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Performance-based Digital Marketing

Performance-based Digital Marketing
Connect and grow Tradedoubler delivers profitable growth for online and mobile businesses. Through dedicated client support, detailed customer targeting and powerful conversion optimization tools, we are able to verifiably increase your sales performance, drive improved marketing ROI, and turn websites and apps into profitable revenue streams. Unlock the power of shared connections today and discover how our unique approach to performance marketing can work for you. Find out more Performance network We provide a broad range of performance marketing formats, integrated product feeds and voucher codes across both online and mobile channels.Find out more Technology platform Our technology platform solution provides advertisers and agencies with a bespoke solution to manage their performance marketing programmes in-house.Find out more

LinkShare Looking to cut through the noise of other apparel ads, PacSun needed new audiences to boost website traffic and sales to be a contender. These couldn’t be just any new audiences; they needed to be audiences that would become loyal customers. To discover these audiences, PacSun tested a prospecting campaign using comprehensive first-, second- and third-party data with exclusive Rakuten ecosystem data settling in as their second-party source. 73% Average New to File321% Higher ROAS260% Higher Conversion Rate72% Lower CPA “Rakuten Marketing technology and data has helped us reach new acquisition strategies that have grown our percentage of new customers every month.” Eugene Lai, Director of Digital Marketing, PacSun Marketing digital et e-commerçants, une relation bien trop complexée ! Si l’on prend l’investissement strictement versé vers l’acquisition de clients, ce chiffre est de 1,9 milliard d’euros, au travers des leviers liens sponsorisés, affiliation, comparateurs de prix, email marketing, mobile marketing, c’est donc moins de 5 % de part d’investissement ! Nous sommes en réalité dans une situation de sous-investissement en marketing digital, alors qu’on a pu démontrer sur ces dix dernières années que le web était le canal de vente en puissance. À mon sens, l’investissement marketing sur internet devrait être de 4,5 milliards en France, soit 10 % du chiffre d’affaires du commerce électronique, nettement plus proche des chiffres et proportions relevées sur les marchés américain et britannique. Les raisons de cette carence sont assez nombreuses, mais elles ne justifient pas la situation, car elle ne se traduit ni plus ni moins que par une perte d’opportunité pour tous les marchands : - L’inexpertise : paradoxalement, les experts ne sont plus.

L'affiliation L'affiliation est un système d'échange entre un affilieur (annonceur) et un affilié (diffuseur) qui accepte d'afficher sur son site les offres commerciales de l'affilieur contre une rémunération. Un système « gagnant – gagnant » : l'affilié gagne de l’argent avec son site Internet et l'affilieur bénéficie augmente ses ventes grâce à cette publicité. L'affiliation : principes Les liens Les liens vers l'affilieur apparaissent sous forme d'éléments visuels (bannières, boutons, gratte-ciels, formulaires de recherche de produits, ...) ou de liens texte (liens contextuels ou nom de la marque) vers le site affilieur.

Affiliate Marketing Hi folks I recently recorded a webinar with a good friend of mine Andrew Hansen, who has over 7 years experience as an affiliate marketer and has coached loads of people to reach affiliate… Let’s face it, the affiliate marketing game can be tough. I first came to this realization about four years ago, before I even knew about affiliate marketing. I was just starting

Spoof ‘Startup’ Vooza Gets Serious About What It’s Really Up To — A New Kind Of Web Advertising Yesterday we saw a lot of attempts at humor from tech companies, with varying degrees of success. To help shake off that April Fool’s Day hangover, Vooza, the satirical “startup” that has been putting out spot-on parodies of modern tech company culture since this past summer with fake (but scarily real sounding) buzzwords like “Radimparency,” is coming clean about what it’s really up to — creating a fresh kind of web-based advertisement for startups. The official explanation, Vooza’s creator and professional comedian Matt Ruby (perhaps better known as Vooza’s CEO “Matt Stillman“) tells me, is this: “Vooza is a video content platform targeted at the startup world that uses native video advertising integrated into the experience.” In plain English, that means that startups and other advertisers have been paying Vooza to include them in videos that take the piss out of the whole “startup” scene.

Gagnez de l'argent en ligne grâce au marketing d'affiliation Vous recherchez un moyen de rendre votre business model rentable ? Alors, vous êtes au bon endroit ! zanox, réseau publicitaire à la performance leader en Europe, vous permet de monétiser votre site web. AFFILIATE Bot Six questions for your trigger emails My sister calls me Eeyore, as I’m ever-ready to puncture her bubbly balloon of optimism with a pithy “I lost my tail“. One of email marketing’s brightest balloons is the trigger email. We can describe trigger emails as the emails you send out in response to a customer action (e.g. an order confirmation mail) or a specific piece of event-related customer data (e.g. a birthday email with a coupon inside). They’ve lovely beasts. - Affiliate Marketing Network