also check out our Podcast with him here. Exactly how old Zoroastrianism is has not yet been satisfactorily established by scholars, since even the lifetime of its prophet Zarathustra (better known as Zoroaster) is uncertain. The Greek historians were amongst the first to address themselves to the matter.

Earth - Why are we the only human species still alive? Two million years ago in Africa, several species of human-like creatures roamed the landscape.

Earth - Why are we the only human species still alive?

Some looked surprisingly similar to each other, while others had distinct, defining features. In September 2015, another species was added to the list. Hundreds of bones discovered in a South African cave are now believed to belong to a new species, known as Homo naledi. There may well be many more extinct hominin species waiting to be uncovered. Our own species appeared around 200,000 years ago, at a time when several others existed. To start with, it's worth pointing out that extinction is a normal part of evolution. There is no evidence they were systematically preying on large animals. Earth - Why are we the only human species still alive?

16,700-Year-Old Tools Found in Texas Change Known History of North America. The Astonishing Age of a Neanderthal Cave Construction Site. In February 1990, thanks to a 15-year-old boy named Bruno Kowalsczewski, footsteps echoed through the chambers of Bruniquel Cave for the first time in tens of thousands of years.

The Astonishing Age of a Neanderthal Cave Construction Site

The cave sits in France’s scenic Aveyron Valley, but its entrance had long been sealed by an ancient rockslide. Kowalsczewski’s father had detected faint wisps of air emerging from the scree, and the boy spent three years clearing away the rubble. 17 Out-of-Place Artifacts Said to Suggest High-Tech Prehistoric Civilizations Existed. By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times According to the conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years.

17 Out-of-Place Artifacts Said to Suggest High-Tech Prehistoric Civilizations Existed

Advanced civilizations appeared several thousand years ago, but much of the mechanical ingenuity we know in modern times began to develop only around the Industrial Revolution a couple hundred years ago. Oopart (out-of-place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made. Many scientists attempt to explain them using natural phenomena. Others say such explanations ignore the mounting evidence that prehistoric civilizations possessed advanced technological knowledge that was lost throughout the ages only to be redeveloped in modern times. 20 History Questions They Refuse To Answer In School.

Traditional educational systems basically teach us that the history of man only dates back to about 8,000 years ago while religious texts date mankind to approximately 6,000 years ago.

20 History Questions They Refuse To Answer In School

It is more than obvious that there a massive push to occlude our true history and origins. While you may not agree with some of the questions, please try to view them with an open mind. As you’ll see, the history we have been taught has been manipulated and obscured from us. Ask yourself (or others) the following questions and feel free to comment at the end of the article! A map drawn on a gazelle skin of an unfrozen Antarctica was found in 1929. 1.

Oldest Human DNA Reveals Mysterious Branch of Humanity. The oldest known human DNA found yet reveals human evolution was even more confusing than thought, researchers say. The DNA, which dates back some 400,000 years, may belong to an unknown human ancestor, say scientists. These new findings could shed light on a mysterious extinct branch of humanity known as Denisovans, who were close relatives of Neanderthals, scientists added. Although modern humans are the only surviving human lineage, others once strode the Earth. Otis Art History 01 - Prehistoric Cave Paintings. Ancient humans. Did An Ancient Mega-tsunami Crash Into Madagascar? Sometime in the last 10,000 years, a gigantic space rock plummeted into the Indian Ocean, creating a mega-tsunami of massive proportions. Colossal waves enveloped the coast of Africa and left what we see today as chevrons, or wedge-shaped sediment deposits, in Madagascar.

But did this actually happen? One might think that geological breadcrumbs are easy to spot, but it’s quite the contrary: As ancient mega-tsunamis wash away, researchers are left looking for signs that they were ever there, or to the contrary, that they were never there to begin with. New Evidence Lost Civilizations Really Existed. Source: | Original Post Date: September 12, 2014 – Fossil human traces line to modern Asians. 22 January 2013Last updated at 02:45 ET The person shared a common origin with the ancestors of modern Asians Researchers have been able to trace a line between some of the earliest modern humans to settle in China and people living in the region today.

The evidence comes from DNA extracted from a 40,000-year-old leg bone found in a cave near Beijing. Results show that the person it belonged to was related to the ancestors of present-day Asians and Native Americans. The results are published in the journal PNAS. Humans who looked broadly like present-day people started to appear in the fossil record of Eurasia between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. Sumer, or the ‘land of civilized kings’, flourished in Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq, around 4500 BC. Sumerians created an advanced civilization with its own system of elaborate language and writing, architecture and arts, astronomy and mathematics.

Their religious system was a complex one comprised of hundreds of gods. According to the ancient texts, each Sumerian city was guarded by its own god; and while humans and gods used to live together, the humans were servants to the gods. The Sumerian creation myth can be found on a tablet in Nippur, an ancient Mesopotamian city founded in approximately 5000 BC. Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas. An autosomal genetic tree showing some neighbour-joining relationships within Amerindian peoples. First Americans.

The first face of the first Americans belongs to an unlucky teenage girl who fell to her death in a Yucatán cave some 12,000 to 13,000 years ago. Her bad luck is science’s good fortune. DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released: Unknown To Any Human, Primate, or Animal. Study confirms that Neanderthals and humans got it on. The genetic similarities between certain human populations and Neanderthals are striking. Cosmic Inflation Explained. Symphony of Science - Secret of the Stars. Bill Nye - The Joy of Discovery - by Melodysheep. The Nephilim In The Ohio Valley! - Anunnaki/Human "Hybrids" in Ancient North American Indian Tribes! Huge Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal – The Navy is Investigating.

Aliens Created Neanderthal, not Modern Humans - History/Discovery Channel - What is Anthropology. Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization. Saturday, May 24, 2008. Geologic Time Clock.