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10 Magical Math Puzzles Lay off of the morning math worksheets and try out some of these magical math puzzles that show students how math can be enchanting! 1. Calendar Magic 9 Impress your friends with this math multiplication magic trick from Murderous Maths! Kids tell a friend to put a square around 9 numbers on a calendar ( 3 x 3 box). Top Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube You Need to Watch We know how much are readers love great Photoshop tutorials. In this list we thought we would switch it up a bit and list some awesome Photoshop tutorials on video. While I prefer text and images when doing tutorials I know there are many people out there that would rather watch a video tutorial. Ladies and gentleman, without further delay I present to you the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.

Teaching Math on an iPad In my High school, one of the last departments to realise a use for iPads was the Math department. Note: As a UK born New Zealander, writing Math and not Maths is difficult but as most my readers are american, I’ll persist! Also…. I’m not a Math teacher, so sorry if I upset anyone. Their thinking was that Math had to be hand written and there was no digital functionality beyond a calculator that suited the learning of Mathematical problem solving. Scalars and Vectors Physics is a mathematical science. The underlying concepts and principles have a mathematical basis. Throughout the course of our study of physics, we will encounter a variety of concepts that have a mathematical basis associated with them. While our emphasis will often be upon the conceptual nature of physics, we will give considerable and persistent attention to its mathematical aspect. The motion of objects can be described by words.

Chicken Recipes A hearty West African-inspired stew of chicken thighs and legs, sweet potatoes and peanuts that is perfect for a chilly day. A Middle Eastern inspired chicken stew with chard, coriander and cilantro. Kid-friendly chicken apple quesadilla recipe, toasted flour tortillas with melted cheese, apple slices, chicken, and salsa. Quick and easy apricot chicken with skinless boneless chicken breasts and fresh apricots. Classic dish of Spain and Latin America, this arroz con pollo recipe is browned chicken cooked with rice, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. An easy version of the classic Greek avgolemono soup of chicken with rice or orzo pasta finished with egg and lemon.

Maths Maps I am excited to introduce you to my new project idea that I hope will result in some engaging content for our classes. It is collaborative in the same way the Interesting Ways resources are and I will need your help to make it a success. Elevator Pitch Using Google Maps.Maths activities in different places around the world.One location, one maths topic, one map.Activities explained in placemarks in Google Maps.Placemarks geotagged to the maths it refers to. “How wide is this swimming pool?”Teachers to contribute and share ideas.Maps can be used as independent tasks or group activities in class.Maps can be embedded on websites, blogs or wikis.Tasks to be completed by students and recorded online or offline.

Inertia Theory - Paul Davies On The Meaning Of Mach's Principle Return to the INE Main Page Magic Roundabout Paul Davies On The Meaning Of Mach's Principle From: Also See: 5 Ways To Teach Physics Using Household Items If you’re looking for some innovative ways to teach physics, then look no further than your own home. There are plenty of physics lessons just waiting to be discovered. Thanks to Andrew Vanden Heuvel and Modern Lessons , you can now learn all about these physics phenomena in a free online course ! Mach's Principle: Anti-Epiphenomenal Physics Previously in series: Many Worlds, One Best GuessFollowup to: The Generalized Anti-Zombie Principle Warning: Mach's Principle is not experimentally proven, though it is widely considered to be credible. Centuries ago, when Galileo was promoting the Copernican model in which the Earth spun on its axis and traveled around the Sun, there was great opposition from those who trusted their common sense: "How could the Earth be moving? I don't feel it moving!

17 Measurement Apps for Math and Science From edshelf by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education If you teach math or science, you will likely find yourself asking your students to take out their rulers, compasses, protractors, thermometers, altimeters, and other measuring devices. Being able to see with a ruler and a protractor how a triangle with two equal sides really does have two equal angles can be powerful. Glenda Stewart-Smith of Surrey School District #36 in Canada put together this collection of iPhone and iPad apps that offer all of these measuring abilities and more.

The "Dark Side" of the Mandelbrot Set Via Join the Mathologer and his guest Darth Vader as they explore the Dark Side of the Mandelbrot set. Featuring an introduction to how the Mandelbrot set and the halo surrounding it is conjured up, an ingenious way to visualise what’s really going on inside the Mandelbrot set, as well as an appearance of the amazing Buddhabrot fractal. Special thanks to Melinda Green who discovered the Buddhabrot fractal in 1993 for letting us use her Buddhabrot pictures in this video. Check out her website for more information about this fractal as well as 4d Rubik’s cubes, stereophotography, etc

Time-Lapse GIFs Show Earth Transforming Over 25 Years Starting in the 1980s, Alaska's Columbia Glacier began retreating, shrinking from 41 miles long (its originally documented length in 1794) to 36 miles long in 1995. This is what that change actually looks like from space. The images are part of the Timelapse project from Google and TIME, what Google calls "the most comprehensive picture of our changing planet ever made available to the public." It comes from a collection of images taken between 1984 and 2012 as part of the Landsat program, a joint satellite mission between NASA and U.S. Geological Survey that has been snapping pics of Earth's surface since the early '70s.